Bell customers are sending 151.6 million text, video & picture messages everyday

The latest text stat released by the CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association) was that Canadians sent 23.3 billion text messages in Q1 2012, with March setting a record with 7.9 billion texts, or about 254 million texts per day. The number increased 28% over 2011 numbers.

Today, a random, but welcomed Tweet by Bell reveals that they are currently seeing 151.6 million text, video & picture messages on their network everyday. That’s a big number considering they have 7,453,363 subscribers, and signals that texting is still on the rise. Multiply the number by 30 to estimate a months worth gives over 4.5 billion texts per month. Do you still text, or is Facebook, Twitter, BBM taking most of your time up?

Source: Twitter