Video: Google releases first Nexus 7 commercial


  • G2

    Got mine in the mail on Friday. So far so good… No issues. Let’s keep it this way!

  • Shann Bosnell

    Best. Tablet. Yet.

    Tried and true USABLE size with amazing power. Great screen and awesome app selection that won’t break the bank.

  • metoo

    Has it been moved out of beta testing yet?

  • mrlostman

    I guess the Dr. Paul (Georges St. Pierre) short doesn’t count as an ad….

  • LeafsFan77

    Watching the video I was wondering where the Wifi signal was coming from. Even then that is one strong Wifi signal to be that far out in the woods with trees eating up the RF signal.

    • G

      He could have created a “Local Hotspot” on his phone.

    • Tom

      Everything they showed can be done locally – without a connection – or you could just tether it from your phone.

      Never-the-less I think it is more targeted towards round-the-house use so I found the decision to show a camping trip to do odd.

  • InfinitiGuy

    I’ve had mine since last week and so far I’m very impressed.

  • John Lay

    I got mine on Friday night.. Make my Galaxy Nexus phone looks small after using it for a while 🙂

  • John Lay

    Oh, by the say, why would someone bring a tablet/phone on a nice vacation in the woods? And secondly, the ‘flashlight’ is nowhere as bright as it is in the commercial

    Other than that, the commercial and the hardware (Nexus 7) itself well made 🙂

    • Dern

      That “vacation in the woods” is their backyard according to the end of the video. I dunno about you, but I have no issue bringing my tablet in my backyard….

  • Justin

    i got mine from Best buy thursday, left side of screen is loose (known issue) 🙁 exchanging it when they get more stock this week, the bets buy in kitchener stated they are getting around 400 in this week

  • Netguru

    “sales…is doing well” Really?

  • Me

    No lte!!! People are so stupid. Wheres the connection to wifi. Wow

    • tooold

      YOu may have missed the end of the video where it shows them just camping in their backyard…

  • Simian

    I hoped that the dad was going to ‘fix’ the skinned knee by smacking the tablet against the kid & the NFC tone going off.

  • Peacenik

    What a dumb commercial. There is no WiFi around when you go camping

    • Rawrr

      You fool, their in the backyard lolol

  • metoo

    When the used it as a flashlight, did they use an app or just turn it on and let the bleeding backlighting do it’s work?

  • Luis

    You take this to serious. I liked the commercial and how both generations connect through the use of a tablet in a bonding environment, however, I did not see the Nexus do anything that another Android tablet would not do. Why this one over another?

    • George

      Because the Nexus has good Hardware for a very affordable price.

    • metoo

      Because it is cheap and only because it is cheap. Quality controls are apparently nonexistent (so you may need to buy a good screwdriver set to keep it together). Other than price, there is no real reason to buy it over say a Samsung or an LG tablet.

  • Harry

    Does it mention the shotty build quality? When the guy holds it up do the screws rattle inside the lablet?

  • Melted

    That’s a cute commercial 🙂 Liked it.

  • Acco

    If I could even get one! D:

  • dave

    I figure hotspot on the Wi-Fi in the backyard. That was easily explained eh?

    Now the dinosaurs… how do you explain those guys.

    • KnightFire

      Ah… look at the screenshot at the top of this post… the dinosaurs are on the Nexus 7 and the kid is looking at them through the binoculars.

  • metoo

    Left out of the commercial: when a bear attacks, you can shake the Nexus 7. Just like a can filled with nuts and bolts, the load noise from the lose screws inside the Nexus 7 will scare the bear away…and it is cheaper than a tin can with nuts and bolts. Also makes a great maraca.

    • Dalex

      Actually, when a bear attacks, they just throw their Ipad at it after realizing how much of a POS it is compared to the Nexus 7.