Deal: New iPads price dropped by $40, $50 and $60 at Staples Canada


  • Cool

    Give me one reason why i shouldnt buy nexus 7.

    • kris

      A samsung made display 😉

    • Cool

      really? i actually thought Nexus 7 had IPS display and samsung only makes LED. i could be wrong but then i dont see any issue with samsung made display, i am using gs3, seems to do better job than anyother phone screen.

    • kris

      @cool Im being sarcastic and referring to the ipad 3 which “retina” screen is made by samsung(how ironic)

    • Cool

      Oh yea right, i heard about ipad screen being made by samsung for first time in this ipad3.
      I dont know why that sarcasm was so difficult for me to understand. #fail.

    • John

      Reason 1: Android sucks
      Reason 2: 7 inch on a tab is too small
      Reason 3: Android sucks

  • dave

    How bout Nexus 7 for $200?

  • Tenkaishy

    Im sure its gonna drop even lower after this because they will start selling the new generation of Ipad. So if you are an Ipad lover (which honestly I dont get why you would), I advice to wait a bit longer…
    … Or just buy the nexus 7… :p

  • EvanKr

    There must be some mistake, it’s August 29th, not April 1st, and Apple has a product on sale.

  • Tomatoes

    I would have bought one if their lawsuits ddn’t irk me.

  • Brandon

    How come when apple products go on sale, it’s never a good deal? For example, a pair of headphones at the source. Original 99.99, on sale for 49.99. That’s a deal. You save 50 bucks. But when it comes to these iPads, you save $50 on a purchase of $569 which isn’t the same percentage clearly.

    • antirobbers

      If I overprice something by 500% and then give you a 5% discount it’s not a deal, its a joke.

  • MER1978

    I’ve had a 1st gen. iPod, 3rd gen. nano, 2nd gen. shuffle + 2nd gen. touch… even owned apple stock at one point actually… but now after so much brutal anti competitive BS behaviour… there is no way I’m ever giving that company another penny.

    • sickpuppy

      You forgot to finish your sentence with ” but I kept the very profitable stock”

    • JOrge

      I never bought an Apple product and never will. To me there never was anything cool about Apple products. They were all overpriced and the hype made no sense to me at all. The laptops are inferior to PCs that cost have as much. The mp3 players are waaaay overpriced. You can get them for $20 and apple still charding $100 for a girly nano. IPhone is rediculous. But hey, I give them credit for scamming the iSheep out of 100s of billions of dollars. Now stuff that ipad in your junk drawer…oh yeah to big 🙂

  • superfly

    Nah. I will buy a galaxy note 2. What’s an iPad again?

  • mikeneufeld30

    Buy a Nexus 7 and a few hundred bucks to spend in Google Play store. Apple FTL…


    • PR

      why would you spend hundreds of dollars in the app store? most of the apps are free anyways (angry birds, etc)

      you could buy 2x nexus 7’s for the price of this one plus cases and an extra charger for both.

  • Ultraman

    They are still way over-priced. Apple is too greedy. Making huge money by selling the products at sky-high prices; and making them at rock-bottom costs in China. They are not a real American company; they just want to make money from them. They refused to build a local manufaturing plants in the U.S. and employ local people. This is a very bad company.

  • istoopidsheepfollower

    Dip an Apple in horse s**t and sell it for an incredibly high price. And still all the isheep will buy it up, eat it and claim it to be the best tasting apple ever in history! Then brag how great an experience it was and how it was sooooooo worth the money. hahahahahahaha. Qft!!!!!!

  • TheInformantsMom

    Wow, only $479.99. GTFO Apple. Do what I do, when you see someone with an apple product point at it and laugh. There faces are priceless!

  • Thomson

    I half expected to see the sale would be for $20 off a $500 tablet. Wasn’t that far off…

  • Wes

    For an additional 15$ off use this coupon 5551792089266682. Valid til sept 3rd.

  • Jorge

    I find it so interesting that every comment on here is to bash the iPad. I get people have preference but seriously the nexus 7 is a way different product. Ive used the nexus 7 and it was good for the price but there wasnt anything. Impelling about it except the price. Apple doesn’t set pricing same as every other company in Canada. Retailers have the right to discount as much as they want. But they don’t because why discount the best selling and as hard as it it to believe for some of you the best rated tablet?

    • F AAPL

      Apple corporate does not permit their resellers to have (real) sales with any meaningful discounts.

  • Bb

    You can see that apple is doing things they normally wouldnt do a year ago. Sales of iphone and ipads, which leads me to believe competition is making them nervous. Plus how would you feel as a consumer who just bought new ipads for full price and it’s not even a year old.

    • JustMeAndMe

      They just need to learn how to do it right!
      Because couple of dollars won’t convince anyone to buy their overpriced tablets.

  • drone

    Sooo many fanboys.. jesus.

    Name me a tablet that at the same size 9.7-10″ competes with the iPad 3 in terms of the resolution, app store (tablet-specific apps), camera and video rec quality, aesthetics and better update support.

    Don’t get me wrong; the nexus 7 is great, but it’s no way near the same league a the iPad.

    • BB

      don’t get me wrong but I don’t think any of the comments are really bashing the ipad3 here, just stating the obvious that for lower prices you can have a tablet that is just as good. Every tablet has almost great resolution, retina??? maybe not, but clear yes. Apps…kind of getting old, everyone makes the good apps for all platforms…more fart apps apple has. Camera and video…all platforms have come along way, so 1 mega pixel difference shouldn’t entitle a company to charge 50% profit margin. The real fanboys are people paying the high dollars for a product that is a glorified browser! I said it browser because at the end of the day once your bored of angry birds, or mobile banking…it is a browser and please don’t tell me your prefer to create pdf’s and do real work on one of these things.

    • Nightcrawler

      lol. And I presume you are not a fanboy of anything??… 😉

      Anyway, the beauty of Android OS is the varieties of size and price range. You can just buy the device that you need. Maybe, someone doesn’t really bother about the back camera. My cousin has one iPad and she never used the back camera. So, why push the consumer to buy something if they really don’t need it?

      In terms of high end Android devices, right now you can go for Asus Transformer Infinity. Though it falls a little behind comparing the resolution with iPad, it supersedes in terms of IPS display which I found really better than iPad under heavy sunlight. For me the main reason of choosing Infinity over iPad is the GPS. The iPad wifi model is using the Assisted GPS, which is pathetic. If you need a GPS, you need to go to the Cellular model while even the NEXUS 7 is using a fully functional GPS with that rock bottom price range.

    • BB

      that was good, calling out a fanboy when fighting against fanboys. Also, nicely put. Buy what you need, not what people tell you, you need.

  • BB

    last quarter apple blamed economy for the lower sales volumes. Now they are discounting iphones and tablets. With the iphone 5 coming out they have put the 4s at $99 to make sure no one buys the phone from an existing user which is smart. It also doesn’t help keep the value of the product up anymore. Before the iphone users could easily get $300-400 for a used older model, but if apple is selling at $99 how can you compete with that.

  • Paul

    The discounts are good, but still should be better. The tablets are overpriced as are many in general. The screen is good, the OS not so much. Time for a revamp. I have an ipad 3 right now and if ios6 does revamp somethings it will be up for sale.

  • vn33

    “Deal: New iPads price dropped by $40, $50 and $60”

    Still too expensive, too expensive, too expensive … No Deal !

  • superfly

    This is what you say to people still using an iPhone or iPad…”wow, it’s you, it really is you. I heard in the news that there was still one person in Canada that still had an iPhone/iPad. Wow, its really great to meet you in person. Well, take care.”

    The look on there faces is worth it, especially when as you walk away you pull out your galaxy note. Hahahaha

  • drone

    “..that is just as good.”
    Are you stupid or something? I just mentioned how the iPad trumps the Nexus 7 and you say that it’s just as good?

    As far as the megapixel count goes – go compare the iPad 3 camera samples vs any other tablet @5MP. 5MP on the iPad trumps the 8MP on many high end Android phones.

    “…more fart apps apple has. ”

    “and please don’t tell me your prefer to create pdf’s and do real work on one of these things.”

    hah. spoken like a true ignorant fanboy. I’m actually in the market looking for a tablet for school work and the iPad is the only tablet with an app like “Noterize” (look it up and realize that not everyone *beeps* around with so called “fart apps”). Only other tablet that has something similar is the note 10.1 (S-note), but that tablet has an inferior 720p screen and is crap for gaming.

    As far as people calling me a fanboy lmfao… I’m an Android guy; love my GS2. However, I’m not that ignorant to not realize why the iPad 3 dominates the tablet market.

    • Tomatoes

      I think more people are bashing the way Apple conducts their business more than the tablet itself. Like I said, I would have bought another Ipad3 at this price after selling mine if Apple wasn’t suing everyone.

    • BB

      i am pretty stupid so i am glad you cleared this up. You are looking for a device for school, but you decided to get the one that has the best media and gaming???? I guess the Blackberry/Playbook or Windows device that intergrate with the software you use at school didn’t work for you??? Do you really need great resolution to see what you are typing on Noterize…and thanks for letting me know the note 10.1 is just as good as ipad 3 except for the resolution, oh and its price tag. I also said mobile banking but I guess the truth got to you. I know there are more apps that are productive, but lets be real those aren’t the ones most people download. Can you also let me know what the ipad3 does better then my pc and why you would rather have a tablet that costs more then a laptop??? ps i’m a blackberry fanboy and I didn’t say ipad3 wasn’t good, what i said is you can have something similar…(QUITE) Similar for half the price. I guess that overpriced browser could have bought you a laptop and a few books for your courses…at least you look cool.

    • BB

      p.s thats if you even paid for it. as well where does a student get enough money to buy the top of the line tablet???? I have been working and paying bills for years and I still know that I don’t buy things that are overpriced even if it is slightly better. Trumped he says…hahahahahahahahaha

  • D

    Asus Infinite

  • superfly

    People who continue to buy iPhones and iPads are starting to look more and more like lemming losers.

  • Tj

    I will wait for a RIM PB to go on sale for 99.99 🙂 its way underated and is more than enough for what most people need tablets for 🙂

    Tablets are toys and the end of the day you still need a laptop or a desktop if you want to get any serious work done , so might as well get a cheaper toy like PB or Nexus, which will do most of the things the more expensive toys like Ipad do