ASUS Transformer Prime 64GB version: “Limited Quantities available” now at Best Buy


  • Tania N

    must..resist…urge to buy…*eye twitches*

    • Jeeverz

      Don’t do it… wait for the TF7xx series.

  • Non

    Meh newer Prime for the same price is just around corner. DO NOT BUY this one you will regret

  • MARS

    And then you hold out for the the next one and then another one comes out a few months after that.

    If you listen to people and keep holding out you will never have anything.

  • Trevor

    And by the time the newer one comes out we’ll be hearing about the next! People can either take the latest and greatest or sit while everyone else plays and you’re waiting for the next..
    My opinion anyway.

  • bob

    @Non: that seems to be the common thought among most Android tablet ‘buyers’. No one actual buys them because there we be a dozen more next week. Or maybe there is some other reason no one buys them.

    • Non

      In most cases yes but this time Asus really messed up things. “Old” prime was introduced in november and started to ship in december with almost same specs as the original except tegra 3 and some issues with gps, wifi and minor build quality issues. This new one is revised and according to asus they fixed all hardware issues. Hence I dont recommend to buy this one.

  • Trevor

    MARS, my thoughts exactly! I would rather buy, sell and replace than wait wait wait.

  • EmperumanV

    Wait? There’s a newer Prime coming out? What’s the difference? Also this is tempting – 6$GB but overkill in terms of capacity. I wonder what will I fill it up with? *Rhetorical question*

  • Rooney

    I was dying to get this tablet. And i got it. Twice. And returned it twice. Sure there have been reports of lots of bugs, but the biggest one is a hardware issue and its the wi-fi. It’s terrible. The range, the speed, is considerably worse than every other device i have (Galaxy S2, PS3, laptop). It makes it a chore browsing, which makes it a totally useless $5-600 device for me. ASUS knows their mistake, there is a reason the Transformer Prime TFT7xx series will have a plastic backing. Hold off for the next Tab, proven hardware pedigree goes a long way, so I’m sticking with Sammy.

    • Luke

      Can you provide more details on the model numbers? I heard that there was a WiFi issue at first, but that Asus corrected this before shipping. As far as I can tell the original Transformer was TF101 and the Transformer Prime is TF201. Where did you find information on this “TFT7xx” series?

  • Dave

    Just ordered one. Estimated arrival is Friday. Excited!

  • Sonicbuzz

    I have 2 Transformer Primes and neither of them have any hardware issues. Wifi is perfectly fine, range speed etc all as good or better than other devices. The only real issue is the GPS, cann’t get any locks inside where other devices such as the Xoom gets 8-12 locks consistantly. Outside it aquires the same amount of locks without issue

    Really though do I care about the GPS that much……No

    I will enjoy the Prime and when the new one comes out in the middle of the year will likely upgrade, not because I am disappointed with the Prime just becuase I love technology

  • Sonicbuzz

    Oh and one other comment from my previous post, I am an extremely pickly / demanding person when it comes to technology