16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook dropping to $159 at Staples this Sunday


  • Acco

    The Nexus 7 is still a far better deal at 209/8GB than this.

    • Simpson

      I rather take my money and buy a hooker.

    • Simpson

      Wait till rim goes out of business – will be a .99 fire sale

    • jess

      So for 50 bucks more you get half the storage, no mics, shitty camera, no rear camera, no stereo speakers, no offline gps, no built in flash, no hdmi, a smaller battery, and only runs in portrait.

      Sounds like quite the buy.

    • hoo dat

      Let’s not forget it also comes with screen bleed, page shadowing, loose screws and misaligned screens. Yeah, that Nexus 7 is a bargain.

  • Jonny

    waiting for the 99$ price drop

  • EmperumanV

    +1 to both Acco and Jonny. $99 or no care.

  • kingboo

    BB10 babay!

  • IAmTheMightyFinder

    I’m waiting until it drops down to $49.

  • kinny rollins

    it’s a great deal!!!!!
    i’m gettin another one!!!

  • Rich

    Wonder how many android apps were ported to this. Either way, I want to see how BB10 will do on smartphones before investing in a bb10 tablet.

  • june

    rip rim

  • John

    All those saying Rip rim are morons. Your talking about a major loss to the economy.

    • vn33

      LOL ! I don’t think the morons who can only utter RIP in all these threads understand the concept of economy. They all live at home with their mommas who spoon feed them nyway !

  • Aiden

    Hmmmm. Ummmm. I’ll keep my nexus7 thanks.

    • Scotiaman

      The same nexus 7 with the crappy screen bleed and high retuning rate?!

    • BB

      keep your nexus 7 no gives a crap. It is a pretty good deal and if you EVER used one you might be able to defend yourself. And the moron who wants to play 2 movies at a time for his toddler wake up you i***t and talk to her instead. Hi i am moron who needs a great tablet for my kid to suck on and watch toy story while i drive her around and ignore her!

  • Richard

    Don’t worry. All the RIM employees will be able to come drive truck in Alberta North for more money than they make now. Canada is about resource extraction. Actually 159 seems ok. Being an albertan I sh!t that money out! By the way I’m hiring for my construction company. $20 no experience to start.

  • Michael

    That’s a great deal for a high quality tablet for web browsing, email, etc. Plus it is targeted for BB10 and if RIM delivers could make this a really great starter tablet for people still on the fence.

  • HwyXingFrog

    I’m still almost regretting picking up the 32GB for $150 from Telus when they were clearing them out.

    I have it mounted in my vehicle in the OtterBox Defender case for my daughter to watch Toy Story. And event that is annoying because I can’t even set up a playlist to play more than one video at a time, or even loop one. I have to play longer movies, otherwise I have to pick a new video every time it stops.

    Don’t waste your money, get a Nexus 7!!!!!! I wish I did. Then I might actually use it.

    • jess

      That may be the stupidest complaint ive ever read.

  • trolling187

    even at $99 is still questionable

  • jess

    A bb10 tablet for 159? Thats a steal.

  • ActivesiN

    No thanks, my nexus 7 is infinitely superior to this brick

  • CaptObvious

    I’m waiting for the $179 Playbook 4G Door Crasher at Staples

  • habskilla

    My son has the playbook. I bought the Nexus 7.


    Nexus 7 hands down winner.

  • Raid

    It’s a sad state of affairs when the Engadget comments section regarding Blackberry articles has become more objective than Mobilesyrup’s Canadian one. Shame on all trolls.

  • {JPM}

    This is a pretty good deal, espcially if you were planning on buying a kobo vox.

    I bought a $150 telus playbook (which I resold to buy a N7 last month)to act as an lcd ereader, and it was a great device for that role.

  • Lewis

    Personally I believe this is superior to N7. My prediction is that it will still be a useful tablet next summer – the N7 will be long gone.

    Opinion aside, I’m really surprised everyone and their dog is not picking these up in place of the Kindle and Kobo tablets. It has a Kobo app and with sideload Kindle as well. Combine that with native Comic app, or sideload something from android……..anyone who thinks this is not a steel is too prejudice to open their eyes and think about it. Crap I remember paying 400 for a 5 inch Archos 4. This puts that to shame

    • d3v14n7

      There is more than just the hardware you’re paying for, there’s the ecosystem as well, in which case, is horrible on anything released by RIM in comparison to Android or iOS… Developers are quickly leaving RIM behind to focus more on Android and iOS apps, unless RIM does something drastic with BB10, I don’t see this changing anytime soon.

  • mauricio

    another pathetic attempt from rim

    • hoo dat

      Yeah, and the Nexus 7 was such a home run. In addition to what’s already been mentioned above, the Guardian newspaper in the UK ran a report listing all the issues that Nexus 7 users are encountering including a guy who posted a video of the tablet typing Hs and Js spontaneously and not being able to stop it. On top of that, the launch was so bad for Google that they can’t replace the 16GB units, the ones that seem most affected, and Google agents aren’t responding to customer complaints on their help lines, info email address or their Twitter account.

      You may think the Nexus 7 is a superior machine, but I much prefer mine to actually work.

  • Ben

    If it was a great device then it would sell well. That’s the reality.

    We have had many tablets: iPad1 (wife’s; children broke it), iPad3 (wife’s), iPad2 (won it; sold it), Transformer, PlayBook (gave away to sister-in-law), TouchPad (still have, running Android ICS), Nexus 7. The least useful of the bunch was the PlayBook.

    Play down the Android tablets all you want, but from someone who has used all of them, the reality is that Android (with its flaws) is faster, more versatile and more flexible than PlayBook OS (with its flaws). The PlayBook hardware is nice. I’ll give it that, and I actually miss that aspect of it, but that’s about all.

    I was a middle adopter to the PlayBook (bought when it was ~$300, not when it was listing at $500+ or when it dropped to $200 and below). I argued in its defence, side-by-side with all the other BlackBerry faithful, right up until the OS 2.0 update arrived. That’s when I gave up. It is a device with a lot of potential, but it’s really not a great device. It does a lot of things, but not as well as our Android and iOS devices. For any particular function/use I could say ‘Android is better’ or ‘iOS is better.’ There was actually no category where I could say ‘PlayBook OS is the winner.’

    My wife, despite owning an original iPad and now an iPad 3, prefers the TouchPad running ICS over her iPad 3, and the PlayBook, and she’s no techie. Once you have used a well set-up Android device (and yes, it take some time, exploration and patience) you can actually appreciate the OS and live with the flaws. Customizability and flexibility means some things will break from time to time. It’s just like driving a stock vs modified car.

    If you control everything, lock everything down and prevent people from changing/customizing anything then of course the OS will be more stable (Mac OS vs Windows, for example). Everything comes at a price. The price with PlayBook OS and iOS is customization and flexibility. The price with Android is stability (but this is surmountable).

    The Nexus 7 is a great device. The PlayBook should be a great device, but isn’t. It does work well for people with specific needs and ‘light’ users, but not for a large enough segment of the population. That’s why it doesn’t sell.

    Insisting that the majority is wrong doesn’t make sense in most instances. Yes, there were a few times when the majority was wrong (eg. the Earth is flat). This isn’t one of them. The PlayBook just isn’t as good a device as the rest of what’s out there.

    No, this view doesn’t make me any less Canadian. BTW, I didn’t buy American-made cars in the 80s or 90s, either.

  • Tj

    I will wait for 99.99 fire sale again . 159.99 is too expensive 🙁

    Its a good tablet but not worth more than 99.99

  • Dave

    It take like 5 minutes just to start up a systems, can’t even make a skype call, no IM no useful app other than these farts apps. Maybe it worth about $59.99 but you already pushing it Retarded in Motion.

    • jess

      Have you tried making a skype call on a nexus 7? and takes 5 minutes to start? well good thing you never need to restart it because it actually has a reliable OS.

  • Mark

    Same play book is selling at best buy and future shop for $149.