Acer shows off Iconia Tab A110, $200 7-inch quad-core tablet running ICS


  • sicsicpuppy

    Interesting .Nice price point and format .

    • 99Playbook

      You can find the Playbook at $150 everywhere IN STOCK, which means that people are waiting for the Playbook to drop to $99.

      The Acer tablet KILLS the Playbook at $200, and even at $150.

      As someone mentioned, this tablet has the specs of mid range phones, with bigger resolution, bigger screen, HDMI out and is about $200 less, yeah!

      If Acer could downsize this they coud have a competitor for the HTC One V selling now at $175. Acer could do it at $200 with 4″ or a 3.7″ at $125 and could sell millions!

  • hurry


  • Matt

    Why are they able to release tablets with these types of specs but a comparable phone is $200 to $300 more?

    • sicsicpuppy

      Am guessing because it’s simpler/cheaper producing a WiFi only tablet .No cell radio/licensing etc ….

    • bummy

      Same reason why 40″ tv can cost the same as a smartphone.
      Or computers with higher specs with cost same as smartphones.

  • wantit

    Not bad, but the screen resolution is somewhat low for a future device.

  • vengefulspirit99

    It may be just wifi but most phones these days can hotspot

    • TempletonPeck

      I read that a lot of android tabs don’t do ad hoc wifi connections tho unless they’ve been rooted

  • John

    2 problems with this device. First, it’s Acer. Second, it’s Android.

    • ace


      First selling point for me is its not apple, so… second, its not OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive, third, I CAN DO WHAT I WANT WITH IT AND NOBODY (apple) CAN TELL ME HOW TO USE IT.

  • Monkey Face

    I think that’s a really good price point for anyone who wants to pick up a tablet. A no frills tablet for $200, you can’t go wrong. If it’s a good product, it’s a good product. Fanboys, stay out.

    (typed from my iPad)

  • rootblock

    Just as important as price and specs is the state of the bootloader, and whether or not it’s unlockable.

  • MicroSD

    dat bezel

  • Alpha

    Too bad they didn’t put in real GPS. Asus can kick Garmin and Tomtom in the nuts if they did that. $200 3.5″ GPS or $200 7″ GPS…

  • JL

    Smart by Google and their partners. Realize that iPad and Windows 8 are going to eat their f’n lunch in the mid to high end and that they can’t compete. Why get a Google tablet for >$500 when you can get an iPad or if you value the stuff that Android does better than the iPad get a Windows 8 device.

    Try to kill Amazon in the low end before they get too much traction. Good strategy.

  • J

    i hope this acer a110 will have a usb or microusb port

  • J

    I hope they don’t skimp too much on battery life. I have a feeling the NEXUS7 will not show up in Canada, so the A110 is just what i’ve been looking for! Thanks for the info, i can’t wait to hear more details

  • JOE

    i heard the 7inch a110 will be 1024×600 & a 10inch a210 will be 720p. I hope the a110 will be 720p with ips & gorilla glass