Microsoft Skydrive for Android announced, coming in a few weeks


  • John

    Is this different than Google Drive?

  • matt


  • Aiden

    I have 25GB on skydrive I would use it if they came out with a feature that automatically uploads photos/video from your camera (right after you take them) to your account. That way you can wipe your SD card and not have to worry about losing photos and such. This would be a huge feature I bet. I’m using drive now though since it’s more compatible with my chromebook.

    • Travis D

      If Dropbox can currently offer that instant upload feature, I’m sure Microsoft could incorporate that into their Skydrive app as well.

    • Thomas

      WP7 does this, although im guessing that’s not an answer you’re looking for.

    • StanLee

      If you have a windows Phone you can do just that … time for an upgrade my friend!

  • OgtheDim

    How come pictures in promos like this are not the realistic stuff……….

    instead of nerdy guy out with the blond surfing (a long tradition of wishful thinking in Redmond)

    it should be goofy people at parties and clubbing



  • Rob

    All my photos automatically upload to skydrive from my galaxy III, I thought it was already a feature of skydrive? I guess it’s just part of the phone.

  • original aiden

    skydrive on Windows phone 7.5 automatically uploads your pictures and videos.

  • rikin

    Nice. I recently switched to Mobilicity’s BTS plan on Galaxy Nexus from iPhone. This will make my Galaxy Nexus experience perfect as I store most of my files on SkyDrive.

  • Steen Schütt

    It’s obvios that WP automatically does it, but stfu… We want it in Android. Dropbox and GDrive sucks..