Paper for iPad hits 1.5 million downloads in two weeks

The unstoppable train of minimalistic iPad apps continues, and Paper is the poster child of that revolution. For free you get a blank page and a pressure-sensitive pencil, and for $1.99 each you can add Colour, Sketch, Write and Outline (or $7.99 for the whole shebang), giving you a veritable treasure of artistic opportunity.

The company has said that the iPad-only app has been downloaded 1.5 million times since its release two weeks ago, and users have created 7 million sketches. Says the blog,

But most importantly, that’s 7 million times where you’ve pushed aside distractions and put ideas on paper. Moments like a software engineer sketching his hometown, an architect capturing a dream, a husband anticipating fatherhood, a czech painter discovering a digital medium, an artist turning to science, a diary becoming visual, a designer sketching an idea for a bag, and a talented illustrator looking for simplicity. We all create. And that’s a beautiful thing.

It really is a sight to behold; there are some wonderful examples of users taking the tabula rasa of the tablet form to a whole new level. Even if your artistic abilities are not great, Paper can step in for a blank piece of paper to sketch quick notes or diagrams. Unfortunately the company wouldn’t break down how many users paid for the various in-app purchases, but it’s probably a lot since you can’t do much with just a pencil. Or can you?

Download Paper for iPad from the App Store.

Source: Paper Blog
Via: The Verge