iPhone 5 Review roundup


  • gurtej08

    WOW, isheep have truly crept into the mainstream media. CNET, really? Completely rebuilt the framework. Shows why CNET is considered the most biased version. Also to add, love how MS doesn’t put reports of average ratings from reviewers.

    • Daniel Bryan

      LOL is it possible the phone really is just exceptional? I know fandroids are on the low side of the intelligence totem pole, but at least USE the device before making baseless, stupid accusations.

    • Tomatoes

      @Daniel Bryan

      Are you kidding me? The NYT actually tried to spin looking dangerously close to a bookmark as a positive. LOL

      Sorry, but you know it is just hype if they try to do that. Unless you honestly want your phones to look like bookmarks? I hope for the sake of humanity you do not want that. haha

    • Wilborn

      RIP RIM

    • Brad F

      “WOW, isheep have truly crept into the mainstream media.”

      Or maybe, just *MAYBE*, it’s a decent phone.


  • sip

    Umm. I think this is the nail: “It’s something you can’t really appreciate until you get up close and personal with the new phone”

    That might be actually the worse thing that Apple could have done. Made a phone that at a distance looks so done before. As much as people buy a phone for features, I feel that in genreal people also brought into the iphone because it looks nice and unique. And with the 5, it’s starting to all look the same. It’s like the flip side to the “so easy to us your grandma can figure it out”, this one is so similar to the last one grandma wouldn’t know the difference.

    What I am saying is this phone doesn’t have the “it” thing that the 4 did when it launched. The 4 launched with hardy any new features over the 3GS. But it had the something something. It was an object of lust. This well it just doesn’t, not after the 4.

    • justfox87

      If that was truly the nail in the iPhone coffin then it would mean the iPhone 5 will sell worse than the 4S and so far it looks like that will be far from the case. I don’t think this is going to effect sales at all, the average person isn’t going to care that much about it and they will still buy it. Geeks are the ones who care that the design isn’t that different and that it isn’t speced out to the max, but Apple doesnt cater to the geeks anyway and they never really have. Apple goes after the general public and judging by sale numbers, they do that VERY well.

  • Tedstriker

    Engadget might as well change their name to apple.com, they are the most biased website out there.


    • R.Dot

      Agreed, but I would say iBGR is up there too.

    • Gsizzle

      CNET rides Apple’s d!ck pretty hard that’s pretty well known. I agree with BGR being on the same boat but not engadget.

  • jeff

    i can’t wait for the wider iphone 5s Deluxe!

  • kenypowa

    Have fun using Apple Maps. What a massive downdrade. No transit direction, outdated satellite imagery and lack of Streetview. Yap it is so magical.

    • mzc

      that’s already on que for the IOS7..lol

    • Brad F

      But now Google can release its own Google Maps app in the App Store and update it when they want instead of waiting for an OS update from Apple.

      All Apple needs to do is release a system Maps app that’s “good enough” and let users download Google Maps from the App Store if they need more features.

      Also, for the record: Different mapping companies have differently dated maps of different areas. In my area the Google Maps are from about 2009, but the Apple maps are from 2011. Your mileage may vary.

  • Josh L

    Still won’t buy it…

    • Brad F

      You never would have bought it anyway, even if it had a holographic screen, projection keyboard, 64-core CPU and 128-core GPU, 16 GB of RAM, a 5″ flexible unbreakable Super AMOLED Plus screen, 8-week battery life, and a legal built-in money-printing machine that took the money out of Tim Cook’s personal bank account.

  • Cody

    Some of these make me laugh. “The iPhone 5 is a significant improvement over the iPhone 4S in nearly every regard, and in those areas that didn’t see an upgrade over its predecessor — camera, storage capacity — one could make a strong case that the iPhone 4S was already ahead of the curve. ” Are you freaking kidding me? Bahahahahahahahaha enjoy your iPhone 4S+ iSheep!!!

    • COB

      The camera of the 4S was ahead of the curve, Apple still makes one of the best cameras on the market for their phones. Anyone will tell you that.

    • Brad F

      The camera component Apple used in the iPhone 4S is the same one Samsung used 6 months later in the Galaxy S III. If anything, Samsung fell a little behind using that camera part instead of a better one.

    • Tomatoes

      @Brad F

      Um, the GS3 camera wasn’t the same one in the 4s. It was a newer Sony sensor. Research before you speak my friend. It usually helps.

    • anona

      “Apple still makes one of the best cameras on the market”

      LOLWUT? Sony makes the camera. Apple just buys parts from other companies and marks them up 80%.

    • Cody

      If you’re going to release a phone and the only thing above par is the camera than why would you buy that phone.. Plus my htc Vivid took much better pictures last November than the 4s did.

  • john

    Zzzz Its the iphone 4s stretched out and forced you to buy all new docks. lame

  • MrSPH

    Boring but leave it to the media to try and hype it up. No one is interested, no one cares, Android is where its at.

    • Insider

      If by “no one is interested, no one cares.” You’re referring to the over 2 million people who preordered within 24 hours, then we’re on the same page.

  • James

    Well they have almost done what HTC and Samsung have been doing for years.
    Nice job trying to catch up Apple.
    better luck next time.
    So sorry Isheep.

  • Ed

    I prefer innovation (which is my I’m an android, more specifically Samsung, user) but most of the smartphone market doesn’t seem to want that. They just want what they’re use to with improvements along the way (which is fine!). That’s what Apple caters too; people who don’t care about picture and picture, S Pens, or widgets. Just a straight up phone that is fast, fluid and familiar which is what the iPhone 5 is. Well done Apple!

    • Rio

      Thank You very much Ed, a much more down to earth comment.

    • Daniel Bryan

      Yes such great innovations like “S voice” lol, there is a reason they (samsung) lost that court case you know.

  • WW3

    Who buys this crap anymore. With so many things Android can do that iphone can’t…even the budget Androids…I don’t think you can even consider the iphone a smart phone anymore. Its lacking too many features, its just an app player.

    • Brad F

      “Who buys this crap anymore.”

      People who don’t care about being able to SSH into their home-made server and just want to take pictures of their kids and then post them on Facebook, and even though they can do that with any phone they’ll go for the iPhone instead because it’s the popular one that looks easy to use, and if they don’t want to pay the whole $200 for the new one on a contract they’ll grab the older one at $100, or the even older one that looks the same at $0.

  • Kevin

    “….The iPhone 5 is better than the 4S…”

    “…If you liked the iPhone 4 or 4S, you’ll love the iPhone 5…”

    At the core, none of the comments are (overly) biased. Just stating the obvious through a lot of unnecessary words.

    ‘If you like iOS/iPhone, then the iPhone 5 is a great choice for the next phone.’
    Now what I want to hear about is the Lumia 920/Galaxy Note II.

    • Brad F

      “Now what I want to hear about is the Lumia 920/Galaxy Note II.”

      It’s a real shame they announce all these great phones, but then don’t tell us when they’re coming or even what they’ll be priced at. It’s mostly just “soon” and “at competitive prices”, which don’t mean anything at all.

  • Tom

    For people like me, the bigger screen of the SGSIII (and others) is a big advantage, but for those with smaller hands it is just too big – Samsung and other should release flagship devices to cater to both groups.

    • Jared

      I agree, but that’s not the way Samsung is heading.

  • Anonymous

    Lame comments especially from from CNET and Telegraph. Are they becoming mactards? The answer is Yes!

  • Rik

    Apple: Hey we took the 4s and ran over it with a truck! VROOM now its squished and long and you need to buy all new cables!!! Yay?

  • Joan

    Serious who cares? Why do Android phones not get this much coverage when Android owns the majority of the market? Biased much? This site is pathetic.

    • Daniel Bryan

      Its simple, the more hits/comments an article gets the more revenue this website gets. If you want less apple stories stop clicking and commenting on them.

    • Brad F

      “Serious who cares? Why do Android phones not get this much coverage when Android owns the majority of the market? Biased much? This site is pathetic.”

      Android phones don’t get this much coverage because there’s 1 iPhone released per year versus the hundreds of Android phones and dozens of flagship Android phones (and, if rumours are to be believed, multiple Nexus phones this year).

      Android as an OS gets more coverage than this, though, because of the sheer number of devices it runs on, it’s just more spread out and doesn’t stand out as much unless it’s a flagship phone like the Galaxy S III.

      Read the comments: This site is *VERY* Android-heavy and biased in favour of Android. It’s just that time of the year when the iPhone news is louder than the Android news.

  • JBR

    I don’t think that the 5 is a quantum leap in cell phone design or development and definitely don’t agree that 4″ is the “perfect” screen size. Also, to go on and on about how beautiful the phone is, it’s nauseating, this has almost an identical design to the 4 except that it is stretched. However, the one thing that I will NEVER understand is the constant quipping back and forth between Apple users and Android users. People, WHY? What’s the point? Android users will NEVER understand fans of Apple and will never convince them that Android is better and Apple fans could not in a million years convert an Android fan. So please, for the love of all that is good…. STOP. Go ahead and slam the products, but spare the users…. 🙂

  • Anon

    I would like to compare the iPhone to Nickelback. Why change a formula that sells!

    • Brad F

      I would compare it to the Toyota Camry: Not the most fabulous model on the market, but it has a lot of nice features at a decent price and it’s the best-selling model year after year. You can almost consider it a “safe bet”.

  • Daniel Bryan

    Its hilarious reading you mindless morons blabber on about how “boring” and how useless the iPhone is, and how much better Android is. Like your opinions are all of a sudden going to sway the millions and millions AND MILLIONS of satisfied customers (rated #1 AGAIN).

    Fandroids are like a jealous ex girlfriend (ironic since you losers probably have never touched a girl) always wanting attention.

    • WT-

      What a great point about the girls…..wow…if that was your best excuse…
      It’s about the lies and hypocrisy coming from Apple and the media around them, not that hard to understand.

    • Darth Paton

      Buddy, are you 10 years old or something? I’ve never heard anybody out of puberty say such ignorant, immature drivel before. And that last line? Pure gold right there, moron. I swear, with all the Rim Trolls, Apple Fantards, and Fandroids fighting it out like 7 years olds after a chocolate bar, you’d think the whole site was dominated by preteen boys. Like this if your above 18 years of age, then we’ll see how the demographics on this websight stack up.

    • BB

      i agree with this guy, alot of the comments are really silly. Its sad because people always throw in things like being broke, uneducated or the lack of ladies based on your cell phone. Lets stick to the topic at hand. Might I add, most of the companies who gave a description are U.S. based, i could be wrong though.

    • some guy

      Well Daniel, you were speaking some sense… then you lost it.
      Looks like we need to break out those shears again, your coat is growing back in! ^_^

  • MyStro

    Nokia Lumia 920 kills this.

    • Brad F

      So… you’re saying Apple should also use some DSLR pictures and say they came from the phone?

  • havy

    4″ too small for me. I bought Galaxy Nexus for $300 vs iPhone 5 at $700. I will get all the features of iOS 6 on my ‘new’ iPad tomorrow 🙂

  • chris

    Not surprising. Looks like a very solid phone.

    • Brad F

      Switching out the glass back for a metal back kind of helps.

  • Mitin Patel

    I’ve been on the apple bandwagon since the iPhone 3G and got an iPhone 4S last november. Just last weekend i sold my iphone to get…drumroll…GS3! Great phone, wanted to give android a shot while i had time to sell my iphone to some sucker. I enjoyed my time with iOS but it just got boring. So many customization on the s3, im loving it more and more everyday. I just want the best available phone. Right now im a proud android user!

  • gnote

    +1 for Android. I showed my gf the ways of Android and she’s converted to my rooted Nexus S with Jelly Bean. Now if I can do the same with her iMac, iPod and iPad…

  • Mike McCorms

    Android can do some things better but I don’t care about any of them. I don’t want a bigger screen – since when is technology about things getting bigger? Give me a smaller, sharper screen any day. And that is to name one of many things that Fandroids brag about, that I do not care about.

    Nothing “feels” like an iPhone – nothing. My #1 priority for me is overall user experience and that is what the iPhone delivers. If Android starting doing better than the iPhone in this regard, then I’d switch. But I’ve tried both, and it’s still not even close.

    iPhone all the way! And not because I’m an iSheep, but because my overall user experience with the iPhone is second-to-none.

  • Pete

    Why are all the commenters on this article so NASTY & PATHETIC?
    Get a life instead of bashing any article with Apple or iPhone in it.
    If you don’t like it, FINE IT’S YOUR OPINION, but don’t go bashing it like you do.
    Respect others who actually buy this phone, because they have an opinion too.
    There is no respect on this site, everyone acts like 6 year old BRATS.
    Go ahead and give me a thumbs down, I don’t care.
    I never comment on anything, this is my first time because of how aggravated I am by these immature posts.
    If you have something to reply to me, then make it mature.
    And no I am not an Apple fan, but I do have respect towards others.

    • MB

      The problem is that people don’t realize that Apple itself is not respecting others…so how could they get our respect?

  • Nick w

    We could do with some dispassionate reviews and comments, if you don’t like something then let’s hear what you would buy and why! At least you will then be giving some informed advice!!!

  • Friko

    Most of the reviews are about ‘beauty’? WTF?

    Faster? But it’s not even challenged with proper multitasking of apps. Running any iPhone app will definitely be faster than on the 4S due to its faster CPU. Honestly, these reviews smell of money under the table. Besides, they don’t want to piss off Apple with negativity, fearing they won’t be sent future products to review.

  • BB

    I won’t knock apple since the users are getting sensitive, but you have to admit that the posts were not saying it was great even though they tried too. Are these all U.S. companies that gave reviews???? Also for the user who said overall experience??? I might add you would have to try more then just an android os and ios to make that decision and also use it for business and play..not just play!

  • JCLG

    Stepping off the Apple-bashing wagon and trying to take an objective perspective on things:

    What I gather from most of these reviews is that this device is “the best iPhone yet”. Emphasis on *iPhone*, and not so much *smartphone* in general. Compared to previous iterations of the same phone, it’s not surprising that the iPhone 5 surpasses its predecessors, which is pretty much what these reviewers are saying.

    It’s akin to reading a review that states the Samsung Galaxy S III is “the best Galaxy phone ever,” which most reviewers will agree on.

    The reason the iPhone gets so much hoo-ha by the press (and mainstream media) because it’s as ubiquitous a device/brand as Kleenex is to tissue paper. Are there competitively strong tissue paper products out there? Most likely. But because of Apple’s marketing dominance, they’ve secured themselves in pop culture, and therefore people will easily identify.

    That’s not to say that Android headsets are kept away from the limelight; while Android users may outnumber iPhone users in general, there isn’t really as iconic a device as the iPhone for people to rally behind (is the flagship the Galaxy S III? HTC One X+? Razr HD? Galaxy Nexus?)

    If these reviews bothered to compare Android/Windows Phone headsets against the iPhone 5, I’m sure they’re less likely to be singing the 5’s praises so freely.

    Tl;dr: is the iPhone 5 the best iPhone to-date? Sure. Best *smartphone* to-date? I don’t think so.

    #nexusforever 😉

  • FelipeCP

    Why are Android users justifying their purchases, wait for it, by commenting on an Apple article? Every Apple article is inundated with these types of comments, again why is that?

  • iPhon5ish

    ..if it looks the same.. how would people know I upgraded?…

  • eric

    You guys cry about specific websites being apple fan boys when you guys are clearly android fan boys I wish I had the time to argue with everyone of you but its pointless. Without apple none of you would even be using the phones your using. Look at what android was before the iPhone… it looked like a blackberry. And I’m using an s3 right now. Its cool to have your preference in smart phones but mindlessly bashing iPhones is stupid and makes you look stupid

    Yeah androids have better hardware on a technical level and a lot of software innovations happen on the android platform but apple puts them together better then anyone.

    For example my s3 hardware is sweet. Love the screen. 2gb ram is crazy and the camera is nice. But the keyboard is trash the layout of the message app and contacts app looks ugly and in some instances runs slow. I know one of the best parts of android is I can change the apps I use for those things but then the phone looses consistancy.

    With the iPhone it has a consistant UI that is more stable then android. With more apps and much more support from 3rd party vendors. Those are some of the reasons I like iPhone and probably why the avg consumer likes it

    • MB

      As I said before, Apple doesn’t respect others so why would we respect them? They don’t make anything for technology, only for money, it’s clear now, that’s why people are criticizing them, wake up everybody…

  • Techie

    Of course all of a sudden every tech blog that gives the iPhone a good review is biased. Gimme a break guys. How can you not concede that the iPhone is one of the best out there? Please be objective for once and stop bashing blindly. Please. I know I’ll be down ranked and it’s pointless to try and reason but hey, I can at least try

  • brock

    Hilarious to see how many people are butthurt over the reviews of a PHONE..

    Let that ring through your head, it’s a bloody phone that does A -> B easily and seamlessly and intuitively. And don’t cry that I’m an iSheep I’m using a Nexus

    Seriously guys, RELAX..

  • Mitin Patel

    Since when is technology about “beauty”? Don’t get me wrong, it literally is a sexy looking phone. Very solid. Apple is all about brand and looking “cool”. I feel like people care more about that then the actual technology.

  • Richard

    Will the Iphone 5 support voice and data at the same time in canada. I hear that it won’t with verizon in the USA?

  • Mark

    Hahhahaahaha all those fandroids here being owned. Eat that “marginal geeks” 😉

  • Cell Hell

    It looks like a nice bit of tech. I’m not willing to be a part of the apple ecosystem or use a provider that carries the phone though.

  • Eric

    Can this new I-Phone 5 actually use flash player yet? Can you actually change your own battery and carry an extra one with you (which cost me only $2.50ea)or do you have to take in the phone and get tech. to do it for maybe $60? This is one of the many problems that I had with my old I-Phone. Does the new phone have these and lots of other problems?

  • Vengefulspirit99

    I like how half the butthurt people here are bashing android fans and end their statements with btw I own an android! like owning one instantly makes your comments legit… I have tried to use iOS but it just seems too restrictive…

    @daniel siri was innovative? Apple bought it from someone else and put their logo on it… Oh and btw, I like how you used the whole virginity crap to attack people online cuz we haven’t seen that a million times before already lol… Oh noes someone called me a virgin! his opinion must mean more than mine now!

  • Brad F

    “Android fans aren’t interested, Android fans don’t care”


    The biggest target market for smartphone makers right now is the people who don’t have smartphones yet. Apple isn’t trying to get you to switch from Android, they’re trying to get people to switch from their flip phones.

  • Jesse

    Coke vs Pepsi. Nikon vs Canon. Apple vs. Google.


  • Jon

    In the end they are all just phones. They can all do the same basic functions and I’m sure the iPhone does things Android phones cannot and vice versa. If the phone does everything a specific user needs it to then “that” is the perfect phone for them. The amount of negative comments from these fandroids is insane. For the record, all Android phones I have handled felt like cheap kids toys. This is just my opinion.

  • Mark

    Checkmate Android 😉

  • MattyMattMatt

    Early reviews that are mostly positive? Im not suspicious at all.

  • Darren

    I had Iphone before. It felt too “confined” for my taste. Switched to Galaxy S and haven’t looked back. I even converted a bunch of people to Android based phones since they love the option of customizing what you want. Others just want a phone that works with simplicity. Hence why they stick with Iphone.

  • Abe

    An apple logo on the back? it MUST be great! i dont understand, alot of android phones out now can do more then the new iphone 5 yet you dont see the type of coverage from the media about them. It must be because,”its Apple” and its logo on the back.

  • prufrock


    Clearly the image you keep posting is a panorama shot. It looks the exact same as the ones I shot on my SG3 when in gallery mode.

  • Gene

    Its funny that these mainstream outlets only compare the new iPhone to the old one. Lipstick on a pig…Still a pig.

  • sp

    i love how Daniel Bryan and Brad F are really the only ones on this thread defending this new itteration of the iPhone. Listen we already know that you two love your iPhone and iOS and everything that comes with Apple. I used to be just like you and the millions of iLemmings out there. Hell my friends brought this up yesterday at basketball when we were talking about Jellybean on my SGS3 and how I used to laugh at them when I was using iPhone 4S. Used to say..why are you lame-os using Android..sheesh iPhone is where its at. I used to be the exact same way.
    Until I actually opened my mind and and saw how great Android could be. I borrowed a friend of mines SGS2 and I was hooked at the customization, the ease of use, 5 lines of apps (lol), etc etc… hell within this last year I have even used HTC OneS and a Nokia Lumia 710.
    Each and every phone have their merits and have their drawbacks. At the end of the day, yes it is personal preference but iPhone to be sold at a crazy absurd inflated price and being said to be high end, but really not…thats what bothers me.
    to each his/her own, if you guys want to stand be herded into the Apple Store tomorrow night-Friday morning, thats your choice. for the rest of us, we have our choices and we like what we chose.

  • Kastortroy

    @ BB

    You are absolutely right to assume that most of the comments are US based mafia media. You go to any other country around the world and it’s much more unbiased. iphone is still a great piece of technology, especially with it’s symbiotic relationship with it’s app store. It’s not always about the latest and greatest but rather proper working of the system as a whole. I’m not a apple fan but people need to be more civil these days and see outside the biases. As for me, I’m patiently awaiting blackberry qnx. IMHO qnx is the next gen mobile OS.


  • Dern

    Is this things going to blend or what?

  • Scott

    I guess my biggest problem is that as an Android fan I just want acknowledgement from the Apple crowd that there are other good phones out there. Phones that are just as good as the iPhone.

    Sure the iPhone 5 maybe a good phone, I can’t deny that spec-wise, but you have to admit that it doesn’t blow the competition away like the iPhone 3 and to some extent the iPhone 4 did.

    In the end it’s just another entry to growing smartphone market.

  • Mike

    Better grip backing: my Incredible S did that.
    Taking still photos while shooting video: my One X does it.
    Panorama photos: my One X does it.

  • imrangr1

    is this BB10?

  • Bart

    I think it’s obvious by now, the iPhone is meant for women and little kids with small hands. Grown men prefer a bigger screen

  • eric

    and for people who say “bigger isn’t better” you should forward that info along to the rest of the iSheep, because they’re milking the hell out of the new larger screen. The same larger screen that’s still one of the smallest of ALL the smartphones. The same screen that letterboxes previously developed apps, because iOS doesn’t allow for new screen formatting. The larger screen that’s still lower res than the Galaxy Nexus, which came out 3 years ago, and the GS3, which came out like 4 months ago.

    For the most successful company in the world, their lack of foresight is incredible…and should be concerning to it’s demographic.