DigiTimes: HTC and Facebook to develop a “customized smartphone,” Samsung launching the next Google Nexus


  • A

    Facebook phone? Seriously? and from HTC, no thanks, I prefer to be able to pick and choose my apps thanks.

    As far as Samsung and Google go, it makes sense based on their history together, although I figure that the Motorola hardware spinoff is imminent since they didn’t get the nod.

    • James Poulton

      Please DO NOT forget about RIM. We are still here.

    • Nick

      Facebook’s Android app is laggy, bloated, unstable, invasive, and battery-hogging. I can’t imagine a single reason why anybody would lock it into their un-deletable ROM memory.

      If the FB button is reprogrammable, I could see the benefit to having a hardware shortcut to phone/messaging/whatever. But as it is, I wouldn’t pick this phone up if they were dropping it out of a blimp.

  • trev

    I’d like to see a different manufacturer make the next nexus. Why not HTC again. They make nice hardware. As for the Facebook phone I couldn’t care a less. Possibly aimed for the teens.

  • Mike

    Facebook Phone could be good for all of us. That would mean at least one Facebook engineer is taking a good, long look at Android. Maybe the terrible experience of Facebook for Android will be improved.

  • BB

    I just don’t understand what the big thing is with Facebook? They are promoting a phone for social networking, yet you don’t use a phone for facebook…but then again nothing makes sense when a company really offers nothing and has a 100 billion ipo

  • dave

    Sammy will always hold the nexus back. Google should build it. I can’t see them having any problems with the supply chain. << That would of course be the company they bought.

  • mikevan

    No comments about the Facebook phone as I see it being pointless for my own use.

    However, I hope the rumour about Samsung getting another Nexus phone is false. Would be interesting to see what someone else can bring to the table.

  • Greedy

    Facebook phone is laughable, as is having also rans like Sony or LG produce a Nexus device.

  • marcoh92

    Google should not come back with Samsung. The company usually put cheap specs (5mpx when everyone is at 8 for example) under the hood since they want to sell their own devices (more revenue probably). Sony or LG whose sells are desastrous would absolutly not do the same thing.

  • Caldera

    James Poilton, get lost with your BlackBerry coments on a non- BB thread. I like BB too but you sound needy.

  • monsterduc1000

    I think it should be a competition. Each company who wants that lucrative Google contract should whip up a prototype and present it to them and let the best handset win. This would assure that the best nexus phone would be put to market. OR…at least each company should make a phone that is a Pure Google experience so that it is easily compatible with updates so we don’t have to wait forever to get them.

  • Tomatoes

    Makes sense. Whatever will sell the most handsets. Since Apple won’t do it, it has to be Samsung. Especially if the GS3 is the universe beater it appears to be.

  • Sub-Joker

    Putting into account that samsunng can satisfy the hardware quantities I wouldn’t be surprised if the next Nexus is a Samsung as well.

    however, I really think Google should make give other makers the chance for making a nexus phone!!! why not put it open for makers who specific android sale history, keeping strict hardware requirement so that there won’t be any fragmentation between these nexus phones. Wouldn’t that work for all??!!!

  • Andrew

    Give HTC another shot.

    While their specs may not be quite as good as Samsung, their hardware is top notch.

  • Phyxius

    Facebook for for me is a total fail… i thought i was on failblog.org for a minute.

    as to the google nexus, i would much prefer it to be with Samsung over LG or Morotola. HTC(this is my personal opinion)i find as good as their phones can be great, they fail somewhere. like their case chipping, there always seems to be something that flops. also i am not an HTC fan. samsung yes, i know they make “chap” outer body phones but for my personal use of the Gnex, it works great, its light, and thin. as long as they use the latest and fastest tech out there, that what matters, i don’t want samsung to use lower tech because they want their S3 to sell more than the nexus. don’t play it safe again Sammy!!

  • Brett

    Motorola? I know they bought them for the patents, but might as well use the hardware business they now own.

    • jack

      like that fail moto razr? no thanks bro

  • jack

    i would not ever consider buying a LG made nexus, all their phones that i’ve sold are terrible and has the highest return/repair numbers out of all the brands that’s not RIM.

    i do wish for once that the nexus will be top of the line hardware specs when it comes out and not outdated at time of release like the galaxy nexus was.

  • BMaz

    I would love for Sony to make a Nexus device, their strengths are hardware design, and their weakness is software updates. This would be a Win Win.

    Sony Experia Nexus. Sony NeXperia