Samsung’s bada OS to go open source in 2012?

Samsung stated they had no interest in buying HP’s failed webOS mobile platform, instead they’re looking to build on their own bada OS. First announced in 2009, bada (meaning “Ocean”) has just been updated to version 2.0 and is home to over 3,000 apps. Developers have not been lining up to develop apps for it, Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android have taken top of mind. This all could change next year, according to the Wall Street Journal “a person familiar with the situation” believes that Samsung will go the route and make bada an open-source platform. Samsung has seen tremendous success with their Galaxy lineup of devices, this runs off the Android OS and the move to go open is to ensure they’re not relying too heavily on Google. Samsung also uses Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS but the report also suggested that “The move is also targeted at turning Samsung’s Bada software into a widely used platform for so-called smart TVs”.

Analyst Neil Mawston of Strategy Analytics stated that “Hardware vendor-controlled platforms that move from closed to open do not have a great track record in the past. Nokia failed dismally with Symbian… For Samsung to be successful with opening Bada it will need to be launched in the United States market, because that is where the most powerful developers and consumers are found. If Bada does not get traction in the huge U.S. market, then the odds will be stacked against success,”

Source: WSJ
Via: PhoneArena