BBM Music updated to v1.0.0.124, available to download in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


  • LegacyOfJobs

    More garbage made for stolen apple tech. Get a real phone! Get an iPhone!

    • KidCanada

      Sits on his computer day and night and puts the same f*ckin sh*t on every tech site on the internet. Get a life dude and stop wasting bandwidth with that same annoying comment over and over..

  • picks

    I love mny bbm music, it has given me reason to possibly keep my blackberry or upgrade to a new one in the new year.

  • Matthew

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. The Zune = BBM Music

  • KidCanada

    BBM is a the #1 most recognized social app on the market which is why RIM introduced BBM Music. The whole point of this app is to make the whole BBM experience even better than it is now and add Music which is what everyone loves. I’ve tried it and like it but until my friends know about this app and adapt to it, it won’t be any more than a music player with a limit. But I don’t see this not becoming popular at all since BBM already is despite the subscription fee RIM is charging, may force some people to think twice about subscribing. I myself would love it if there was no limit to the amount of songs on the playlist for the $5/month subsciption and also allow us to listen to the full song before adding to playlist instead of the 30sec demo. Wouldve even convince me to ditch slacker radio if that was the case.

  • PJ

    alex guy has no life at all….. always on this website commenting on every single possible blog. get a life bro

  • Liquidmetal

    Love BBM music…works great and easy to use on my 9900…Blackberry needs to really push this with some decent advertising!

  • Andrew

    I hope it comes out cheaper than the proposed $5/mth. That’s a lot for 50 songs and the need to make countless friends you don’t even know…