WIND Huawei U6150 will be available for $98


  • Kenypowa

    Wait, what OS does it run? The world famous Huawei proprietary OS?

    No thanks Wind, please release phones that people actually want.

    • Terry

      Yes, you, not a company like Wind, have a better understanding on what kind of devices consumers across the country want.

      I’m sure you have piles of research to show how everyone wants high-end smartphones as opposed to price friendly low-end smartphones.

      Yes, yes, I’m sure you know all consumer opinions on this matter.

  • Kevin

    Who the hell keeps buying these? Someone must be if Wind keeps introducing new Huawei phones. Please do us all a favour and stop.

    • Jonesy1966

      No matter how crappy some of us my think a $98 phone is, it’s the lower end dumbphones that sell. It’s not just Wind but Mobilicity and the big3 too. Yes, it’s all very exciting to have flagship product, such as Nexus, but in sales terms they pale to the sub $150 handsets. There is one bright spot though, at least this phone’s a darn sight better than the Buzz over at Public Mobile! LOL

  • caplin

    This phone is perfect for someone who texts and calls and thats it. Not everyone needs a dual core smartphone

    • Kevin

      If all you do is text and call there’s already a thousand phones for that. How many more does there need to be? These phones are differentiating themselves or being innovative. They’re just adding to an already saturated market.

  • roman129

    Actually, this ain’t half bad, if the reception is ok. This cheap phone with a keyboard + unlimited texting is going to appeal to all kinds of people. How can you guys complain at $98?

  • Radar

    If you don`t like this one, get the LG Optimus 2x from them for $450 or Nexus S for $495. There are people who dont want to pay more than $99 for their phone if they only call and text.

  • phil lallier

    Looks like wind found a replacement for the gravity. Perfect phone for those heavy texters who just want a basic phone.

  • Cyrano

    i believe this phone will sell, with this low price, since not many tech geek really care how many core or gaming out there… still. and not many ppl willing to spend 400 for a blackberry.
    but… aren’t they have the… 2 years old maple that’s pretty much same spec?

  • Tom@BBM

    Crap phone. Nothing exciting or new but apparently the WIND fanboys will gobble this up. Its hilarious because you can buy a similar phone, cheaper or maybe slightly more expensive and go on a plan that will more than suit your needs on a PREPAID account with Virgin…best of all, it will work anywhere, not just in these pathetic zones.

    WIND would be so much better if it wasnt zone based. AND if there were contracts with cancellation clauses like in Quebec. Most of Canada is at a huge disadvantage with contracts and crap carriers like Mobilcity, WIND and Chat-R profit from this.

  • ray

    i have a phone from them its ok now problems

  • michael

    Wind needs to rename these phones! Like the Huawei Fly or something. The model number is so fugly.

  • Dave

    You guys shoul do some research before making a poor coments.
    Do you have any ideas how big this Huawei company right now?
    By the way, this phone does all the things BB does for
    1/5 of the price, suck that! LOL

    • Jonesy1966

      Just because something looks like a BlackBerry, doesn’t mean to say it operates like one. As good as I find the value for money in this phone there’s no way I’d suggest that it compares to a BlackBerry. What this phone will be good for is calling, texting and occassional browsing. What’s missing is push email, BBM, BIS, BES, encryption/security, data compression, etc, etc. The internal memory is 10X smaller than a 9700 and the external memory capability is 4X smaller too. I could go on about many other things but I think you get the point. The phone’s good value for money for what it is, a basic “smart”phone and shouldn’t be sold as anything else.