Rogers says “Customers can truly say goodbye to those other cellphone providers”, rolls out new “Ultimate Unlimited Family Plans”


  • Ec

    so $140 per month vs $35

    crappier data
    crappier long distance
    3 year locked in

    no thanks Robbers, ill stay with wind and with the money i save ill buy a new phone every year.

    • TomatoGuy

      No voicemail or Caller ID – Classic Robbers offering.

    • Nobel

      LOL. Come on Robbers !! Do you still think that consumers don’t understand anything?? Another first BS plan from Robbers !!!

    • Gene

      LMAO, is this even real? With Public’s recent Superbowl ads I wonder if this is a cruel marketing joke. Rogers you Fxckin blow.

    • SAM


    • SAM


    • Rogers_Kelly

      Hi EC,
      To clarify, term renewal is only required if taking a new device subsidy. The customer is not required to renew his/her term unless they take advantage of a hardware subsidy.

    • Mr. Ree

      You mad?

  • ih8fanbois

    $75 per line w/ 2gb data…. What the actual **** is this?

  • Alpha

    Extreme text messaging, so texting while driving, eating, applying makeup, and chatting at the same time? 😀

  • jonny

    what is the REAL price when all fees and voicemail and caller id are included?!

  • Z Straw

    Dear Rogers marketing:

    Unlimited (Adjective): Not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.

  • AndroidForLife

    “both with the ability to share minutes”
    Hmmmm…..sort of redundant with unlimited airtime minutes, no?

  • Devin

    So it’s $70 a month per person (on Voice+Data plan), and you get only 1GB each per month, and are still forced into a 3-year contract?

    Where is the deal, Rogers?
    Stop LYING to people!

    • bummy

      adding additional lines doesn’t even increase the shared data pot. How ridiculous!

  • AndroidForLife

    Also, these plans suck.

  • 1337

    So “Unlimited Value” is now “Ultimate Unlimited”?

    I didn’t know it was possible for me to despise Rogers even more than I already do.

    Yes, I AM mad!

  • complainers

    WOW it amazing how you people are still bitching wow

    Im saying this as nice as possible

    rogers is coming up with an unlimited plan and your still crying lol wow

    • Photomike

      @ alex perrier, read the doc and explain how that is unlimited. do people understand the meaning of unlimited, or does the meaning of the word change when you have more money than brains?

  • Betty Koyle

    what that first plan is a rip…… no data?

  • aviking

    I pay this right now and get 6GB data on each phone how in blue hell is this a deal?

  • Johnn

    “Rogers now says that “Customers can truly say goodbye to those other cellphone providers”.”

    Rogers wish they would . . . . .

  • Robby

    Looks at that picture: “We never have to worry about going over the limit!”

    Unless we’re over 1GB of data… or call to someone outside of our local calling area…

    Not to say that there is no Caller ID (which costs Rogers NOTHING) and no Voice Mail, which costs them a penny on a dollar.


  • Trevor

    So… that cute family of 4 pictured is going to shell out $216.88 a month for cell phones? $7,807.68 over 3 years?

    It’s not ‘sharing’ if you make everyone pay.

  • JP

    @aviking, it is a deal because Rogers is telling us that it is. If they tell us the sky is falling, we will all have to believe that. Remember, the big 3 are the “Government”.

  • Vineet

    Garbage Plan….How come 2 GB Data fits in “Unlimited” title. Sorry Robbers but customers going to say GOODBYE to you!!!!!!!!

  • BT

    Those prices AREN’T a huge bill?

  • Bob

    “Peace of mind that they won’t have a huge monthly bill”
    Yeah, except for the HUGE bill you’ll be getting with this lame plan

  • ZetaMargo

    Rogers must think that we’re all stupid! Actually, I am pretty sure they do, indeed, think that, while having a laugh at their customers’ expense during their boardroom meetings.

  • David

    Has anyone signed the petition from The Stop the Squeeze campaign, that is.

  • Neil

    How about unlimited Canada wide calling, period, no limits on who, from which provider to which provider, just unlimited.

  • AndroidForLife

    Rogers relies on three things for their profits:
    1) Only enter businesses where they are a monopoly or where ‘competitors’ are partners (see cable, home phone, wireless, MLSE).
    2) Government regulation preventing real competition
    3) stupidity of consumers.

    We can’t really do too much about 1 and 2, but 3 is the fault of anyone stupid enough to sign up for plans like this.

  • Zombie Ted Rogers

    After reading this I picked up my WIND phone and gave it a hug.

  • DonSod

    These plans are horrible – more like extreme bad pricing!


    mmm with Virgin I get unlimited Local calling and unlimited text messaging for one simple price: $35

    and since i brought my own phone i pay $30/month instead of $35. No contract/tab.

    So for 2 line it woud be $60. Rogers? $96? WTF!? and 3 year contract required?! Are they crazy?

  • Big 3

    Wow $95.94 per line?(that’s equal to $45 + $2.97 per line) for the same offer which Virgin Mobile has for $35

    and Smartphone plan for $140.94?($67.50 + $2.97 per line) for confined local calling with 2GB. I think their $72.97 plan is better since it comes with 6GB.

    (GRRF: $2.97 NFL, $2.75 Que, $2.35 BC/AB/ON..etc)

    Thus these plans aren’t any better than their current offers.
    Keep Trying Big 3….

  • Redth

    Wow, worst plan ever…. I expected a discount for it being a ‘family’ plan…

    Glad to be with Telus…

  • Q

    how is this better than the new companies this is too over priced lol

  • Bob

    With koodo or virgin you pay
    75$ for Canada wide, CID, VM, 1 gb data, unlimited text, no contract

    With Rogers you pay 90$ for the same plan plus have 3 year contract plus you need 2 lines.

    Are they trying to compete with videotron for the worst plan in history.

    Complete fail

  • Mo

    “Customers can truly say goodbye to those other cellphone providers”

    No rogers it was you who I said good riddance to when I left you. This just shows how out of touch these guys are.

  • XER

    With City Koodo, $35 for unlimited talk, 50 messages, CID + VM and $25 for 2GB of Data… That is $60 person and for two that will be $120 and no contracts! How does that sound to you Rogers? I can truly say goodbye to you!

    Oh…. No activation fees with Koodo… Did I say that?

  • Lawlerballer

    …Extreme text messaging?..


  • AndroidForLife

    Does anyone ever work out what they pay Rogers for all their services over a year? Let’s take this family of 4 in the ad.
    Voice and data plan for all member $140.94/month (3 year contract) + ($37.97 x 2) = $216.88. Assuming they want CID and VM on all 4 lines and LD on say 2 lines, then they are at $276.88/month.
    Cable TV and internet: Let’s guessimate about $170/month
    Even without homephone, that is $446/month or over $5300/year.

    With cash flow like that, it is no wonder Rogers thinks they are entitled to obscene pricing.

  • XER

    Let’s rename this plan again… Ultimate Unlimited Family Plan with no CID+VM and poor 2GB data!

    Or Ultimate Unlimited Family Plan with no CID+VM with limited data!

  • Shawn

    Okay, I can breath again. That’s very funny. I’ll keep my $40 plan with Mobilicity. You know, the one with Unlimited Nationwide Calling, Unlimited Canada & US SMS/MMS, Unlimited Data, Caller ID, Voicemail, 3-Way Calling, Call Waiting, and NO CONTRACT.

  • Terry

    I really wish there was better rules about the use of words such as “unlimited” and “ultimate” in advertisements and promotions.

    Cause this isn’t unlimited and it’s definitely not ultimate.
    It’s a complete lie to consumers.

  • Bob

    They only way Rogers could make this more attractive is if you need to bubble 3 other services and 2 future services.

    I’d sign up instantly


  • blekdar

    WARNING: You guys are probably gonna thumb down me for this.
    Even if it is only local, at least its a step in the right direction. Telus, Bell and Rogers don’t even offer unlimited calling unless its a loyalty plan, which by the way is a stupid way to get a plan. I know people who can’t get a loyalty unlimited plan so they have to pay like 125 bucks a month for something close to unlimited (1k mins, unl inc, 5pm nights and fav numbers) which is horse crap. Even if it costs $70 a month for unl canada wide calling, thats still better than $125 for sort of unlimited.
    Even if it requires a 3 year contract (which will always suck) to get, you can at least get a good phone (which Koodo has few), and aren’t spending 5+ years to pay off your tab (I’m looking at you Virgin)…and lets even start about coverage (you new entrants know who you are).
    I swear to god there’s no pleasing you people. I know the data bucket sucks (that’s rogers for you), but hey, this is PROGRESS. We’re getting close to decent pricing for our services. And we do have the new entrants to thank for at least getting this started.

    • Mo

      I agree with you that it is progress but like any old dinosaur, they are taking very very slow steps in that that direction.

    • Alex Perrier

      They’re the first of the Big 3 (excluding flanker brands) to officially offer an unlimited local calling plan, even though it is expensive and requires two lines. i’m surprised TELUS wasn’t first.

      If this includes BBM, at least that’s better than nothing…

    • MG

      Progress my a*s. How hard is it for them to come down to reasonable world-wide pricing benchmarks? Instead of bullshit flanker brands, cut the crap and give customers what they want. They are very conveniently operating in a highly protected environment and want to give the illusion that their pricing is actually low.

      Obviously they think customers are i****s or they are simply smoking some REALLY bad dope!

  • cave johnson

    Both Koodo and Virgin offer better individual plans that when added to 2 lines would end up cheaper than what Rogers is offering. Wanna make it somewhat interesting Rogers? Take that 94$ price and make it include 6gb shared data, VM + Cid for both lines and no LD fees. Then it would look competitive.

    Thank you

  • baester

    I look at these comments and the likes/dislikes and it’s funny how many of you, the early-adopters who Rogers caters to with their ‘firsts’, absolutely despise them.

  • KennyWinker

    Silly Robbers tricks are for kids!

  • G-show

    New pricing sucks, but keep in mind that a three year contract with Rogers isn’t what it used to be. You can pretty much cancel when you want, and just pay what’s remaining on the phone.
    And Rogers one number is pretty neat, you can use it to call anywhere in Canada (using your wireless number) for free, and even call from outside of Canada (to Canada) for free.
    All said and done, these plans are basically the same as the old family plan plus 15.00, and that extra 15.00 gets you unlimited local minutes and believe it or not, the old regular tier plans only had 1 GB of data.

    • baester

      Skype > Rogers One Number

  • no deal

    if it was these prices for 3-4 lines with VM and CID id think about it. right now I pay 28.75 taxes in SO BEAT THAT ROGERS THAN MAYBE ILL COME BACK!

  • AndroidForLife

    It may require long term indenture, ridiculously low value for money and an assumption of stupidity of consumer, but at least they aren’t literally violating you, just your wallet. There may even be some free lube in the deal.

    I suppose one can always try to look on the bright side.

  • Joe

    Say goodbye to other carriers? For $50 I have more minutes than I use, unlimited text, voicemail and caller id, with 6gbs of fast data on Telus. So glad I switched from Robbers.

  • i h8 robbers

    those motherfaker think sukers are born everyday.hell with robbers.please dont take the $hit this or any other scam offer.

  • Jay

    title of post should read:

    Rogers says “Customers can truly say hello to those other cellphone providers”, rolls out new “Ultimate Unlimited Family Plans”

  • Max

    With Fido you get unlimited talk across canada (nozone) and texting worldwide (40$PP + 10$ can LD) + 6GB of Data (non-shared data lol) for 80$, The same plan with Koodo with 2GB and INCLUDES CD/VM is also 80$. How will 71$ a month without CD/VM, Canadian Long distance, non-shared data make me “say goodbye” to other cell phone providers?

  • izz

    I would go for it if it was $95 including 6gb data, Caller ID and Voicemail as well.

  • whocares

    Horrible plans, but still better than paying WIND/Mobilicity and not being able to use your phone at all.

    Thank you Bell for your amazing corp plan that allows phone upgrades every year!

  • Ernie

    Well, it seems Rogers is starting to compete with Wind and Mobilicity in the landline replacement area. Sure, if these were just mobile plans, we’d have a good laugh, but the inclusion of the Rogers ONE does make sense in the case of bundling (Giving up on home phone VOIP?). If we separate a land line (around 25-30/month), and 2 cell phone lines (around 25-30)/month, it does add up to around 90+ dollar per month. Of course, it was stupid to charge the high end versus the low end of the scale when Wind can offer the same thing for much less, especially the data where 2GB shared is pathetic. They should at least offer 8GB shared to really be competitive.

  • Studystand

    Way too expensive, is this actually their response to Wind, Public Mobile & Mobilicity

  • Dan

    Thank god for having a corporate plan with Telus from my employer. These prices are ridiculous. I feel bad having worked with rogers for a little while.

  • shaggyskunk

    Well, I would have made a comment sooner, but rogers network crashed for about an hour… must be the rush of people flocking to robbers….

  • Ed

    I don’t think so, this plan is still pretty expensive compare to wind or smaller provider.

  • Rikin

    Total total RIP-OFF. What the h* is CRTC doing? Isn’t it their mandate to protect customers from these rip-offs? I got their Employee Tablet deal and I can guarantee that their data speeds are worse than Wind and Mobilicity. My tablet runs on Rogers 4G and the download speed’s 800-900 Kbps off-peak times.

  • lolPeoplelol

    Comments below show, no matter what a company does, there will always be people who thinks its not good enough. LOL, Enjoy your Zoned poor indoor coverage Wind-ers! Any move int he right direction, is a good move.

    Im sure if Rogers gave free iPhone 4s’ on pay go, you’d be like…. It only comes in Black…. AAAARRRRGGGGG what a stupid company!


    • Pook

      you know, the comments are above, not below, right?

  • John

    Maybe we should send an email to John Tory (member of the Rogers Board of Directors)- maybe the board of Directors should hear first hand some of our frustrations with Rogers!

  • bad

    what is up with the names of these plans! Do such names really attract business?

  • AndroidForLife

    @lolPeoplelol and if Rogers literally a*s-raped you, you’d be like “rah rah Rogers”?

    Rogers sucks and people are frustrated with them. Deal with it.

    • lolPeoplelol

      Again, Nothing would probably make you happy. LOL
      And judging by your alias “AndroidForLife”, your probably used to using an inferior product, and are happy to settle for 2nd or 3rd best. Fine for you, but not for me.

      And yes I tried the new entrants, and considering the indoor signal level/coverage was terrible, no thanks. I don’t pay for “sometimes” service. Funny part is, when you have no Wind coverage, guess which providers backs you up…. Rogers…. hahahaha, ouch!

      I’d love to use my iPhone on wind… Oh wait, 1700mhz sucks, and even Apple would rather make a CDMA version before using that spectrum… Hahahaha


  • HO

    …Ok, I think is time to bring the american tradition of filing lawsuits for false advertisement, unlimited and u get 2Gb of data….really?…wonder what “Unlimited Extreme Texting” means, 10000 txt?, 20000?, wonder how many mins are really allowed, can’t wait to read the fine print!!!

  • D.B

    can someone please kindly donate a dictionary to Rogers? They do not understand the meaning of unlimited!

  • Highdefiniasian

    LOL.. LOL!!! I LOVE how Rogers seems so excited to launch something like this with great fanfare. Its like they are living in their own little bubble and wearing rose colored glasses. All is fine and dandy at Rogers!

  • excessdan

    You sign up a family of smartphones, drop that much per month and sign a THREE year contract and they have the nerve to nickel and dime you on voice mail and caller ID!? Each will be 7 or 8 bucks/month too and should be free on every plan.

  • Don

    “Peace of mind that they won’t have a huge monthly bill”

    Yeah, $70/month per line with no voicemail or caller ID isn’t huge at all.


  • Money is Everything

    At those prices, I say goodbye Robbers hello WIND!

  • monkeysweat

    I’m not really surprised to see no discount and just have added bonus of calling each other for free,, but overall this plan sux,,, 1 GB each? if i add in any of my kids ( i got 3) I would have like nothing,,, I stream music to and from work which is the bulk of my data consumption, still is about 800 MB per week!

  • WindMan

    hahaha…Rogers thinks we are really stupid. You call that unlimited and put a limit on Data and minutes?? Oh, wait, then you add VM, Display plus extra data. That works out to be $50+ per person. You must be joking!!!

    I guess Rogers is starting to feel the pinch from the small carriers. Looooove the competition!

  • vn33

    *Sarcasm ON*

    “Extreme Text Messaging” … C’mon people, Rogers’ the first carrier to bring this exciting new features, and we need to recover the cost of implementing it !!!

    *Sarcasm OFF*

    Rogers must think its customers are idi*ts !!!

  • lolPeoplelol

    Wind is for girls. *winks* *hearts*

  • AndroidForLife

    We’ve actually found a Rogers fan. lolPeoplelol seems to be one of the few Rogers nuthuggers around. I am going to guess she works for Rogers. Seems all you can come up with excuses for Rogers. Yes, Wind uses the 1700mhz band. Not their fault. You think if Rogers and Wind swapped frequencies that Rogers wouldn’t still a*s-rape you? It’s funny to hear from someone that likes getting bent over.

    • ToniCipriani

      You forgot Rocco…

  • Fran

    Sorry rogers your still losing to other phone companies such as koodo and virgin mobile. I pay 34 dollars a month with tax and there is no such thing as long distance in Canada on koodo. unlimited evenings and weekends starting at 5. Oh and no 3 year contract 😉

  • Fran

    plus text call display and voicemail and data is also included along with unlimited international text!

  • Yeria

    My family has 4 smartphones running on Wind. $160 + tax for unlimited data (with 5GB throttle) + unlimited local, Canada wide, U.S wide calling + unlimited text message to the ENTIRE WORLD + unlimited picture message to Canada and US + all call controlse + voice mail.

    And then there’s $20 discount a month for having 4 lines together (better together savings). LOL @ Rogers.

  • thatguy

    rogers still owns most of canada

  • clseea

    I usually have no problem with contracts, but this offer doesn’t make any sense and is ridiculously overpriced.

  • Rogers Dealer Rep.

    Rogers Kelly, you are right, however what usually happens is the rogers representative usually renews the commitment without a thought and without customers knowledge or permission. Either they are told to do this or they just don’t bother to keep current commitment. Over the phone people do this all the time and then the front line staff in stores bare the brunt of customers anger.

  • Slype

    Lol… a little late in reading this but Rogers, how your parody plan just gave me a real good laugh. You are too funny.. oh what? You were serious about those plans and what you meant about those being deals?

    How stupid do you think consumers are?

  • Blocknards

    Rogers’ counts on the illusion that if customers see that it’s a family plan, they’ll think they’re saving money. Should be illegal – biggest scam of our time.

  • Phil

    Have you ever looked at there senior plans. Worst plans in history at the highest price. How about there unlimited student plan they had they was unlimited music or something

    Rogers rips of families
    Rogers rips off seniors
    Rogers rips off students
    Rogers rips off Canadians

    Rogers is the worst of the big 3

  • CDL

    Look if you spend 90%+ of your time in Wind coverage area than get a Wind phone. If you travel outside this area prepare to spend for Away data fees. But then its not going to be much as your still saving $100s per year. Rogers isn’t going to match Wind as too many of their existing customers pay way too much and anytime they change their price they risk “repricing your base” (term used when higher spending customers drop their monthly spending) and their shareholders would rake them over the coals if they did that. So don’t like Rogers don’t buy their services but don’t expect them to see the “light” anytime soon if at all.

  • Jim

    @Rogers_Kelly You Fail, GTF out!

  • CDB

    I pay $35 a month for unlimited everything from Wind (and it really is unlimited data).

    The only reason any customer should be on Rogers is because they need coverage, in which case I’d be looking hard at Telus and Bell, if this is the best they’ve got.

  • AWSguy

    Even Rogers’ own flanker brand Fido has better plans than this. What about others like Koodo? $50+$5 (unlimited talk+text) and $30 flex data gives you 3 GB.


    Now I didnt even compare wind/mobilicity, since they are small providers, but I did compare big guy flanker brands (with same / similar) coverage with rogers.


  • Tj

    Wow..ROBBERS must think all of us are i****s. This crap from Robbers blows big time..its even LOW by ROBBER’s already low standards.

    Stick to Wind , Mobilicity and Public Mobile, if you have them in your area..truly unlimited for a lot less.

    Anyone who falls for this Robbers nonsense deserves to get fleeced and I pity them

  • limited inc.

    UNLIMITED COCK IN AS$ Plan. 3 years of Robber$ D1ck! NO THANX.

  • khota

    Sorry but 3 Year contract is B*&L S&*T

  • Gunnar

    She seems like one of those really annoying moms. Who the hell wants to stay in “constant contact” with their kids?! Geez, just get them a landline. Then they’ll thank you for not ruining their lives with your incessant chatter and texts and irrelevant, embarrassing facebook wallposts.

  • stickwithmobilicity

    I’m paying $25 a month for unlimited data, local calls and text with mobilicity. Also have caller ID included.

    If I ever need to do something outside of that, (going out of zone, long distance, etc.), it cost me pennies and dimes.

    No contracts. No tabs.

    Coverage is by spot inside my apartment, but I’m at the edge of the zone, moving somewhere better this summer. Anyway, I’m not a slave to my phone so I don’t care to be connected 24/7. And I’ve yet to find anywhere else I can’t get a good connection.

  • JustMeAndMe

    unlimited with 2gb of data? what a joke!

  • m1ndtr1p

    Umm yea, no thanks… I’ll stick with my current plan, thank you very much.

    6GB Data
    625 minutes
    100 long distance minutes
    Extreme text messaging
    Call ID (name and number)
    Visual Voicemail
    My 10
    6PM early evenings
    Call waiting

    All for $54 a month. (911, government and all other fees waived)

  • Wireless Guru

    this is a good plan but here are the drawbacks:
    1) its too expensive

    2) on a family plan with voice and data with 2 lines it has 2GB of data so with 3 lines it should have 3 GB 4 lines 4GB and 5 lines 5GB

    3) the unlimited text should be unlimited international not just canada… in a country like canada everyone has friends and family outside of canada and we need to stay in touch

    5) at a price point this high, the calling plan should be atleast unlimited calling within north america of not just canada….

    6) over-all opinion on this plan is a good start but stull FAIL

  • Wong

    Hey Sam. How do you get this? I want it.


  • Wong

    Hey Sam. I want that plan. How do you get it?


  • Sheon Donnerson

    These plans are amazing! I added the unlimited long distance for ten dollars per month, so my spouse and I have unlimited calls and messaging anywhere in canada, no worries at all foe $155.00 per month!

    Thannks Rogers! xo

  • Crazy

    Rogers is a drunk crazy person trying to hypnotize a quickly shrinking pool of suckers. Viva Mobi! Wind! Whatever else.

  • Obiwanprof

    Rogers has proved to consumers they are legalised crooks for years. It is unfortunate that there are still gullable people who will beleive their new claims.
    I have been a Rogers Wireless customer for over 7 years (necessary because of business ties. In this post consumer era, they are among the worst offenders of swamping the public with a massive mix of pricing options; then blaming the consumer because they chose the wrong option, or made the wrong phone call, or got to close to the US border with their phone turned on, or failed to renew at the precise instant their old plan expired, or decided they were being robbed and tried to cancel; etc. etc. etc.
    there is a reason they require a credit card to setup your account. It is so they can charge whatever they want!!

  • Rob

    3 Year contract ended June 2, 2012. I transferred to another carrier on May 23rd, 2012 just to be sure that my number did not get lost before getting ported. Rogers still tagged me with a $100 early cancellation fee for the phone service AND $25 for the data plan with only 9 days to go!!!

    This after years of problems – my favorite being when they disabled my Android HTC phone FROM ROGERS because of some security issue they found. It took over 2 months to get the phone working again and countless calls. They even tried to charge me $25 to fix the phone they disabled!

    I will never go back and will endlessly trash them to anyone who mentions looking for a provider for the rest of my days.

  • adelino

    i have 500Mb data and i paying 25 dollars this is so redicules , i just cant not wait to my plan is over i moving someone else

  • jim

    more bullshit and hiddden fees by rogers