Google acquires QuickOffice to bring native editing apps to Android


  • mick

    damit, i just bought officesuite pro. oh well, i only paid 99c as it was on sale.

  • David

    I like 🙂

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  • kris

    and this is why android stays winning. googles effortless progression

  • Sergei Mutovkin

    What happens to iOS apps? I really hope they will not discontinue them.

  • Pac

    Nuts how MS has completely missed this market with their own product.

  • Patrick

    I use it every day on my iPad. I like the integration with Dropbox. I hope they keep it that way. I don’t realy like Google Drive for now.

  • Mark

    I wonder how MS Office would do on mobile anyways as people would have to pay for 2 licenses, 1 for MAC or PC and then 1 for mobile when there is free alternatives to at least open and view on mobile OS’s, it would be harder for MS to charge a premium for it.

    It came with my HTC Windows 6 device but it might be too late for MS to catch up especially if overpriced. Of course it may be included in Mobile Phone 8 but MS missed getting customers hooked and remaining loyal.

    Google is being proactive while others seem to be stagnant!!

  • shoo

    Great move by google! Quickoffice is def the best office app on the market for android tablets.

  • AWSguy

    QickOffice is garbage. Hopefully google makes it better. I use KingSoft – for its price (free), it works very well.

  • guest

    I hope it doesn’t stay internet-dependent so we can use it out in the Canadian wilderness…