Sony SmartWatch officially coming to Canada, release date and price still unknown


  • Biz

    the design is pretty ugly imo..

  • Darren Clarke

    I agree

  • Ronin

    I really hope they offer it in more than just white. Not sure on the design to start with, but at least in black it wouldn’t scream “Look at me!” quite so badly.

  • nitecop

    ilike the pebble e-paper smartwatch better; it’s got better design, functionality, e-ink! and price!

  • T1MB1T

    It looks great! Tony has one and I saw it in person! BUT rogers has to stock blocking wind and all our great phone deals! the best plans most megga hurts and the best of the no gag reflex club! come to my forum and we will answer all your questions!

  • D-Mon

    Would you ever consider buying this?

    Thumbs up – YES
    Thumbs down – NO

  • Tarrah

    I hope it’s at least a little bit waterproof.

    • Warrenstuffer

      Totally waterproof johnn stuffs it up my love tube and it keep working.. even after he licks it.

  • Jon

    Hasn’t LG already had 2 generations of smart watches over the past couple of years?

    Great job being innovative Sony, no wonder you lost billions of dollars last year.

  • Harry Dyck

    winners wear black. this is for losers.

    • T1MB1T

      Wind is not for losers! you are a loser! Wind is the best!!! We have the best plans the best people and the most megga hurts! Now I have to put this to rest. Wind is not being sold again. We are simply going through some changes! The guy Ossama is just here to look at things! he is not the new boss! It does not matter that he has so much more experience, so what if he ran wind for years and made a profit! Tony said just today he is not worried about his title! Also for the record Warren, Johnn and Deke are not lovers! they are just close friends! guys can hug right!


  • roman129

    It would be better with a thinner bezel and without the big SONY logo.

  • Tania

    Nice!!!! I want!

  • leobg

    And how is this different from the previous (joke of a) device called “LiveView”?!

    Sony, come on, stop with these tamagochies and make something stylish! An MBW-150 with display that lasts more than a year maybe??

  • Peter

    If they knock off another $100 off the price and just make it a watch, I would buy it…otherwise, No.

  • SlimJim

    Who cares about watches anymore

  • coco

    if it run on battery it’s not a watch, it just time telling device.

  • Raj

    The problem with this idea is that 90% of people geeky enough to wear this watch already own multiple watches that they rotate through. This is not the type of watch you can have on rotation, it’s the type of watch you need to wear every day so that it changes your habits and the way you live with your gadgets.
    The only person that will buy this will be a watch geek that only wants this one watch. That’s like finding a fat kid that only wants one piece of cake. Good luck.

  • Bryan Fordham

    Does the smart watch work with iphone?



  • jenn

    awesome ! i am getting one in July or at christmas anyway

  • jenn

    i am getting one now

  • caribouroader

    Useless gimicky device……just use your phone.

  • David

    No support for Windows Phone? Yikes

  • yathujan

    i like it sony smart watch