16GB Nexus 7 back in stock at Google Play, 8GB version now sold out


  • Denny

    Ordered mine from staples

  • TomatoGuy

    Looks like 8GB version is out of stock now instead.

  • Mark

    I would not recommend that anyone buy a product through the Canada Google Play store until Google gets the site up to minimal ecommerce standards. My experience ordering the 16gb Nexus tablet:

    a) preordered on June 30.
    b) around July 16 the 16gb went on “backorder” with 1-2 week delivery. Meanwhile, local stores were stocking the 16gb. I bought locally for same price, saving the shipping costs. I tried to cancel my Play order. You have to click thru to two pages to get to a form to ask for a cancel or refund. Submitted the form.
    c) no answer to form. I did a second, third and fourth request from June 17-21. No response.
    d) I called a buried-deep phone number to request a cancel over the phone. After waiting over 30 mins one call, I hung up. 45 mins on another call, my phone died, waiting.
    e) On Tuesday this week, I got a shipping noticed that the tablet shipped. My 2-day shipping was actually 1 week (delivery next Monday)
    f) I filled out another form via the invoice I got in email about cancelling this order. No response.

    Google, according to other threads in comments on MobileSyrup, doesn’t even have a cancel / refund system in place for purchased physical goods. If you don’t cancel your order within 15 mins of placing the order, you cannot cancel it. This is quite simply bullshit.

    Supposedly, I am to refuse the shipment (which ships from the US btw); and it will go back to google and then apparently they will refund my money. We’ll see. I’m trying one more phone call tomorrow.

    But bottom line – DO NOT ORDER PHYSICAL PRODUCTS FROM THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE in Canada. They haven’t got their s**t together yet.

    • Tom

      I had same experience.

      Anyone want to buy an un-opened 16GB Nexus 7 at cost? I’ll eat the shipping cost but you have to pay the HST.

      Otherwise I’m sending it back.

    • Marcus

      Would you ship it outside of Canada?

  • Chris

    Holy crap, it’s back in stock and my frikken pre-order is STILL in the process of being shipped. I don’t know why they had to use UPS, probably the worst I’ve ever experienced in regards to cross-border shipping.

    Was supposed to be here Friday, but now it’s been pushed back and estimated to be Monday. The damn thing shipped on July 19, and now estimated to arrive July 30. Never ordering from their store ever again.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Although I recommend the purchase of an ipad for various reasons… My top level retail informants tell me that there are a record amount of returns at retailers. So if you don’t want to wait, you can always go and buy a returned one.


  • Sensualpoet

    I bought my 8 GB Google Nexus on the Google Play Canada site and was very satisfied with the delivery (arrived Jul 20 as originally stated); order on June 30th and credit card charged on July 16 when shipped. The shipment even included a $25 Google Play store credit which had not been promised for the 8 GB model.

    It’s a cool 7″ tablet that is slick and quick running Android Jelly Bean … which is finally “maturing”. I consider myself highly satisfied with Google Play Canada.

  • Cyrano

    went to Visions in southern Vancouver. The manager showed me his email saying they will have a shipment with 197 (what a odd number) nexus 7 from supplier next week…

  • InfinitiGuy

    Been using mine for a week and it’s so far well worth the purchase.

  • superfly

    @apple whack job guy……scared are we? Yes you are! Do you really need to lie about returns to spread fear in customers minds to stay away from the nexus 7? Its so great to see apple whack jobs afraid….. priceless. And so gratifying.

  • SD

    I also preordered and I was getting impatient waiting for a shipping confirmation, especially when the tablet was already in stores. I called the Google Play store a week ago and got someone in about 7 minutes (at around 4:00 pm). The person I talked to was very nice to deal with and she checked to see if anything was happening with my order. Nothing had been processed, so I asked if I could cancel my order and she said that was no problem. Even though my tablet didn’t ship when I had hoped, my experience with the Play store customer service was as good as any other. I was glad because I had already had a Nexus 7 put on layaway at FutureShop a few hours earlier. Picked it up the next day and have been very happy with it since. Even enjoying it more than my iPad.

  • ActivesiN

    Still waiting for mine…tracker said thursday, i called them and now they are saying monday because of customs…..ups im not impressed

  • Ivan

    Still waiting for my pre-order. I bet people who ordered it now will get it before me even…just sad Google.

  • Jeff

    Ordered my 16gb N7 June 28th and I received it today. Using it right now actually…

    That said it was ridiculous how long it took to arrive, but I’m quite happy now that it’s in my greasy hands…

  • Antoine N?

    I refused shipment of my Google Play one. Buy it from future shop or staples in case you get a dodgy one, also save 10$ for shipping and get it faster.

  • Arcticsushi

    Heeheehee….giddy like a school kid…received my 16gb N7 today. Preordered on June 29th and received my shipping notification on July 24th. BTW…it’s quite stunning. Was showing my sister who is such an Apple Head and she was blown away.

    I too was mad with the back order but very happy now.

  • Brian G


    I’m interested, are you in Toronto by chance?

  • SD

    I forgot to mention that, after cancelling my Play Store order and buying directly at FutureShop, I still got the Google Play credit and saved the $20 shipping charge on top of that. That made me extra happy.

  • superfly

    I got refunded the $19.99 shipping charge since I phoned and complained it taking long than 2 days.

  • morque

    Never order anything from play store again, it is simply not worth it for all the trouble caused over shipping fee and mediocre customer service…

  • bulletwithbatwings

    I got mine yeasterday and have to say it’s a really exceptional product. The OS is really smooth, the device is good looking, comfortable to hold and simply fun to use. Nothin on the market feels as good, not even my Transformer Prime (and I love my Prime).

  • {JPM}

    Good news: I preordered mine online from Futureshop, and got it on the 20th.

    Bad news: Got a bad unit (screen lift, flickering, touch screen randomly stop working, and even a random shut down) and have to send it back for a refund.

    Now I’m stuck camping websites and stores again, because FS is sold out and can’t do a replacement.

  • stalemate

    Ordered from Google Play last night.

    Order was confirmed sent to Google Canada and am now awaiting payment and shipping confirmation.

  • JOE

    picked mine up at bestbuy yesterday =)

  • Nik

    Ordered mine Jul 10th… shipped last week. It in Windsor now and I have to wait till Monday to receive it. Google’s 2-day $20 UPS shipping was actually 5 day regular shipping. So for trusting Google and being one of the first to pre-order their device, I get to receive it after the store release, get hosed on a shipping charge that they lied about and if there’s anything wrong with it when I get it… I get to wait another couple weeks while its shipped back to Kentucky and the new one is sent to me.

    Thanks for making the whole experience as painful as possible Google Canada.

  • JOE

    otg cable+unlock+root+stickmount=usb storage! (or sd card with usb adapter)
    It would be more convenient if n7 could do that out of the box, but good to know external storage is still an option. Well, besides buying a wi-drive or seagate satellite.

  • abc123

    I will re-iterate what’s been said before. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, ORDER FROM THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

    Not only will you have to pay shipping (which you won’t at any retail store), you will be playing the waiting game.

    I ordered mine on the 27th of June, just got it today 27th of July. I could have got it 1.5 weeks ago at Staples.

    It appears on my tracking notice that N7 went through 5 different shipping points along the way to me. I’ve never seen this with Fedex/Purolator (usually a main hub to another then to delivery).

    Over at xda-developers there is a huge thread on nexus 7 defects. Defects like raised/creaky screen, backlight bleed, stuck/dead pixels, uneven lighting, multitouch issues, bad speakers. I don’t doubt that there are a lot of returns/exchanges on this device.

    Luckily, I haven’t got any stuck/dead pixels that I’ve noticed and no raised/creaky screen. I tried a quick test with multitouch and it doesn’t seem to have this issue as well. However, it’s only been a few hours.

  • Grarg

    I just got mine today, pre-ordered from Google Play on the 28th. Took a week to get to my house. I DIDN’T PAY ANY UPS TAX (brokerage fees), so at least that turned out ok.

    Haven’t been able to get home to check out the device yet though.

    I won’t order any physical device from Google Play again, until they fix their shipping. Newegg.ca sent me an item from California (i order from their CAN website) via purolator and it was in my hands 2 days later. UPS blows chucks.

  • Ben

    I generally don’t buy online unless it’s for a much better price than I can get locally. Local stores are great if returns or warranty claims become part of the picture (even if you pay extra for a warranty).