Bell LG Optimus Net Review


  • Kolybai Barbia

    Why are they throwing out top rubbish?

  • Gab

    mmm… I wouldn’t mind a calculation based on dollar divided by value.

    Just because stuff like the LG LTE and the GS2 rogers got 7’s.. 0.5 more than this.

  • Alex Perrier

    i’m really disappointed with the LG Optimus Net compared to the Optimus One:
    * Net has slightly faster CPU, but same graphics card.
    * Both run Gingerbread. Same camera and battery, but the Net has a slightly higher FPS for the video recording.
    * Net has lower modem than the Optimus One, let alone the Chic.
    * Net has the same internal storage as the Chic, which can easily become nearly full for me.

    Overall, the LG Optimus Chic packs the most features. For those who have the Optimus One, the Net is a really comparable phone, and the Net’s not worth getting. The Mobile Syrup review is too generous, to my liking. This phone is more like a 5/10, if even that.

  • Tom

    I’m surprised by your 6.5 rating.

    The things you list in the ‘cons’ are all things that I would expect to be poor on a cheap phone.

    But it seems like it has the basics well covered:
    – decent build quality
    – good quality phone calls
    – usable screen with a standard (though low) resolution
    – ‘normal’ access to market
    – Bell didn’t go crazy loading it down with crap

  • ToniCipriani

    For $50 more you’re better off with the Galaxy W. At least the processor isn’t ancient (7227T vs 8255).

    • TP

      I wanted to mention Galaxy W as well.
      bigger screen, better screen resolution (which has been the standard for higher end Androids until recently), better camera, LED flash, better pocessor, (personally) better brand.
      If I were with big 3 and would be willing to pay $300 for a no-contract high quality phone, GW would be on the top of my shopping list.

  • phoneguy

    HAHA Im sure all u fanboys will love this but Im sorry the new UNIMAX MAX at PM destroys this phone.. Im sure ur all the name brand bandwagon so if u havent heard of it then it cant be good right…member 3 yrs ago when nobody knew what android was …and now? I rest my case..GO PM!!

  • TH

    Another picture of Optimus, this time taken with the Optimus… nice!

  • Darren

    Do you like transformers Daniel? I love em! I even have some toys and I am an adult! Lol I couldn’t get geekier than this. But yeah nice review!

  • Amit

    I bought LG Optimus Net a few days ago… And it’s simply awesome.
    I considered few other phones like Moto fire Xt,Galaxy Y, HTC Explore,Wildfire S….But I think this is really the best. Gaming is also super which was a drawback of Optimus one. Its UI is Very very Responsive… Its quiet fast. Battery back up is superb… When you use everything whole day (internet,gps,songs…etc) , Still its battery will stay more than 24 hrs… In normal usage it is close to 36-40 hrs.
    It has faster processor,newer android,best battery, decent camera, awesome display, faster gaming, DLNA(not present in optimus one),nice typing and importantly it is good as a phone (sound and connectivity)
    Drawback is, 3 MP camera (although it takes very good pictures),no flash for camera, and it is unable to play 720p HD video (which no phone does for this budget)…
    I think this is the best choice even under 15 k phone.