Apple: “customers have downloaded more than 18 billion apps”


  • wewewi

    U sure it wasnt 18 billion CRapps?

  • JL

    Any 10 cents app or free app celebration for Apple?

    • saffant

      Yea. Installous 😀

  • briggs

    Good for them. Good for the developers.

    I’d be interested to see the combined sales of androids marketplace and other third party vendors, like amazon, and how it compares.

  • Marc

    Weee… another pissing contest.

  • steve

    actually they have 18 billion because, when you buy an app, you have to download it again, or pay for it again if you don’t back up your phone and get a newer one, or you old one breaks etc. clever eh?

    • Rio

      Actually once you buy an app you can redownload it as many times as possible for free. You can even download the app on unto 5 devices for free.

  • Canadaboy

    LOL – Notice how many times they use “app” in that statement, it’s as much an attempt to claim copyright of that term as it is a newsrelease.

  • Anthony E.

    Hey, hey! Over here!! Look over here!! We sell lots of apps too!

    They’re doing what for 10 days? Oh wow, that’s nice of them.

    Hey!! Hey! we sell lots of apps too!

  • Simon Sage

    Isn’t this announcement for their PC app store, rather than mobile?

    • Simon Sage

      Ah, nevermind, the wording is just weird. It would be helpful if they said “iOS App Store” in the release rather than just eschewing “Mac”.

  • Alpha

    It’d be interesting to see how many variants of fart & tip apps there are… and how many downloads they’ve had.

    I swear there’s a fart and tip app in every language, including Klingon! 😛

  • FOG

    Usually for these counts, would an app update count as a download…?

    If I’m using APPX v.1.0 than get all 100 interim version in to v2.0, would it it count that I have downloaded 100 apps…??

    If so… these numbers totally make no sense since it would imply that the more updates there is for an application, the more it’s good for the OS…!

    • Bade

      no it doesn’t work that way. use your brain next time!

    • FOG

      Hey bade, I hope you do feel better about yourself insulting someone freely with no reason…

      get a life

  • PhuFighter

    @Bade: look at your iTunes account history next time: this count, does indeed, count application updates as downloads. Fortunately, if you have, say, 5 devices and you download the update 5 times, it only counts as 1 download since the update is “purchased” for $0.00.

    If they count every single download to every single device, this number would balloon very, very quickly. Unless, of course, they are already doing that.