Rogers poised to launch NextBox 2.0, gives you the option to watch 21 live TV channels on your tablet

Consuming TV on your mobile device will be massive this year. As customers begin to tune into watch various TV shows on their mobile (phone or tablet), the carriers data revenue increase ever so slightly. Bell has been heavily promoting their live Mobile TV offerings, and now Rogers is up next. We’ve received an image of what is being dubbed as the Rogers NextBox 2.0 – basically a PVR (Cisco) that gives you the freedom to record shows, pause/stop/play, and resume watching in another room on a TV or on a tablet. Apparently there’ll be an Android and an iPad app. This should be launching really soon, unfortunately there’s no details on the Rogers site, a quick Google search reveals thee’ll be launching a promo that gives 6 months free with various TV packages.

Finally, over at Best Buy, their latest flyer gives a greater insight into the upcoming service. NextBox 2.0 is described as giving your ability to “create a TV system at home that allows you to stop what you’re watching in one room and resume right where you left off in another room. You can customize channel guides and search seamlessly without leaving your current program with enhanced interactive guide. And by downloading an app, you can enjoy 21 live TV channels on your iPad or Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet. Add up to 4 Nextbox HD boxes to enjoy content in your whole home… Rogers Hi-Speed Internet service required. Usage will be deducted from customers’ plan”.

2012 will be the year mobile TV and mobile content becomes the norm. We’ll find out more details soon.
(Thanks tipsters!)