Sony to bring Music Unlimited service to iOS in the coming weeks

Sony’s Music Unlimited service just debuted in Canada, but the rollout to additional countries hasn’t stopped the company’s intentions to bring it to more audiences.

Shawn Layden, Sony Entertainment Network COO, has said that the service will coming to iOS as a separate app. You can currently download Sony music from iTunes and there are no plans to change that. Music Unlimited is a per-month subscription service where you can listen to custom radio or on-demand songs and playlists starting at $3.99 and going up to $9.99/month.

The company does not see any disadvantage to being on iOS, even if Apple is one of its hardware competitors in the space. Layden said, “We want to be on as many devices for users who want to be part of Music Unlimited.”

We aren’t sure if there is going to be an iPad-compatible version, but competitors like Slacker, Rdio and Spotify all have universal apps compatible with all iDevices.

Source: Techradar