Complete list of Wireless Boxing Day deals in Canada!


  • Mike

    Walmart also have the 32gig Lexar MicroSD’s on sale as well.. got the email about it yesterday..

    IMHO this years offers SUCK! $0/3year contracts isnt really anything special, The Playbooks are outdated/old stock, could care less about Apple crap.. best deals seem to be the ones offering credits/gift cards.

  • tomcat24

    Correction on Costco. They’re giving up to “$225 COSTCO GIFT CARD” not $150 visa gift card7m

    • Peter

      Is that new? Last week it was $150. When did they change it? What city are you in?

  • Mark

    Where would you say is the best place to buy the Note 2?

    • ken

      Rogers has best deal

      – $0 note 2
      – $100 bill credit
      – first month free

      communications in mississauga call them 416 399 5000 they can also match any offer very helpful guys.


  • HikerCA

    I’d add that The Source has a large bottle of screen cleaner with microfiber cloth for $3.99 reg. $9.99. Found it works well to get finger smudges off tablet/phone screens and screen protectors.

  • 2cf

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

  • george

    If Cosctco and the others give away $150 + of Gift Cards it makes you wonder how much commission they get from the Robelus??? That explains why we pay $100 PER MONTH for a decent data plan …. Lets hope someone thinks about the consumer in 2013

  • Curtis Corcoran

    Note: Wireless etc in Costco, it wont be Visa Cards, it’s Costco Cash gift cards. And also with SIII on Bell or Rogers with a new Voice and Data Activation they’re giving out $225 in Costco Cash, and with the Note 2 on Bell or Rogers with a new Activation they’re giving out $200 in Costco Cash. AMAZING DEALZ there!!!

  • tanmay K

    On an off topic, Mobilicity is spelled incorrectly.. 😉

  • nathan

    even with these deals it’s probably wiser to go month-to-month, yeh?

  • babablacksheep

    Look at all those Boxing Day sheep, baaaa hahahahaha

  • snottyBob

    I’ve been with Wind for 2 years. Haven’t seen a better deal yet anywhere else. Feels good, man. I’ll keep holding on to my plan 😉

  • randslkdflk

    Wirelesswave and Tbooth giving 0$ iphone 5 on new acts on Rogres and Bell

  • Dylan K

    Rogers employee here, they have some back pocket offers happening too. They can take $50 or $100 off any new activation of a 3yr voice and data. Same for HUPs. This is on top of everything they’re advertising right now, such as the first month free, unlt video streaming for X months, half off value packs (cd + vm) and the already discounted phones like the 16GB iPhone 5 and S3.

  • MattyMattMatt

    The Source is not advertising it, but Iphone5 16GB is 0 on new activation. A lot of phones are 0 and all of them qualify for at least 100 in storer credit on voice and data new activations.

  • kathleen burris

    Also note that the iPhone 5 is 0.00 at Best Buy tomorrow.

  • john

    Htc one s entry level oh………… i see how it is now

  • ChrisF

    Not sure where your lack of info comes from but The Source has $100 in store credits on all smartphones, $0 Iphone 5’s, $75 + $25 for trade in on your old phone and if your phone has any value we will give you that on top of the $75 and $25, $0 Iphone 4S, $0 Samsung Galaxy S 3’s, $49 Note 2’s and the list goes on and on and on……maybe you should be doing a little more homework before posting something like this!

  • rice

    Its like every dealer is posting their offers to get a piece of the action and say how there better than the other guy.

  • ChrisB

    @ChrisF Maybe it’s because The Source website is a bit of a joke and that’s why people can’t easily find your sales. The menu and site navigation seems to follow no order, has no alphabetization, lots irrelevant or outdated information information (ie. A Samsung Link and an iPhone 3G next to a Galaxy S3 on the main page of Bell Phones, come on guys, really?), and suffers from several other pitfalls of lazy site design. For a business centered around technology and communications, you guys kinda half-assed the internet storefront of your company.

  • Michael C

    – The Mobile Shop (Loblaws)- also has 200$ in Loblaws gift cards and “Scratch and win” where you can get up to another 100$ with a minimun of 25$ extra! And Galaxy S III 0$ with 100-150$ in gift cards 🙂

  • Daniel AJ

    I wonder why Koodo is not really active recently. This is the feast if capitalism season after all! They matched competitors price plans, but not 100%, and not on the goodies side. Either they are gaining so many customers that they don’t need to fight or they were mostly sucking in customers from Telus or too many existing Koodo customers adjusted their plans to the new offers. Did I miss an option?

  • Rameez Sehgal

    Wind Mobile – $39 plan – reduced to $29 for 10 months only…offer available only on 26th December