Samsung ‘Value Pack’ for Galaxy S not happening, report suggests

In December Samsung stated they will not officially be updating the original Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab with Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Both devices have amassed worldwide sales of over 20 million units and users quickly responded to the unfortunate news. Rumours spread that Samsung was looking for ways to bring ICS to both devices – this would somehow show itself in the form of a “Value Pack” with several key features, but still not giving the full blow OS 4.0 experience.

Now, according to a report from The Next Web, Samsung “will not offer the update due to the hardware specifications of the older Galaxy devices, in that they are limited to and fully optimised for the Gingerbread experience.”

You know what would be really cool? An official final word from Samsung on the issue. Of course, those eager to port ICS on their device have successfully found ways with CyanogenMOD 9 Alpha (check out XDA Developers here).

Source: TNW
Via: AndroidCentral