RIM and TomTom sign deal that brings real-time traffic information to BlackBerry apps


  • whocares

    I strongly believe rim is going to have the best handset of 2012

  • Mark

    RIM is going all in right now as they know they have to WOW the masses!!

  • David

    Now we are talking

  • abc123

    This Thorsten Heins guy is really making a difference. I’m just not sure why the analysts on wall st. haven’t noticed this (as reflected in RIM’s stock price).

  • bummy

    I’m more excited for BB10 than iP5…. just me?

  • Robert

    Wow, five comments on a RIM article and not one of them is negative. Will the wonders never cease? Personally, I’ve never used BB Traffic, but judging from the reaction on other sites the addition of TomTom should be a marked improvement. I guess I’ll download BB Traffic now so I’ll be better able to judge said improvements for myself when the new version gets released. Do you get the feeling that RIM is really starting to crank up the effort as BB10 approaches? I do and I think it’s going to be great.

  • nauman

    I have always loved BB Traffic, the only thing missing was the maps. It never really bothered me after a while. The traffic was always up to date and correct. I have always recommended this app to anyone with a BB.

    They need to expand the app outside of Canada and the US though.