TELUS and Koodo release the LG Optimus Chat


  • Xer

    I can understand Kodoo. But why, Telus?

    • MXM4K

      Why not Telus? They do cater to more than just the top end smartphone market.

  • danion

    nice ! next should be Nothing SII closly followed by Youwish HD. both triple cores ( 1 active and 2 spares ), other specs undisclosed rite now. so Future is Friendly at Telus !…Go Telus, Go !…maybe you get lost…

  • Andy C

    Optimus chat

    $200 outright
    0 on a three year.

    therefore the 3 year contract is a 200 phone subsidy

    SGS (on bell)

    $600 outright
    170 on a three year (less with sasktel)

    the SGS is a $400 subsidy over 3 years?

    moral of the story?

    the big telcos can offer every phone in there lineup for free or pay you to take them off there hands and still make a ton of money

    • Alex Perrier

      Unfair comparison.
      The SGS2 costs $40 a month for 36 months, plus 170$. So $1610.
      The Chat is $0 on a Telus three-year. So only $720.

  • Shamu

    Saw a the samsung rep at telus holding a massive screen phone yesterday – any clues on what it is?

  • Alex Perrier

    It’s a little annoying to see phones locked and sold by providers, especially outright. What if i want the Galaxy 551 on Telus? What if my friend has a Solo contract?

    USA is worse because each national provider has an unique technology. But in Canada, thumbs up to RAZR, Sony TM??? (Mobilicity), Nexus S, iPhone 4, and Nokia Something for being unlocked phones sold at Zellers (Sony) and FS/BB (others)! And congrats to WIND for a simple and straightforward unlocking policy!

    Now for the Optimus Chat itself, it shows that Telus and Koodo are targeting value-conscious customers. Let’s just hope that their plans become a better value too!

  • Alex Perrier

    The lower-end smartphones with Telus work on any voice plan, so $20 × 36 months = $720.

  • Zachary Tg

    Well hello KIN Two keyboard 🙂

  • j.

    I played with one today. It’s not a bad phone. The keyboard actually feels really nice. My optimus one just crapped out on me. I may get this one now.

    • Alex Perrier

      Not sure about phones, but TELUS had a very good one-year warranty for my Huawei USB mobile Internet modem. They also have a minor bug fix and my Optimus One’s still strong after months of use so far. So have you tried getting your Optimus One repaired?

  • spongebob

    really good phone, depending on which plan you get, it could be of great use to people who like touches but would like a full keyboard to text.