Humour: Dunder Mifflin ready to unleash the Pyramid tablet


  • Marcus


  • Miles

    Talk about pyramid schemes.

  • Insider


  • Yaguang

    This sounds like tri-force action.

  • Marc

    It’s bulky, has a terrible battery life and a crap operating system, and will see terrible sales. How is this different from…every non-iPad tablet to date?

    • James_8970

      Evidently you are a little short sided and need to look at alternatives to the ‘oh holy Apple’.

  • Marc

    I take it back. Apparently the Touchpad has been seeing awesome sales!

  • mike

    Seriously guys? This was posted as a joke! It is not real! It is from the show “the office”. Come on, noone thought this was real right?

    • James_8970

      Mike, I suppose you missed the word ‘humour’ in the title. Fail. If you were directing that comment towards a poster, then I don’t see anyone who believed that this was real.

  • mike

    It was towards a poster, not kate who posted this. If people were joking, they have a bad sense of humor

    • Len

      LOL, You don’t get it. Get out of here Buzz Killington, you kill our buzz.

  • Criminalogic ®

    I would still buy one of these over any apple product…

    • Teah Bee

      Me too!

  • primetimecanuck

    I’d like to see Apple try to Photoshop this and file a patent infringement lawsuit.

  • boojay

    I’m gonna sell my iPad 2 for a Pyramid!

  • Dr. Andrade

    This will change everything! 🙂 Ideal for space invaders app too 🙂

  • Satroyd

    Egyptian Tablet… GNARLY ! :3

  • Brad

    Sadly I could see a company genuinely coming up with something like this hahaha