Rogers, Fido and Chatr new unlocking policy will start March 28th


  • Rag3r

    Wow, aren’t they so merciful… **** you Rogers.

  • tihorias

    This is just Rogers putting on a show to back-stab CRTC and the Wireless Code.

  • Sweet

    That’s Rogers for ya, always looking out for the customer. 😉

  • hoo dat

    When ever I get a new phone one of the first things I do is unlock it and it’s not costing me anywhere near $50.

  • Canoo

    $50! What a steal!

    • Crocography

      No you were right in the first place, without the sarcasm… at $50 it is a steal.

  • apocalypso36

    Thank you, Almighty Rogers, for finally allowing what many of your subscribers have already taken the liberty in doing (myself included).

    And thank you also for offering it at a price that can be easily outmatched by the plethora of unlocking services one can find on the internet.

    *rolls eyes*

    • Tommy

      All except the iPhone – I am not ready to pay $150 to 3rd party to unlock iPhone.

  • D Allan

    Look at how Rogers says they listen to their customers but only after March 28? The reason? Rogers want to steal money from people travelling on March break! Thanks for robbing us!

  • David

    $50 my a$$. This should be free. End of story

  • Carl Q

    I just came back from Hong Kong and Thailand. 10US for unlimited data for a week, no caps. In Thailand, they are handing out free SIM card with free unlimited internet access and talk for one day. I ended up paying a few more bucks because I am staying there for 5 days. For $12US, this will give me 2GB data and 500 minutes.

    This is all thanks to my own beautiful unlocked HTC One+. I bought it online for $588.88US. $50 to unlocked???? Really??? I don’t even spend that amount for 2 weeks for foreign cell service!

  • hunkyleepickle

    Can you please unlock my nexus 4 for me Rogers!? Oh wait…. Never mind, #$%& you and the horse you came in on. My ‘commitment’ to you is up in less than 6 months, and you are losing another long time customer thanks to all your baloney lately.

  • Chew

    Attention Rogers customers….

    There’s this thing called the internet which has e-commerce websites offering competitively priced, unrestricted services. This includes unlocking!

    Get it unlocked on your terms for less!

  • Dylan K

    This was never an issue for us who know where to get unlocking done for cheaper without the restrictions Rogers (and other providers, it’s not like they’re the only ones) lay down. For people who are uncertain of these services, or have an iPhone4/5 (most of the places I go to unlock cost over $150) this is good news. Change is happening (very slowly, mind you) and all this website does it complain.

  • jc

    To be fair, this is great news for iPhone owners. The rest of us just laugh.

  • Douglas

    Rogers is always at the cutting edge of generosity.

  • BS Detector

    Don’t care, nexus 4 has made phone locking and contacts obsolete. Get with the times Rogers, your only hope for survival is to be aggressive with prepaid voice and data.

  • Rational Thinking

    Instead of complaining about your 3 year contracts and your phone being locked. Go and spend $600 for an unlocked phone or get a cheaper phone that is around $100-200 if you can’t afford it. No one forced you to sign a contract or buy a locked phone. They are a business, there goal is profit.

    • Anonymus


  • Ahmed Eltawil

    What I would REALLY like to see is Rogers (and the other 2) to start pricing their contracts for 2 years instead of 3.

  • Richard

    50$ to unlock even an iPhone 5?

    • Dylan K

      It’s $50 for any phone. That why I said it’s a boon for iPhone users only.

  • Rag3r

    Imagine buying cars that are locked to a certain dealer which you have to get it serviced at no matter how crap their service. And then having to pay 1/10 the price of the car to have it “unlocked” from the dealer.

    • Val

      Rag3r, when you are buying your car, no one lock you to a dealer; when you are buying a phone, you are getting it unlocked.
      if you are not buying for full price-yes, you are locked. IMO it is correct. you can purchase for full price and use as you wish or get discount on some condition.

  • Erik

    Just get an Android with jelly bean, it’ll allow you to unlock it for free built in.

    • Val


  • Tyrone

    Only the non-tech savy people will dish out 50 to get it unlocked.

  • 45

    THis is great for iPhone users, but anyone else can unlock their phone for, at most, $20 themselves. I’m sure the Apple users will appreciate it, so it’s all good.

  • Ken

    All these comments scare me. I was thinking of buying a smartphone but I think I’ll stay with my “smoke signal” plan,I don’t pay for the firewood and unlimited puffs. Its better than what Telus was giving me. LOL

  • real deal

    Stop talking nonsense. You want a phone at a subsidy price and you don’t want to pay to unlock. People who think like that are retarded. IPhone 5 @ 699$ you pay 100$ and you want to have it unlock for free. B…ch please.

  • Tom

    In other countries, unlocking is free after 90 days in good standing…

    And only luddites who don’t know how to buy codes online would pay $50. Online sources are at most half the price if you wait a few months after the phone’s released. And they are able to give refunds to non-working codes if you send video evidence. I’ve used almost 20 times and had only one failure, and got a refund for the failure in jut 4 hours.

  • Aaron

    Rogers is the worst. Last month I tried to get my iPhone unlocked they said absolutely not until march 1st. I waited called on the 4th then was told oh yeah sorry nooooooope not until the 28th now. I’ll believe this bullshit when I see it.

    • jk

      just got to Pacific Mall $20 to unlock it!!

  • wp7.5user

    So notice that it states that they will unlock it for customers on a term [contract]. Does this mean if I go in and buy a phone outright and set up on a pay as you go, they will not unlock it (?)

  • Tom Riddell

    No Carrier should be allowed lock a Phone sold out right If’s on Tab I can understand that . but tab is payoff they should unlocked right away .

    The Big Cell Phone Giants need to be taken down

  • G.O.B

    If you own the phone outright, unlocking should be free, the whole process takes less than a minute…it’s no skin off their back

  • BooHoo

    All these people who complain about 3 year contracts, and having it cost too much to unlock, charge less for price plans, etc etc…. You guys think you own the world and everything should be given to you cheap or free on a silver platter? This place is the wrong place to be complaining about your issues. Nothing in this world is free. It’s a business. Businesses work to make a profit. If you own and operated Rogers or any other cell phone company, I would highly doubt any of you who complain, will actually listen and follow through with your complaints in changing how it operates.

    • Philosoraptor

      Thank God we have you to set us straight.

  • poseidon d

    The phone is mine and should never be locked to begin with. If I cancel at anytime I have to pay fee for it. So tired of locked phones.

  • Bell Customer

    At least you guys can get it unlocked. I am stuck with Bell and cannot unlock my phone till my term is done for $75.

  • Mike

    I used the unlock trick for the GSIII long ago (was it fixed?). Good times.

  • Mike

    $50 LMAO LOl, all phones should be sold unlocked period if bought fully outright, if under contract the customer by law should not be allowed to unlock until his or her contract is done like the new law in the United states. But once your contract is done the carrier should unlock your device for free. End of story.
    If device is bought fully outright which means the customer owns this device and should not be locked to a particular carrier.
    If under contract, the device is owned by the carrier until the contract expires or customer pays out the contract cancellation fees then the device becomes there’s. And people unlock while on contract, they should be legally responsible for there actions, and pay legal fees, and a huge unlock fine, cause there messing with a device thats not owned by them yet. And if the customer fails to follow threw on their contracts or don’t pay fee’s to cancel the contract, the carrier should have every right to repo that device from the customer or perhaps ban the device from being able to be used.

  • Roy

    Rogers should charge $100 to discuss unlocking your Phone and another $200 for actually doing it (sand is free).

    That way the last i***t on Earth would realize that Rogers is a rip and jump that ship !

    Check one of the Websites to see what your OLD Phone is worth unlocked and if it is $0 then your better off to toss it than unlock it.


    Supporting the #3 to #6 Carriers will cause the #1 to #4 Carriers to offer fairer Terms and Pricing. Go with #1 or #2 and you keep the Prices high, making it harder for the smaller Carriers to compete.

    If you do not need non-roam coverage far outside the City where you live do not pay for it, do not support #1 to #4, and do Subscribe with the smaller Carriers (who can provide coverage where you will travel most often).

    It is because People support these Cartels that Rogers thinks People would be glad to pay $50 to unlock an antique (that they already paid double for).

  • shloime

    $50 + tax for something that takes 1 or 2 minutes to do – nice work if you can get it!

    my iphone is over 4 years old, and i’ve more than paid for it, so why exactly am i paying $50 for the “privilege” of not being hijacked by rogers?

    yet another case of mr rogers giving his customers the “once over”.