“Rogers Phone Finder” helps you find your phone


  • Adam

    queue the bitching about the big-3 in 3… 2…. 1….

  • Alex

    I’ll stick with Find my iPhone 🙂

  • Eric V.

    Not impressed. It just seems to show the tower the phone last pinged. That’s a pretty wide area to search.

  • NeilM

    Thanks Robbers, but…

    BlackBerry Protect is FREE, and has increased functionality in addition to location identification (remote lock, make phone ring, remote kill and wipe, and remote backup).

    • Jay

      @NeilM : Yes, and not everyone owns a Blackberry. I think this is an AMAZING service!

  • AverageK

    Wow, this is an awesome feature. Not sure about the whole privacy thing though. Still helpful if your phone is stolen! Wonder if it works when the phone’s off though. I’d imagine that a thief would have the smarts to turn the phone off and remove the SIM card!

  • Big Red Angry Bird

    Cool. Now find me a Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE.

  • Barry

    Use Prey for Android.

  • Glad it’s free

    Nice service from Rogers. I’m glad they decided to give five free lookups a month. It located my phone a couple of streets away, but it’s better than nothing if someone has no idea where their phone is and doesn’t have a service like Find My iPhone.

  • Adam

    This is helpful for those of you who:

    a) didn’t bother to install a tracking app on your phone
    b) can’t install a tracking app on your phone.

    Believe it or not, not everyone has a smartphone, and this would help those people as well.

    It’s a free service, why not? Better than nothing.

  • George

    Where’s all the wind fanboys bashing this? I don’t see them coming out with a free service that you only use once and is free. I doubt anyone would use it more than 5 times a month.

    • chall2k5

      us Windies paid full price for our phones….we aren’t going to be as careless and misplace them

    • Peter

      George: possible Rogers first and only fanboy. Hahahahahahaha.

    • JJ


      there are over 9 million ROGERS fans and growing, NO we love an innovative company who gives us good products

      Stay negative , WIND needs people like you to stay in business.

  • krstnlndsy

    who loses their phone 5 times a month?!

  • Lemonande

    So any WP7 phone has this feature already built into the hardware so that you may not only track where your device is remotely, but lock it, wipe it, send messages to it, make it ring, and self destruct.. kidding about the self destruct but the rest it can do. It’s nothing special really.

  • Sunny

    Your personal info divulged to an unknown 3rd party. I’ll pass.

  • Captain Obvious

    “customers will get 5 free “look ups” every month”

    If someone actually loses their phone 5 or more times a month, they should just move on to carrier pigeons instead.

  • tim

    cool now I can track my cheating girlfriend anywhere she goes.. and catch her in the act

  • Francois Pigeon

    HTC Sense offer more than that for free since almost 2 years. So, nothign new here.


    This is great!! Screw calling the police, I’ll just hunt down the thieves myself!!!

  • Colin

    Works with Fido too.

  • ind

    See… some people you just can’t please no matter what you do.

  • John Kime

    Give a little more assistnce on this “easy to use” app. ONce you get to rogers.com/m/finder you are left in limbo. Try to make it “easy to use”

  • Dave

    Works like crap price of sheet I did a search on both wifi and 3G and both times it said my phone was about a 1/2 mile away when it was in my hand.

  • margaret

    ||For this to work, I must respond to a Rogers text sent on my lost phone to allow Rogers to track it??? If I could respond to a text on my phone, then it wouldn’t be lost, now, would it|? Idiots.

  • luc sicotte

    help me out to find my girl where she goes

  • luc sicotte

    to finde the phone

  • luc sicotte

    i need that

  • Charlie M.

    This is a similar service to one offered by ‘MobilePhoneLocate.com’, only Roger’s is much worse.

    I did a few searches on mine and my son’s phone using Roger’s, it was 4-5 blocks off! While both Roger’s and MPL use a similar method, MobilePhoneLocate was always much more precise. They atleast got the right block right, or close to it. Rogers service was waaaay off every time.

    Save your money, it’s a waste garbage service.