LG debuts 5-inch 1080p smartphone display with 440ppi density


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  • Dimitri.K

    Yet Daniel you forgot that the Sony Xperia S boosts 341PPI higher then the iPhone or any other phone at the moment out there. I suggest saying that as well.

    • SAM

      Sony Xperia S and iphone are a no good phones

  • Cody

    440 ppi??
    I’m not a fan of LG, but I really like the displays they are using, and I want to see a NOVA display badly.

  • Mark

    Yes we need such high density. At some point we will be taking pictures of things and then using a magnifying lense on our screens and we should be able to see the depth of image. Of course most hardware will actually have a magnification ability in the software so it really is a non issue, but I would still like to use a magnifying lense to see better quality.

  • jack

    i bet if you threw 300 ppi and 600 ppi at people, they could see the difference, apple is just trying to sell their phones with less ppi cause lets face it, it saves them money to do so.

    • Rio

      oh you little kid, its not what Apple says. Its what science says, go do some more research or stay in school and maybe you will get it.

  • hoo dat

    This article made my battery drain in 30 seconds!

  • EvanKr

    Looks nice. I’m personally not a fan of LG products, I don’t like LG’s Android skin, their phones’ designs, etc., but this looks like an excellent display. If they can keep a decent battery life with this, I’m sure it could win a few sheep over.

  • Megahertz

    LG doesn’t use a skin.

  • Alex Perrier

    i can understand having a ppi of about 250 for a smartphone, but i think that any higher (such as the 326 “Retina” on the iPhone 4/4S) is excessive. Watching 480p videos on a smartphone is fine, but people are unlikely to stream 720p/1080p on their small screen or even tell pixels apart.

    This 1080p screen by LG should be kept as a prototype but not sold to the public.

    Overall, though, i’m glad that higher ppis (i personally like those in the 200 range) provide better quality. For reading or watching short videos, that is great. 🙂

    • Gab

      er.. I stream 720p on my Gnex all day. If I hit the 480p button on youtube, I can I tell a huge difference.

  • Henaway

    Cool? Yes. Need this? Not in a phone. Not until they create a technology to eliminate batteries and recharging them.

    What mobile needs is more R&D into power sources. That’s the big issue for most mobile users … having power to their quad-core 720p 5 inch displays. Because that display looks pretty boring when there’s nothing lighting it up.

  • Netguru

    This is impressive. But I wonder what the cost will be both in terms of what the phone will sell for and how quickly it will drain the battery.

  • Yes to 320 ++ ppi

    All phones should be at 320 PPI as minimum. It’s the resolution that eats computing cycles, not PPI. A 2.8 inch screen at 320 PPI would be excellent as an entry level phone

    • kris

      and how do you get ppi? Resolution.

  • Tom

    No I do not want my balls lit on fire due to heat generation or my battery to drain in an hour but thanks for asking

  • Mark

    Yes we need it.

  • OgtheDim

    History is littered with people who said “People will never need…”

    Never bet against tech upgrades.

  • Cinder Cone

    1920×1080 would be perfect for a 7″ tablet but overkill for anything smaller. 1280×720 is better for battery life and ideal for phones of 4.3 to 4.8 inches.

  • metoo

    1) Unless the can get the prices down dramatically, devices with these won’t sell well, as the Android community just will not spend money on quality (see Samsung device displays)
    2) If and when price is reasonable, then suddenly the Android community will say “see high DPI matter” as opposed to their current stance that it is unnecessary.

  • vengefulspirit99

    Anything past 350ppi is just pointless for any screen 5 inches and under. You are just killing your battery

    • OgtheDim

      And of course nobody is out there working on better batteries.

      Oh wait….

  • Gab

    Don’t knock it until you’ve seen it… Everyone here is bashing the display without even knowing that 440 PPI looks like.

  • Briggs

    LG: Horrible phones, awesome displays.

    It’s about the only thing I can give LG credit for. Every appliance/device I’ve had with them has broken in some way, except for my TV…

    …for now.

  • Pigs Like Cheese

    Ok, here’s a suggestion. I’d like for the author of this article to have 2 sample pics added to the article. Post a 440 PPI one and a 300 PPI one. Then the people that read this article from their phone can see for themselves if there is a visible difference for them.

    Easy peasy (and cheesy).

    • Gab

      Thats not how it works exactly… That would work on showing us the difference, but it wouldn’t show us if it is unnecessary since both pictures would be enlarged…

  • Alpha

    I think the most impressive part about the display is the tiny bezel. True borderless touch screens will change the way phones look and work.

  • Matt

    Pixel perfect display is important to me. I already watch 1080p media on my phone, so having it mapped one to one would be more ideal for me.

    That said, why can they not give me 2x1080p on a 23 inch screen FFS.

  • Kris

    The display on my Galaxy S2 is perfect in my opinon, it plays 1080p videos perfectly, and I can not see any pixels with the SUPER AMOLED Screen. I feel the companies are making their new phones too big (Galaxy S3). As I find my S2 size to almost be too big. The bigger the screen the more energy you need to display a higher PPI. A smaller screen can more easily acheive this

  • Bob

    It sounds cool, I just wish tv’s would go quad Hd. How long have w had 1080p tv’s? An 80″ 1080p tv looks like s**t now a days. Thre PPI are 270 times higher on the 5″ display than and 80″