Motorola wins initial Trade Commission ruling against Apple for violating patents


  • Tyrone Biggums

    Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  • dom

    Keep eating into Apple! Trying to sue everyone else for almost everything out there. Why not continue innovating and standing out of the competition?

    I love Android, but Apple, Windows and RIM have their place in the market as well and suit what people need/want. Nothing wrong with that!

  • sanddune

    I can’t wait for apple to go bankrupt in the next 10 years. Killing innovation. Glad Steve jobs is dead that moron.

    • PkaTka3

      People don’t realize that it is Apple that pretty much brought the graphical user interface for PC’s and touch smartphones to the market.

      The world without Apple wouldn’t be the same. We’d be all stuck with symbian and most USA+ Canada, like in the old days, would be using a dumb phones.

      All in all, I agree, android is a stolen product. Just like windows was. But it was Apple’s fault that it was stolen. Their stupid, closed, and narrow-minded decisions caused this. Instead of making their products available to the whole market, they always choose to have a small niche market. This results in unsatisfied demand, and that’s where Microsoft and Google kicked in. They should finally move on. They should take out their calculators and calculate how much they owe each other and move on. It hurts to have your product copied but it’s not like they never copied and that’s part of capitalism. Hopefully, Tim Cook realizes that.

    • PkaTka3

      @sanddune have a bit of respect for a dead person. One day it will be you 10ft underground.

      r.i.p steve

    • Netguru

      @PkaTka3, you say “People don’t realize that it is Apple that pretty much brought the graphical user interface for PC’s”. It is a historical fact that Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) actually invented the graphical user interface as well as the mouse. Apple umm let’s just say “borrowed” these inventions, without permission.

    • Tom

      @PkaTka3 One must be allowed to say bad things about dead people – are frankly you can say anything you want about me after I’m dead.

      But it is certainly better to engage in more thoughtful criticism then calling Jobs a moron.

  • Corks

    fight the power!

  • Mark

    HAW HAW!!!

  • Slype

    Apple is killing innovation with their litigation practices and their restrictive hardware/software products.

    I’m calling this Karma – they are getting what they deserve and I hope they get a lot more because this is Steve Jobs’ legacy to Apple. He wanted to spend all of Apple’s money on litigation for his egocentric “war” on Android/Google and it looks like his dream may come true. The funny part is that the outcome may be opposite of what he thought would happen.

  • David

    If I correctly understand, Apple maybe cannot import iPad and iPhone in USA, so no sell in the USA territory during the ban time? If yes wow, right in your face Apple!

  • Dizzy

    This is excellent news!… congrats Moto … .. OMG my Apple stocks …. time to sell.

    • PkaTka3

      @Dizzy I think investing isn’t your thing. You are the only investor that is happy when his stock goes down. No wonder that we are in a recession right now.

    • Dizzy

      I plan on selling because this news may have a negative impact on share prices. read please before commenting. And I believe the normal trend is to sell when at a decline … not buy. I, like most others, prefer to make money rather than lose everything. recession is an opportunity to make more money IF YOU ARE A SMART INVESTOR

    • PkaTka3

      @Dizzy you should take some finance courses then. There’s a concept called efficient markets. Hence, they stock is ALREADY down. Hence, by selling your stock you would be just make the unrealized loss, realized one. Dizzy don’t pretent to be an investor. It is clear that you don’t have an idea what you are talking about.

  • PkaTka3

    “If not, these litigations could carry on indefinitely, costing companies billions of dollars, and slowing innovation in a sector that desperately needs more of it.”

    How does it slow innovation again? I don’t get it. The legal department is separated from the R&D department so what’s the problem? In addition, Apple nor Google appear to be low on cash right now. I think the opposite slows innovation; copying slows innovation. If Apple copies something they should be banned or pay for it, period – and vice versa.


    apple losers


      Samsung sucks cocks

  • metoo

    It’s funny how the Apple haters come out for a story like this, meanwhile the are using iPhone clones.

    For those saying this kills innovation, what is the point of innovating if others can just copy your work?

    This is ignoring the fact that the only patent that moto ‘won’ on is a FRAND patent. On this specific patent, Apple is not in a bad position. Motorola submitted it as a FRAND patent, so even if Apple loses at the ITU, Moto will not be allowed to impose discriminatory terms upon Apple (the ‘ND’ in ‘FRAND’). But before it even gets that far chances are good that the ITU will throw it out.

  • PkaTka3

    You’re all stupid. I would put Steve jobs tool in my mouth right now if I could. You guys don’t know anything about this! I love my Steve jobs hair I bought off eBay but everyone knows Samsung make the best phones!

    • PkaTka3

      Man it’s so complicated to take someone’s nick name and say b/s.

  • gg11

    @Metoo – tell me why its innovation when apple steals ideas, but when others do the same its “copying”.

    Props to motorola letting this loose on apple. This is an infringment on actual technology; not the crap apple is suing everyone for (swipe to unlock, rounded corners for example)