Bell launching BlackBerry Bold 9900 in White November 24th


  • Stimulator

    No, I don’t.

  • Alex Perrier

    Looks are a minor influence for me when choosing a smartphone.

  • keiYUI

    I wonder what kind of phone the tipster is using.. I see like 2 pixels.. lol

  • EmperumanV

    Not as upscale as a white SGS II or Galaxy Nexus (if one comes in white during launch)

  • downscale

    A phone released in Aug-September re released in a different color 3 months later at the same price of flagship phones from the competition, welcome to RIM.

    This truly shows Management is out for lunch. Why bother announcing and releasing another color when you still have lots of stock in black, and on the day when they announced that the new BBX (If ever released) will not be compatible with OS7 and will have no keyboard.

    RIMM stock at $17.58 will be at $16 by the time they actually release it.

  • downscale

    Answering the question: 9900 in white for $600 in Dec 2011, is downscale by any scale!

    More over it makes the quintessential definition of “White Elephant” RIM trumps itself these holidays with this one.

  • 403TechGuy

    So by this logic, Bell should reduce the price of their white Galaxy S II because the black one came out in July? Hmm…

  • 404techguy

    No to the Galaxy SII; the phone is still upgradeable to the next version (ICS); but if you want analogies, it would be like NOKIA releasing a new colour of a Symbian phone, when they have announced the new version (Windows) and you know the phone is not compatible with the new version AND the phone is $600
    Totally different Scenario.
    RIMM closed at $17.58, and their book value is supposed to be $18.92 (probably analyst taking into account the playbook at $500 a piece) 9900 in white or Green for $600 won’t sell in Dec 2011; Samsung SII will, in blue or green, and for the next three months.