Samsung announces new Exynos processor to power high-end smartphones


  • iTurds

    Wow Samsung are rocking the Market.. their devices are really great and fast! now Apple and the iTurds will attack samsung and say it stole their design! lol Apple likes to sue people when they see them successful!

    iTurds.. the iPhone days are over.. your repetitive iPhone design is getting boring! go back to starbucks!

    • Suresh


  • KPH

    I’ll take two!

  • bob

    50% faster graphics? The Exynos is already 100% faster than the competition!

  • zar

    yes, please! I will have one, thanks for asking

  • Richard

    if they put this in the nexus prime that will be my next phone

  • CMR

    These comments are getting very dull with all the Android fans spouting their ‘better-than-thou’ comments. Just because another phone experience isnt for you doesnt mean it sucks. Android and Ios are completely different experiences and tailored for different customers.

    So can we tone it down on the baseless bashing comments.

    • iTurds

      Why not? because there is something better and new? Samsung deserves the hype because they really make good phones now and they have Android on them! on the other hand Apple keeps repeating it self and tries to sue every other competitor! Apple doesn’t want anybody to take a share in the markhet.. they need to come up with new designs and ideas .. not repeating what they have..

      Apple stopped buying Samsung batteries because they want to harm them since they saw they are successful, they want to sue them for the charger too, they want to sue them because they want to share the market? lol let it be fair!

      Apple is compared to Rogers and Bell.. selfish and they disrespect their customers big time by letting them stay inlines for months to get the product! but ofcourse those are the iTurds

  • Rg

    Super nintendo is better than sega genesis!

  • GMan

    Apple is going to sue them. “We invented being number one in the market.”

    • iTurds

      Yea! and I think they will sue them for using the word messaging for that icon!!!! lol iTURDS! OMGGGGG lets go to starbucks and show offffffff haha

  • JV

    hahahahaha this thread of comments is the funniest i have read so far. yay us. my fave is the “Super nintendo is better than sega genesis!” comment! Thumbs Up for that!!!! lol

  • Abe

    Shut up and take my money!

  • jim

    lol reading comments from loser androtards is funny.

    • iTurds

      Ohhhhh poor lil Jim! Jim goes everyday to starbucks, he orders a latte then he grabs a chair and takes out his iPad and start showing his mind he think that the chicks will impressed ! he doesn’t know that everybody there is showing off and all of them are broke on osap and they live the Apple lie..

      Hey Jim , how long did you stay inline to get u r iPhone? lol also did you have to take an appointment to go to buy your iPad? did you ask for Apple permission to buy one?

      How long did you wait until they called your name when it showed on the list to allow you to buy one? lol TARD

      When I spend money on a product, I expect the company to appreciate me not to insult me 🙂

  • Suresh in Waterloo

    Why does this site always pro-Samsung, pro-Apple articles and always bash RIM?

    RIM is better than both of companies combined

    • freestaterocker

      Yeah, and their quarterly reports reflect that… Read something.

  • Cave Johnson

    Put that baby in a 4-4.3″ super AMOLED +, Icecream version of Android and I’m sold

  • CMR


    You are everything that is wrong with this site right now.

    Im not saying Samsung doesnt deserve publicity. Im just saying your ignorant comments are getting very annoying.

    Its a matter of opinion whether Samsung makes good phones. You say it like its the be all end all. Their phones arent for everyone. Android phones arent for everyone. I personally had a Desire HD and got rid of it in two weeks because the battery wouldnt even last a day, and i definitely did my homework and tried changing all of the settings.

    You talk about apple like they are the nazis or something. They are a corporation and are in it to make money. Obviously there are some grounds to their lawsuits since they have been upheld in court. Why do you not spout the same ignorant stuff about microsoft charging Samsung for parents? its the same issue.

    The point is they are different phones for different people and just because its not for you doesnt mean its not good. There is a reason why iPhones have sold so well, They have a good user experience, Its just not the user experience that you are looking for.

    • GMan

      MicroSoft is charging Samsung for parents?
      But the kids are free, right?

  • drankid


  • NickDenis

    Please Samsung, dont make the nexus Prime 4.65 inches!

    Ask your consumers. Hardly anyone wants a phone bigger than 4.3”. 4” is big enough!

  • Terry

    Apple calls Samsung.

    Apple: Can we buy your chips for our next Iphone?

    Samsung: Are you #$%^ing kidding me!? *click*

    Apple: Well, I never!

  • freestaterocker

    PLEASE Samsung put his bad boy in a Mango device!!!! That, and give me one. Don’t care about price.

    • bob

      Don’t hold your breath.

      Just look that the current flagship WP7 device, the Samsung Focus. It released something like 6 months after the Galaxy S, and yet didn’t have its excellent Hummingbird SoC.

      Was has been announced for the next WP7 devices (from HTC I think) is still single core snapdragon CPU with the old Adreno 205 GPU.

  • cellcon

    the majority of people who buy these phones don’t actually need them, so justifying your massive overspending you feel more emotionally attached to your decision and then take to the interwebs on your kung-fu keyboard. It’s all dick sizing.

    I suppose it’s just that little bit sweeter when the side taking a beating is the abnormally smug side.. but obviously sega MEGADRIVE was better than SNES..

  • Jerry

    I believe this is the processor that is going in the Galaxy S2 LTE from Rogers right?

  • stupidwhitie

    Apple should be “fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory” and don’t claim invention on simple general concepts that existed since time immemorial.

  • Paul Q

    Best part of this news is using less battery power.