RIM granted patent for BlackBerry 10 “word prediction” keyboard


  • Gus83

    The key being the last sentence of the article!

    • Protected

      Poor RIM, they can’t never win:
      if they don’t say anything the stock will tank!
      if they don’t release anything from here to February 2013, the stock will tank!
      If release more OS7 products, will tank!

      People and the media finally got tired of RIM calling for the wolf, and considering that the there are other news to cover ( The Samsung apple legal wars), the iphone 5 starting in one month and for 2-3 months; then Windows, the Motorola; the LG and the Google phones….
      They can always go back to RIM in January February, or if the stock goes under $4

    • Protected

      What happened to the “RIM Market Value of 18B”??
      What happened to the ” RIM’s patents are worth at least 5B”?..or 4 or 3 ?

      You can buy the entire RIM for $3.63Billion or 3.5 by next week or 3 by August… And NOBODY is talkin about acquisitions right now (catch the falling knife?) One Wall Street Journal was talking about switching from stock price to Market Cap when you refer to RIM. Right now at 3.6B is too expensive (And they have 2B in cash!! so even paying 1.6B for RIM is too much!)Apparently buyers could approach RIM when they drop to 2B ( they will have 1B Cash by then), cutting the 5,000 people could be attractive for buyers but its going to cost ONE Billion dollars to do so, that’s why they are letting them go in waves from now until DEC 2013 ( Too slow) and that’s why nobody is buying.

      Don’t expect potential bids for RIM until it drops to $4.5

    • Protected

      Love the Caption in the picture!:
      “I’ll be back …in February 2013, kinda, sorta, maybe; don’t call me, I’ll call you, or better I’ll BBM you”

    • baboo

      RIP RIM

  • StanLee

    Windows Phone also has word prediction – works pretty well. But it predicts words for common sentences/phrases all users input (collects keyboard data and sends to Microsoft)

    • DonSod

      Indeed. WP7 word prediction is pretty nifty!

  • Kevin Thom

    This sounds a lot like the Swiftkey-X Keyboard that I’ve been using for ages on my Android. I wish RIM the best with it, as long as they don’t try anything funny in court!

    • Pat

      I have swiftkey, but do not use it. I prefer the real qwerty with multiple languages.

  • Protected

    It only took them about half a billion dollars in lawsuits to figure out the “google it -patent it -build it”
    That’s how the lost “BBX”

    Mid July and the stock is at $6.9, all they have to do is keep on working for the next eight months.

    For a company that has RESEARCH in its name its funny how they release every single micro step ( that consumers don’t care about) other companies say: a flagship is coming, one month later the leaks start and one month more you go to the store and BUY IT!

    Nobdy knows what the iphone 5 looks like: in August you will In September you can buy it. Period.

  • Todd

    If people aren’t paying attention now. They will when the new devices are released. BB10 is a LOT more awesome than anyone now realizes. What people have seen of it so far is nothing compared with the final product. I can’t wait!

    • Protected

      “When the new BB10 devices are released..”
      -So you are ASUMING that a patent application will turn into an amazing product!….by February 2013?

      -EVEN if your dream came to reality, in EIGHT MONTHS the Siri/Google voice will be in their second generation, and you might not even need keyboard by then.
      That prediction patent, doesn’t sound anything special over iphone keyboard or the stock android ICS ( works pretty well) keyboard.

      But let’s be positive: as RIM Supporters say:
      RIM has 80 million Users; no debt; 2B in the bank;

      And ignore:
      No products for eight months; stock at $6.9 and dropping $1 per month or more ($2 in a month when there is a Q report and another $2 when the new iphone comes out)

    • Todd

      No I’m not talking about a single patent. I’m talking about BB10 as a whole. The difference here is that I’ve seen BB10. Of course, everyone else will also see it by the end of the year.

      I think people will be pleasantly surprised.

  • Aziz

    @Todd People have been paying attention to RIM but RIM has not been doing the same to people.

    • Todd

      @Aziz. I can understand your sentiment. RIM has done a lot of catching up on both the dev and consumer feedback channels. The release of BB10 will show that consumers have been listened to…

  • Marc

    Way to go RIM. Now follow the Apple business model and sue everybody like you invented it.

  • Nathen

    Why can’t RIM supporters just see things as they truly are

    RIM will never recapture the magic they had with there BB10 any easier then Apple will with there Iphone 5.
    To think any different you are Delusional.

    Apple will have more Success with the Iphone5 for sure but it still won’t be Revolutionary like the 4 was.
    Times have changed people. RIM will release just another SMARTPHONE of many that are already out NOW.

    Just not gonna happen.

    • BB

      I agree with you that nothing really revolutionary is coming out of any of the new smartphones. They are a little faster, they are getting bigger, and they are all trying to make them type well with no keyboard. People are already bored with apple iphones as they put way too much hype around the product. BB10 will be a suprise…and they might not have the magic right away, but in the next 2 years people will see the light!

  • Chris

    Think of the dynamics around “being back.” The smartphone growth cycle is actually ending, and user contracts expire either 2 years or 3 years (in canada). What RIM has to do is get those contract expiries to pick up a BB10. How? They need all the important apps onboard and every single one has to be a greater experience.

    Not only that, the experience has to be NOVEL and different. Yes, all this sounds impossible, but all you have to do is have the consumer in mind, cater to the user experience, and all of a sudden you’re no longer that company considered to be in a death spiral!

  • shad

    No matter how awesome BB10 is, RIM has to yank back users already invested in the AppStore or Google Play. Are people willing to shell out more money to get the same apps they already have for a new OS system they’re not used to? Windows 7 phones are having the same problem although it’s quite a beautifully designed OS with truck loads of cash behind it. RIM will simply be fighting for scraps to get new users from MS – Apple’s too far ahead of the game and Google’s been given too much time to catch up with ICS/Jelly Bean.

    • Pat

      With many phones looking the same, the future will be in developinp apps that save time and money. I use Whatapps instead of SMS, Viber instead of phone calling, etc…
      So the edge of RIM might get eroded by companies developing communication software, that is good and secure, and then sell it cheap as an app.

  • mikkey

    Finally a bit of good news for RIM.

    The real question is…do eneough people even care anymore?

  • no1 u no

    Omfg blakbery stoled dis keybord from aple!!!!!!! Omfg lawsut

  • no1 u no

    Stoled frum ifone


    either the app belongs to Apple or Google; BlackBerry is the patent holder. In the future Apple and Google have to pay BB if they want to use the same app in their upcoming phones i.e iPhone 5 or Sllll : D

    • Zomby

      Or simply have to show prior art… wich they can easily do. I guess RIM is merely protecting itself from a future lawsuit from Apple.

  • John

    Can’t wait for Rim BB10 We will purchase for all employees in the company when available.