Bell to release the Samsung Galaxy W


  • Sean

    If they don’t price it crazy this could be a really good deal maybe a few hundred off contract like 300~ and it would sell like hotcakes

    • DUD


    • havy

      The T-Mobile version (3MP camera, 1GHz processor) sells for $200 no contract at Walmart in US. I’m hoping Mobilicity gets that model at that price!

  • Pascal

    This phone will probably be sold at 59.95 on a 3 year contract at it’s release and at the price of 349.95$ without contract !
    Thats usually the prices of those phones at Bell

  • Vinay

    Focus Flash for Android?????????? Yea it looks like it

  • Barry

    You have Galaxy SII > iPhone 4S
    and then Galaxy W > iPhone 4

    Solid selection of Android devices, mid-level and high level.

  • zar

    looks like the Galaxy version of the HTC incredible. I see it priced at 450 +- 50$ and 75$ on 3yrs to start with and 25-50 in about 3-4weeks 🙂

  • Wooot

    Virgin might get this and sell it without requiring a data plan

  • zar

    @barry, good comparison, thus why i’m dumb-folded when i see people still buying iphone 3gs.

  • zar

    @woot, it won’t happen at those specs and (my) estimated price range. Vibrant still requires data and it’s worse than this.

  • good4bell

    The big 3 have been focusing on small 3.3 inch and BIG 4.3 and bigger phones; but nothing in the middle.
    I think the “standard” sizes now are:
    3.2 or 3.3 for small low entry devices
    3.7-4.0 Medium range and
    4.3 and up for flagship phones.

    The amazing thing is that the new 4.3 are almost the same size and weight of an old 4 inch device!
    Right now 4.0 is the perfect size for me, but in 6 months Im sure that you will be able to get a 4.3 with the same dimensions.
    Can’t wait to see the price of the Galaxy W. Would like to see it at $300-350

  • dc

    Couldn’t agree more with Barry 🙂

  • Berry is a Tool!

    Where do the iPhone even fits in this article? Everybody here’s talkin about the Galaxy W and you have to try to start this thing… You’re pathetic. Stop making Android users look bad.

  • howitzer

    I don’t know how much the extra 400mhz of clock speed cost more than the 1Ghz (sweetspot). I think its unnecessary… But hey !

    I think about it, the best entry-mid level android would be refurbished Nexus One and Droid Incredible. Minus the “bling effect” of the front camera, its all there !

  • revolt

    this is a pic of the galaxy R?

  • Rio

    Yup, every android phone is better than an iPhonr.

    Yet in article, every droidard compares the iphone between given phone….that’s says a lot.

    • Vinay

      Unfortunately not all Android devices carry the same experience, and honestly many Android phones are not better than the iPhone. Higher end devices can be argued, but for other (entry/mid/bad high end) devices (which are still Android) iPhones are clearly better.

    • b

      @Rio Droidard? Really?

  • Mario

    does not anyone realize you can get this phone under a different name in united states for $200.00 with out contract? If you are wanting to but this phone for 300-350 be my guest.

    • SHAWN

      We have better things to do then drive over the border in order to save 100$….well me personally.

    • Matt

      What phone name is that being sold under? Just wondering as it is not a Gio/Ace (150-250 range). The pricing of those two makes me think this will be a 400 or so dollar phone. Probably still require a data plan, even on Virgin. Even though its ridiculous.

  • keiYUI

    omg i want…!!!!

  • awesomeP

    I’m going to go out on a limb here…

    this is a common comment (generalization) “RIM is stupid, Single core? that’s outdated and useless. quads are coming soon so single is a waste of money”

    Android based sigle core “Brilliant move. now they can compete with the iPhone 4”

    the people on this site are so incredibly sucked into the whole “Android is great” mentality its become a waste of time to read comments due to the lopsidedness of both articles and commentors.

    • Dhurr

      Well you gotta understand, this is gonna be sold around $350 no contract and has great software. While a BB generally costs $500-$600 off contract (for the nicer ones) and has old sluggish software

  • Pahech

    BB7 works pretty well actually. You can argue it might lack some features found on Android phones, or that it lacks certain apps, but it’s not at all sluggish.

  • Drum

    This will be a nice addition to the mix. I think people need to understand something…IPhones and Androids are different products. The IPhone is a good product and has its own way of working…for me its a smartphone thats great to initiate people to the world of smartphones cause its super easy to use and demands nothing from the user (you cant do much with it in terms of changing it) everybody with an Iphone has exactly the same thing and you click and the right icon in the app selection and thank you very much.
    Android in my opinion offer a much more vast experience but asks more time at the start because you have so many options. I am not talking about the strenght of one phone over the other but simply the phone experience.

    I work for Bell and we see it in stores…IPhone users and Android users are not the same. Both are fine and I am personnally more a Android guy but people that want an Iphone WANT an Iphone and thats ok too!

  • greg

    Where/who is going to release the galaxy nexus? This is the phone I want to replace my pitiful Palm Pre, the carrier that releases this phone will be the one I go with. Why are we getting all these phones and not the Galaxy Nexus with ICS?

  • Brendan

    @greg – All in good time. Besides, wouldn’t you be buying it direct from Google? My plan is to buy it as soon as Google announces NAM3G version is available. What’s the point of getting a developer device (that is given a clear 12 month life expectancy) Subsidized on a 3yr contract?