Samsung ‘Value Pack’ for Galaxy S not happening, report suggests


  • Hub

    Surprised? I’m not.

  • Wendy

    Meanwhile, Samsung Kies has yet to release official 2.3.5 firmware for the original SGS.

  • greg

    CM9 here I come 🙂

  • pascal

    Glad that i bought a used Nexus S to replace my SGS. I really wanted ICS.

  • Justin

    Solution: buy a non-Samsung ICS device. Whenever one comes out. That’ll show them.

  • Ribbys

    No worries.

    My Captivate just got ICS via the soon to be CM9 teamhacksun port. Build #12 is working quite well. Its more stable than the final AT&T build was using it seems!

    Check XDA and get your updates there.

    • Fat Whale

      I got the same one for my Captivate. I was laughing when I was reading the article that they cant port ICS to Galaxy S while my phone already had it.

  • Joe

    Of course they can port it over, considering the Nexus S has pretty much identical specs to the I9000 Galaxy S. It’s just that they may not be able to squeeze Touchwiz + Carrier bloatware over. That and Samsung is terrible with firmware and they’re just giving Galaxy S owners the finger.

  • freestaterocker

    1st Gen wp7 devices are guaranteed support to 4th Gen OS. Fail for Android.

  • gmail

    iOS ftw

  • Mattprime86

    Who cares? You’re phone works just fine right now right? I’m completely happy with Gingerbread. And might not update to ICS when my GS2 gets it.

  • adrian

    They need to take notes from Apple. The recently launched iOS 5 was not only available for the iPhone 4S (2011) but the iPhone 4 (2010) and 3GS (2009).. I’m not even an Apple fan and I think this is ridiculous of Samsung to do

    • R

      Go ahead and try put iOS on your iphone 3GS and see how it works. It’ll be incredibly slow, ridden with errors, apps crashing, ect.

    • R


  • dave

    Updating really, really cuts down on sales.

  • Atka

    I don’t get how updating cuts down on sales most people update when their contract is up, and the people who update more then that are most likely to update even if their old handset gets updated.

  • Mike

    I agree… regardless of updates.. majority will upgrade when contract is up.. Im quite disappointed with Samsung.. I have a Bell I9000M and its been a mess right from the beginning…

  • shaggyskunk

    Anyone really believe Samsung can’t hire people from xda etc, that somehow manage to figure out how to fit stuff on their phones??

  • James

    looks like Samsung have screwed us all again !!

  • pasuljko

    It’s ironic that this article is followed by one titled “Awesome Android …”.

  • John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt

    I’m curious where that quote (re: optimized for Gingerbread) is from since the hardware launched with 2.1 aka Eclair. At least my sgs i9000 did, can’t speak for other devices. How can hardware be optimized for a version of something that doesn’t exist yet?

  • daveloft

    The Galaxy S was originally released in March of 2010 (unlocked European Model). It’s over 20 months old and has received 2.2, and a couple versions of 2.3.

    That’s better than most Android phones and much better than most available in Canada, HTC is no better and Motorola is much worse.

    Even the Nexus One which was released just a few months before it is not even getting Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Also even if it got it, for bad or good the interface would be completely changed and likely look very much like 2.3 does with TouchWiz does.

    Removing TouchWiz is not an option. Maybe it’s an option the enthusiasts would like, but not the majority. TouchWiz is easier to use and adds some features many enjoy.

    So if you still have a Galaxy S going into 2012, you have three options.

    1: be happy with what you have, because it’s still a decent phone.

    2: Root and custom, it’s your device, if you want new software, get off your but and do it.

    3: Buy a new phone, may I suggest the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Sales

    Its all about Sales for Samsung people. If you think for one second that the device is not capable on running ICS then your an i***t