Google Play Store could reach one million apps by mid-2013



    RIP APPLE!!!!!
    jus sayin

    • KimJong-iil

      RIP to peace of mind to millions of people who are going to download crappy apps.

    • Donald Thomson

      Rim will defeat apple and android with QUALITY

    • Twosee

      RIP Android 🙂

  • Porilaisten

    No big deal, RIM will blow away Android and Apple and have a billion BB10 apps by June 2013 anyways….

  • MapleHamwich

    And just like every other App store, 70+ % of them are crap that no one in their right might will ever use. 20% of them are also old, outdated and thus will also never be used. So a total of 10% of those apps are worth your time! Both Google and Apple need to stop the “number of apps on our app store’ war. It’s dumb.

    • JV

      Your right. However 10 percent of 100, 000 apps is 1000 apps, and 10 percent of 1,000,000 apps is 100,000.

      I would still like to enjoy 100, 000 good options over 1000 good options.

  • Jeff

    They should do a one cent sale when they reach a million apps

  • Sam

    Sometimes it’s about quality not quantity. That’s like Bell saying they’re going to release 10 000 more stations. However I still love Android.

  • Iphone guy

    99.99% of those apps suck anyways. Id rather hear about 1000 well developed apps vs 900000 fart sounds and 100000 apps.

  • Shawn

    Sadly 99.9% of all apps (Android, Apple, Windows) are garbage. So this battle of which OS has the most apps are so overrated.

  • roman

    Yet, when I go on the Play store every couple of days I can’t find anything interesting to download.
    It’s hard to find good apps. There needs to be a better app discovery mechanism.

  • Geoff

    Ok, here’s what having a million apps means. It means that there is very likely an app for any particular niche that the consumer is interested in. It doesn’t matter if 70% or 99.9% of them are crap as long as the quality apps are still available and the niche market that you’re interested in is covered.

    For example, I use apps like Facebook, Dropbox, and Kik which are well developed on all platforms at the moment (though only recently for Facebook…). But then I have an app for my local radio station. Not having an app for something like Facebook could be a deal breaker for a lot of people, but pretty much every platform has these now. So they’re a non issue. Therefore, the only thing that matters is if the niche apps that consumers are interested in are covered, and a million apps means that this is more likely to be the case.

    TLDR; as a consumer, a million apps means that the specific ones that you are looking for are more likely to be covered. This matters when buying a smart phone for the first time because a lot of people don’t even know what they want before they first buy one.

  • cdub

    1000 well done apps.. 999,999,000. poorly written trying to make a fast buck fly by night ones..

    I’ve got a core bunch of 20 android apps that i always use that work well and are supported.. 1mil is just a number that really means nothing.. quality is always preferred over quantity.

    prob more than a 1000 good ones.. but who has time to test them all..

  • AN

    A million apps isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? A Billion apps

  • zed

    I couldn’t care less if there were just 1000 apps or over 1B apps. I find the apps I need for Android, it’s good enough.

  • AhCup

    To be fair, that’s a lot of apps have more then one version of the same. One app may have a FREE version with ad support, which also have a pay ad-free version. Sometime is demo app then unlock app. So the total number doesn’t mean much here. However, this number hopefully will attract more developer on board from other OSes to improve the overall app selections.

  • BIll Murray

    besides the facebook, twitter and sex positions app, the rest are useless.