Rumored next iPhone metal backing gets 5-minutes of love on video


  • vengefulspirit99

    Still only 4 inches?

    • sicsicpuppy

      That’s what she said ……..I just had to .

    • 99Playbook

      This sudden rush of “rumours” and “articles” about the new iphone 5 are so transparent trying to keep people from buying the SGS3 and wait for the iphone5.

      But that’s how business works!
      Apple just wants you to wait for 2-3 months for something that IS REAL.

      RIM wants you to wait until October (LOL) for something that only exists in Lazaridis mind.

      the iphone4 and 4s were getting ridiculously small and limiting productivity at 3.5″. I see apple increasing the size to 4″; not more, in order to keep the same withd and be compatible with all the docks out there. Plus screens will be cheaper (everything is about the profit markings, rihgt?) Then for the iphone 6 they could do a real innovation with same withd, bigger screen and ZERO Bezel, or something like that.

    • EvanKr


      Dammit, you beat me to it!

  • me


  • TKG26

    YAWN…………. Will it run Android?



    • John

      I hope not!

  • mrmarquis

    no Android but it does run like a Swiss watch.

    • Gab

      I’m not sure if you see the irony. A mechanical swiss watch will never be as accurate as a quartz watch.

      Also mechanical watches often require yearly servicing to for regrease. The mechanical watch will be much more complicated internally and break down more than a quartz watch but still only do just as much as the quartz if not less. Of course mechanical watches are much more expensive and well respected than quartz.

      I love watches, but if your comparison was meant a compliment, it has backfired a bit.

  • Phone Guru

    It looks like this would save space compared to a back door and midplate. I have a few friends who dropped iPhone 4 and it would shatter on both sides, weak design.

    • PkaTka

      Then check out the new galaxy s3 drop test. It did worse than the 4S. Hence, if you’re complaining about the 4S, make sure you don’t drop your S3.



  • cody

    I’m liking the size a lot more, but it still runs IOS so it’s a pass for me.

  • Zeb

    That looks terrible.

  • Jason

    blah blah blah eod its the same old iphone

  • ag

    Pass. love my one s!

  • Phil

    No matter how it looks like. I’m sure it will break sales records again… Lol… Apple should be sued for inciting iProducts buying addiction. Lol.

  • Alexander

    I think having the headphone port on the bottom is a terrible idea. I have a nice little cubby in my car where my iPhone stands and the auxiliary in my stereo plus nicely into the headphone port. If the port were on the bottom I would have to stand the phone upside down…

    • wantit

      I agree. That’s one of the reasons why I’m jumping to S III.

    • John

      That’s what the auto orientation is for! It flips your screen for you…welcome to 2007…

  • Zohaib

    If you have made up your mind and are drooling over a phone based on its back casing….you need help.

  • dk

    this guy is just tell you how to tell a fake iphone 4s from the real one…

  • Erik

    SD Card? No way, this has to be fake

  • Brayden

    How I know it’s fake… Micro USB charger.

  • Mango

    Nah I am going to get something fresh and secure instead …. Blackberry 10!!!

  • Megahertz

    Wow so the Chinese bootleggers have already started making their own version of the phone….lol

  • G

    I can’t see Apple releasing a phone that it’s app wont conform to. With a bigger screen, there will be empty space. Can’t wait to see how they over come this.

  • Mr. Jobs


  • Differently


    Where is the headphone jack?

  • Kostas Kritsilas

    All of the current docks, and cables will be obsolete when the new iPhone arrives, assuming that the current rumours of a smaller dock connector are true. Seeing as the docke will end up changing anyway, the headphone connector being on the bottom is no big deal.

    The iPhone 4/4S is not getting ridiculously small; they are the same size they have always been, and getting stuff done on them is no more difficult today than it was when they came out either. What has changed is the competition. Adroid phones, and to some extent Windows Phones, all have larger screens. The new iPhone has to change to compete. Simple as that.

    The resolution change won’t be a problem. The new disply will show 5 rows of icons (in addition to the 4 task bar icons) instead of the current 4.

    That isn’t an SD card slot, its the micro-SIM (or nano-SIM, but its probably too early for a nano-SIM) slot. Same as on the current iPhone 4/4S case.

    Apple wants to ban the S III because they feel that it has ideas in it that were originally Apple’s. They need to protect their ideas/patents, or they lose them. Business. And Apple is trying to get the HTC line banned right now, but there are all sort of lawsuits flying in all sorts of directions. Lawyers are busy, and getting rich.

    BB10 will probably flop, and take RIM down with it.


  • Mark

    No. Screen not big enough. And needs to drop the square-edged sides. Just saying. From an old 3G owner who has waited patiently…..

  • alex

    no steve jobs. no care.

  • Cru Jones

    As a current iPhone user I’m done with apples BS. Ive decided to pick up the GS3 when its out and go with android.

    After seeing these leaks (if they’re the real deal) I’m feeling very confident in that decision now.

  • Kiri

    Fake. Because Apple will never change its charger. Take a look at the bottom of the phone at 0:37.

  • Amanda

    Apple: We have a new smaller port, it’s magical.

    Samsung: We have wireless charging. No need to ever plug a cable into our phones ever again.

    Apple: Wireless ?!? Is that even possible?

    Samsung: Um yeah,

    Apple: Well we’re suing cause it infringes on that patent that we have for having a thing that does stuff.

    Samsung: Um …. Oh that patent, the judge invalidated it last year with all the other vague patents you tried to sue us with. I thought you remember, being all upset about it and all. After the case you were crying in the corner that no one will buy your outdated smartphones. You still don’t remember?