Apple and Samsung CEOs to meet over patent dispute


  • RandomDude

    This meeting will accomplish nothing.
    A simple handshake will never superceed greed, especially when huge amounts of money are involved.
    Lawyers are salivating, though, those bastards!
    And the patent war rages on!

  • TestMe

    Apple is my favourite!!! 🙂

    • PkaTka3

      @TestMe don’t say anything good about Apple here. A bunch of Android monkeys will gangbang you for this.

    • Be Honest

      Will RIM also join them?

    • PkaTka3

      hahaha didn’t I tell you that would happen? Fandroids are so predictable and :O

    • Me Ted

      I love Justin Bieber! Bieber my balls. Yayyyyy!

  • PkaTka1

    What’s there to talk about? Samsung ripped off Apple on so many levels, as proven by the fact that their products has been banned numerous times in various countries. Maybe Apple should just sit down with Samsung and tell them what to do with their product line because they seem so lost.

    Samsuck haters, I don’t give a sh*t what you think.

  • PkaTka3

    What’s there to talk about? Samsung ripped off Apple on so many levels, as proven by the fact that their products has been banned numerous times in various countries. Maybe Apple should just sit down with Samsung and tell them what to do with their product line because they seem so lost.

    Samsuck haters, I don’t give a sh*t what you think.

  • Surindinamusika Pathumar

    Will RIM be meeting with the companies as well?

    Its a well-known fact that Apple and Samsung will drop their OS’s and use BB10 on all future devices.

    • PkaTka3

      Wrong! Samsung doesn’t have an OS so it can’t drop it. Samsung should just declare bankruptcy. The world doesn’t need Samsuck.

  • Cody

    I like apple computers, but I hate their bullish in the smartphone department. They are top sellers yet they still sue and backstab to further themselves… Just play the game, sell your phones and don’t worry about the competition…

  • zed

    If you look at the picture closely, you’ll notice that the Samsung phone also has a camera! These talks will never settle

    • PkaTka3

      @zed I think ur face contains a nose, so I’ll sue you out of your existence. Actually, wait! I have a brain and you don’t so I guess we’re different afterall so I can’t sue you.

      Back to my point. While some of the patents are pure bs, most of the disputes between Apple and Samsung are for legitimate reasons. Even Samsung’s charger looks like Apple’s charger. They did copy apple to some extend, not the other way around.

    • goose

      @PkaTka3 that argument sucks. Who cares if Samsung’s charger looks like Apple’s. The phones are also the same shape, so Apple might as well sue for that?

    • PkaTka3

      Apple never sued Samsung for its shape. U r probably referring to the german 10.1 tab law suit. That was one of the arguments that apple made that wasn’t the case you dummy. The point was the tab was an ipad clone. If you disagree go to bestbuy.

      Take away pinch to zoom, text reflow, smooth scrolling, swipe for next picture, home screen… all those things seem intuitive and very basic don’t you think? But the point is that Apple thought of all of that to put into their phone. It’s easy to say “oh pinch to zoom! it’s so easy to implement and so obvious!!” and it is easy and obvious and seems like theres no other way to interact with our phone then this way but it was AFTER apple introduced us to the concept it seems like “that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

      The point being is that you are on the benefiting end. Ur phone contains features your company hasn’t thought of. So you are going to be protecting Google/Samsung no matter what. It’s like ppl scream that movie rentals are expensive. How about you make a movie and put it up online for 20 cents per view? zed, it’s human nature to be one-sided but you have to sometimes think of the other side as well.

  • Big 3

    make love not war

    • PkaTka3

      no love until all samsuck lovers are gone! xD

  • Mark

    The result of this meeting will be Apple accusing Samsung of infringing on an even pettier and stupid ‘patent’. Perhaps they’ll say they have a patent on touch screen keyboards or some bullshit like that.

  • zed

    @pkatka3, referring to your argument for TestMe, he didn’t actually say anything ‘good’ about Apple, just stated an opinion.

    Now for your argument, the only thing that the chargers have in common is modularity, i.e. the charger doesn’t have its own cable – most companies have that now, true, still not patent worthy IMO.

    The only thing I can think that Samsung copied was the icons style for the main screens, though way uglier in my opinion.

    At most, it’s only the GS Vibrant that might get confused to the fruit. Anything else after, starting with the 4.3″ GS2 and 4.65″ Nexus (not even gonna mention the Note) could not possible get mistaken for an iPhone, unless one never saw a smartphone before and only heard about iPhones.

    Internals wise, I won’t speculate though, simply because I have no hard facts to bring to the table; but given that Samsung provides the internals, I don’t see how they would be denied using their materials in their phones.

    Back to my initial comment, it was a joke, but most patent infringements contested by Apple seem to be based on similar type of observations.

    • PkaTka3

      did not read, sorry. keep it shorter.

  • chris

    didnt samsung made the screen for the iphone? and there microchips.

  • Anthony

    Just because Apple “revolutionized” the industry with the iPhone doesn’t give them any right to say other companies aren’t allowed to produce phones that look or “feel” similar. Secondly, the iPhone uses parts manufactured by Samsung. Apple sheep – do your research before squealing.

  • mattprime86

    I would love a break-down of the respective companies’ current holdings on specific patents.


  • Tomatoes

    Pka Tka is pretty misinformed. Yes, round corners and a black bezel was a part of their baseless and useless complaints. Apple is getting nothing out of this. Lol

    • PkaTka3

      Yes and I did say that it was part of their lawsuit but that was just a fraction of their lawsuit. Reading fail?

    • Tomatoes

      Sorry Pka Tka 3. I guess I missed that part in the rest of your useless Samsung hating drivel.

  • Tomatoes

    Apple might as well patent something like square microchips with silver dots connecting wires because their other patents are just as retarded. Very much like Pka Tka 3 here. 😉

    • PkaTka3

      Tomatoes I was gonna sue you for lack of a brain, but I noticed that it is pointless. To you all of the patents are useless. Let’s just invent and let’s give it away to everyone. How about you go invent something and please give it away. Since you’re a loser living in a basement, you have never actually achieved anything so you can’t give anything away, except for tomatos.

    • Tomatoes

      I see that you are too stupid to differientiate a fair patent that protects peoples interests and these BS claims made by Apple. Sorry, I can’t help you with your extremely low IQ.

    • PkaTka3

      Tomatoes I did know McDonald’s hired high IQ individuals like you. Of course, you read all of those cases and you spent at least 20 years in intellectual property law so you are the perfect person to judge what’s a fair patent or not. I mean nowadays reading a news article makes everyone an expert. Who cares what judges say. They are noobs always, right?

  • Tomatoes

    Sorry guys, I’m just so upset that I paid $800 for a new iPad and it ended up catching fire and burning down my house. I’ll cut it out now.

    • PkaTka3

      It ended up burning your brain as well 😛

  • kboom

    Samsung does have its own OS , bada os. Without Samsung there would be no retina display. Without Samsung iPhone would be just like any low cost android ..
    Apple is the only company I know that releases the same product 2 years in a row.

  • Slype


    Your arguments are probably the worst I’ve ever read. Based on your logic, we would only have 1 type of car right now because someone invented the steering wheel, used 4 wheels and had doors to open so we could get into it.

    Apple didn not invent all those things you mentioned but they did incorporate it into a phone. Smartphones have been around since about 2000 if I remember correctly (without checking wikipedia) and everything that the iPhone could do in 2006, I was able to do in 2003 on my Treo. Sure they put a nicer camera, nicer screen and made it gramma proof but the ideas were essentially the same.

    I agree that the law says that because some i***t approved their stupid patents that it is illegal but do you really think that is in the best interest of the consumer? If you are suck a stickler for the law, do you also agree with the law when a criminal who obviously comnmited a crime (say murder or rape caught on video) is able to go free because of a technicality (say a police officer didn’t follow procedure)? If so, maybe you should think about what is good for society intead of following everything down to the letter. You were given a brain – you should use it.

  • Anthony

    Not here to agree or disagree with anyone here, but yes, people do get Samsungs and iPhones. It’s quite sad.

    My friend showed me a “Lost and Found” post from his workplace. It read: “Found a samsung iphone at , it says ‘Samsung Galaxy S’ on the back. If it is yours please let me know”

    • Anthony

      Edit: MobileSyrup removed my quote…

      It read: “Found a samsung iphone at [insert work place site] , it says ‘Samsung Galaxy S’ on the back. If it is yours please let me know”

    • Anthony

      Edit 2: wow I’m full of fail today… “people do get Samsungs and iPhones confused”

  • A. Carmine

    Not surprising…. and neither will the results. It will still go to trial. This is just like a vakay for the CEOs.

  • Mike

    Wow im reading the comments and that pkatka3 just hating samsung just for the heck of it….whats the point in hating the most important semi-conductors manucfacturer in the world…samsung is almost making more money than apple microsoft and google together if apple would go down samsung revenue would decrease…at the end of the day when you buy apple you also buy samsung