Path for Android updated with custom photo filters and bug fixes

Path 2.0 debuted at the same time for both iOS and Android, but the latter version lacked one of the main features users took advantage of: photo filters. For some reason the iPhone version had a few Instagram-like filters like Lomo and Pro, while the Android version lacked them completely, with no explanation as to why.

Today we got our explanation: they needed to develop these filters for devices running Android 2.3.3 or above with an OpenGL ES 2.0-capable GPU. Anyone below that version, or without such hardware, will continue to go without filters. At first glance they are extremely fast — almost instantaneous on my Galaxy Nexus — and look fantastic. Any photo taken with (or without) the new filters is automatically saved to your library.

The entire app has received a bit of a polish, and some speed improvements, so the experience is more akin to the iOS version. Sure, it took a few months to get there, but at least Android users can cross another app off that dwindling “What about this feature?” list.

Download Path from Google Play.

Via: Android Central