HP TouchPad officially available for pre-order


  • Johnson Tran

    Just ordered mine from B&H Photo instead. Want it a little early.

  • J Taylor

    How many apps will be available for this device at launch?

    • kjb86

      not quite sure how many exactly.

      Expect the big named ones, most of them are available in the Pre 2 as it is already.

      HP has been hush hush about it, also since the SDK is still in NDA status.

  • user

    Really?? Why would people want to get this tablet that is bulky, heavy, lower screen resolution, no rear camera, less apps/developer support? with all the inferior hardware and software, it’s still MORE expensive than competitors, good luck with them.

    • SilverMuon

      Some exageration here.
      The weight is similar to the Motorola Zoom and Iconia Tab A500. The screen resolution slightly inferior to the Honeycomb tablets but on par with the iPad. Inferior software is highly debatable.
      Less apps and overpriced compared to market, fine.

      Your comparison to an aggregation of mixed platform features is unfair and biased.

    • Alisangry

      Much better processor than the iPad. A better OS than the iPad interoperability with the new Pre 3 phone that Apple just doesn’t have. Screen resolution, I’m having a hard time understanding how 1024×768, is different from 1024×768. since this is what both manufacturers say is the resolution. And one more thing, for a company that has made most of it’s fortune on mp3 players, Apple products have poor sound quality. Beats Audio is built in to the Touchpad.

  • Rich

    (This coming from someone that loves webOS)

  • Saffant

    What’s so good about Web OS? Looks dated..

    Just wondering.

  • Mechanicboy

    Just order my from BB, sprung for the 32GB as I figured I might need it for music and video if the beats audio is anything close to as good as the other beats products.

    Someone that thinks webos is inferior software has there head in a place where the sun don’t shine because they haven’t a clue as to what they’re talking about. The hardware is top notch, unless NEED a widescreen display that all it’s lacking(oh and a 64GB option would be nice).

    Thanks being said the price is spot on with it’s direct competitors, but the accessories seem a little pricey.

    I’ll also be springing for a Pre 3 when it comes out which will be both a perfect mate for my Touchpad and a perfect replacement for my Pre+.

    • Saffant


      I still don’t get what is so great about WebOS.
      Speaking of hardware… 1.4GHz single core is definitely pretty capable, however, not top notch by any means. The OS looks a little like Linux… (lacking the finish of Windows).. however in this case I’m not sure if it’s as versatile as Linux is.

    • jellmoo


      It has a 1.2GHz dual core processor, not a single 1.4. Spec wise (talking about the processor alone), it’s a more powerful setup than the Tegra 2 setup of products like the Xoom.

      WebOS, like Android, is in fact based on the Linux kernel, though that has nothing to do with user interface.

      Where WebOS shines is in the fact that it has, hands down, the best multitasking and notification system of the smartphone operating systems. It is incredibly fast, intuitive, and non user invasive. Where WebOS is lacking, is in the apps department. While there is an incredible homebrew community that makes WebOS devices even better, the official app catalog is incredibly sparse.

      In short, WebOS is incredible as a base OS, and very customizeable, but lacks any sort of real app support from developers.

      The Touchpad itself is a mixed bag. It lacks a back facing camera completely. That is a deal breaker for many people. It has a lower res screen than the Xoom, and lacks expandable storage.Again, potential deal breakers. It has specific functionality that is only useful if the user owns a Veer or Pre 3 handset. It’s roughly in the same size range as the Xoom, but looks downright bulky when compared to the iPad 2 or the new Galaxy Tabs.

      It really comes down to WebOS. It is a truly awesome operating system, but is it good enough that it overcomes the facts that the app catalog is barren and the device itself has some questionable specs? That is left up to the individual buying a tablet. I happen to love WebOS, but won’t be buying a Touchpad. If I were in the market for a tablet, it would almost certainly be an iPad 2, and I’m not an Apple guy. Their infrastructure is just so far ahead of everyone else at this point that I can’t see a reason to go another route.

    • Sub-Joker

      Great response Jellmoo, nobody could’ve said it better and I completely agree with you. I actually find it so true that in the tablet world the iPad is still the most recommended, and I’m not an Apple fan also, but still I would recommend it over all the other tabs.

      Also, I wouldn’t buy this tablet for myself just for the fact that I feel it’s missing a lot of the hardware I would like to have on a tablet. I don’t understand why HP didn’t bother with the rear camera and the memory expansion slot. but these two (along with the relatively high price) are keeping me away from the tab.

  • user

    I guess no matter how terrible and expensive a product is, there will always be support from fanboys/girls, but it’s not gonna change the fact webOS is inferior to Android & iOS. Besides, the hardware is definitely NOT on par with competitors. Don’t compare that with the old, poor selling XOOM or Iconia, how about Galaxy Tab 10.1? Only a blind fanboy/girl will choose Touchpad over the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or iPad2.

    • aka

      Well, the only thing the Samsung 10.1 has it it’s thinness factor. It also doesn’t have any microSD or video-out capabilities. But with an aging Tegra2 processor built-it, many are wondering if they should just wait til August to see what Tegra3 products are being released. The web browsing also is laggy at times, something that Tegra3 may be able to address.

      Honeycomb has yet to entice the masses, so I wouldn’t go as far as to call it a success either.

  • kjb86


    The Touchpad comes with a 1.2 GHz dual core. It will be the fastest tablet on the market, unless android has released something recently but oh well, GHz is irrelevant.

    What is so great about webOS? I’m assuming you haven’t used it at all.
    Synergy, Multi-tasking, touch-to-share, the new touchstone technology, notification system to name a few things.

    Reading that doesn’t do it justice. Any webOS user knows what makes it great. It’s just one of those things once you experience it, it’s hard to not have it.

    App support under HP is building up, and quite well.

  • crunch204

    soild tablet. hope it does well. always loved the webOS multitasking

  • Saffant

    I was talking about the HP Pre 3.

  • roman129

    Let’s not be silly. The benchmark is the iPad. Despite shortcomings, it is the most complete tablet product. Sales figures don’t lie. How can HP expect to sell something inferior, at the same price point?

    Palm/HP isn’t exactly a premium brand, they can’t really demand an HP tax on top of their price. When I think of HP, I think of cheap laptops.

    WebOS is cool, and is comparable to iOS and Android, but still lacks an ecosystem of developers and services.

    The TouchPad would make more sense at $399. Or if they can somehow bundle Touchpads with HP computers.

  • Timocue

    Some interesting comments. I just bought my wife an Ipad, and it’s truly a beautiful experience to use, well thought-out, app ecosystem amazing, etc. However, I love using WebOS, and I’m going to get a TouchPad when AT&T starts carrying it, along with a Pre 3. WebOS is the reason…I can’t imaging getting by without it. My son has an Android phone, and it seems like fun, but WebOS’ multi-tasking, notification system, Synergy, and so on, is just too compelling for me to go elsewhere.

    As far as the rear camera is concerned–who’s going to carry around a tablet without a phone, which will always have a camera? (Plenty of people still don’t have a compelling reason to buy a tablet anyway–personally, it’s pretty great already having our Ipad around). And I think that the lack of expandable storage has to do with keeping costs down, HP being thoroughly invested in cloud storage, and also making the TouchPad more palatable to enterprise with associated security concerns. I can get by just fine with the apps that are available–but to me, the relatively small app market is (and will be for awhile) the biggest drawback to using WebOS.

  • Dr.Herbert Livingstone Myers The Earl Of Dover The Third

    After careful consideration I believe Wind Mobile sucks to the nth degree.

    Good Day.

    • Mark

      Good for you. No one asked you and nobody cares what you think about Wind Mobile. You are just a troll that has had a bad experience with them. Go die.

  • phialpha

    How many apps do you need? I need a good browser (iOS still has NO FLASH) and yes I use flash. I tend to use Facebook a lot(personal) a good email client and maps are necessary. Games? Do you need 10k games on your tab? What are you 12? I’d venture to guess that 99% of apps on Devices go unused, we all have those solid 5-6 apps we use on a regular basis.

    As far as “inferior to android or iOS” every update iOS has recieved in the last year or two, especially iOS 5, can be seen in 3 year old webOS software. Honeycomb, well it sucks, any review will tell you it sucks and Google is making Ice Cream Sandwich already (their solution to tablet/phone “fragmentation”). Have you ever used webOS? Any one with a brain can see the potential that until now has been limited by hardware and lets be honest, webOS does more with less when it comes to hardware. Developer support? How about manufacturer support? Not going to get it anywhere in Droid-land and much of Apple’s success can be attributed to its support and limited fragmentation. Be thoughtful, it is preference mainly and you can say “fanboy” until youre blue in the fave, but anyone with experience in software, webOS specifically, will agree.

    Sent from my Galaxy S Captivate

    • phialpha


  • aka

    Funny how everyone is predicting its demise when the product hasn’t even been released yet.

    Granted, yes, HP has not justified why they’re charging extra $20 for Canadian version, but $499 US version isn’t exactly high for a tablet these days, seems like benchmark price there.

    One thing that WebOS did right is multitasking using the card system. Even RIM and Microsoft emulates the card system, they must be doing something right. It’s actually quite natural to just flick away apps you don’t want to use any more, or slide across the screen to select and organize your running apps by stacking them. Everyone should at least watch the entire announcement video before pre-judging on it’s failure. Also notification system is awesome, you don’t have to be interrupted to see them and can dismiss ones you don’t want, all without leaving or closing your current app.

    As for the hardware, I won’t miss a crappy back camera that I’ll probably use like once, if that just to see it works. How many times have you seen anyone using a 10″ tablet to take photos or video out in public? Video conference, probably, but taking photos looks silly compared to using a cell phone. No microSD? Come to think of it, when I installed my 16GB microSD into my phone, I never touched it since. USB synching is used for backing up data or synching or file copying.

    Funny how some of you keep pointing out app count as measure of success. Android has a much smaller app count than Apple, but look at it’s market share. Already exceeding everyone. So there goes that theory.

    • jellmoo

      $499 is not the sweet spot. That’s the iPad spot, and given the sheer market dominance of that product, it really, really isn’t where the competition wants to be.

      Completely agree about multitasking and notifications. WebOs is, by leaps and bounds, the pinnacle of the mobile OS world there. iOS and Android don’t come close, and others are mimicking it.

      I personally don’t care about a back facing camera. At all. I would never use it. But it’s a hard issue to dismiss because there are people who will, and it’s a missing feature for comparisons. The device is completely missing that feature, and yet shipping at an equal to iPad price, which does raise eyebrows.

      The lack of a micro SD card is a legitimate concern for people with massive media libraries. Again, not me, but a segment of the population. If you want to be able to carry a very large library of music and movies with you, this could be an issue (one that is shared by multiple other devices, admittedly).

      The app issue though, is real. Android has a *smaller* livrary than iOS, but not much smaller. And even then, the difference is what? 400 000 to 300 000 or so? (and even then, Android is expected to overtake iOS before the end of the year)

      WebOS has about 5000. That is a massive difference. And it includes very key and popular apps. Not 1st party Dropbox app, not Instagram, no MSN client, no big name game companies making WebOS titles, no Words With Friends, no Netflix, etc…

      It isn’t used as a measure for success, rather is used as an issue when buying the product. People looking for these apps are going to hit a brick wall. People who see their friends with an iPad using all these awesome apps are in for a disappointment if they opt for a Touchpad.

      The problem isn’t WebOS. WebOS is phenomenal. The problem is that HP has nowhere near the infrastructure setup to make their tablet a success.

    • Saffant

      Couldn’t you do that (notifications) with Android too, without closing the current app that is.

      Also the Touchpad lagged when simply just skipping a page on a book/pdf. So much for doing “more for less”.

      Sure the multitasking is nifty, but by no means is it any better than Android. I still looks like a dated Palm device with a bigger screen and “fancier” hardware… yes from what i’ve seen the hardware implementation has been pretty poor. (1.2GHz dualcore doesn’t lag when flipping thru an ebook)

    • jellmoo


      The beauty of WebOS notifications is how completely non-intrusive they are. There is no diversion from your current task, they take up an incredibly small amount of screen real estate, and allow the user to get around to them whenever they please. Android has decent notification system, better than iOS, certainly, but it lacks the elegance of the WebOS system.

      Android doesn’t really even have a multitasking system, so I’m not sure what you mean. Android more or less just keeps things in memory and closes items as required. WebOS allows you to quickly switch between all apps, grouping them together intelligently, with your thumb never even leaving the screen.

      I’m not sure what you mean by the “dated” look. It certainly looks no more dated than iOS or Android. They are incredibly similar. Plus, like Android, WebOS i easily themeable and customizeable.

      I also don’t know where you saw lag in e-book reading. I would wait for a final unit before passing judgement on that account though.

  • aka

    If you’re blaming HP’s lack of resources then I disagree.

    HP has the resources and infrastructure, they’re are #1 in shipping server products recently. They got the money. They’re #1 in Desktop PC shipment, second only to Dell and Acer. In the mobile PC segment they’re second only to Apple and ahead of Acer.

    The product isn’t even released yet, and probably has an embargo on first party apps, nobody can say for sure who’s developing what specifically for the TouchPad.

    People using all those iPad apps drawing envy of others? Name me 100 apps that you would consider using “daily” on an iPad. Bet you’ll have a hard time reaching 50.

    These things are used mainly for consumption of information from the web.

    At any rate, Windows 8 will probably surpass everyone and Apple still has their followers, so this is moot. They would be silly to try and take on Apple and their marketing machine.

  • zenzone

    I will be getting the Touchpad but only if the pre3 comes to Bell. HP’s add says “better together.” No sense buying the tablet if you can’t get the phone.

  • Saffant


    Webos makes switching between apps a lot easier than its counterparts, but i mean that’s about it….honestly i dnt even mind the iOS system.. they all work and let me do more than 1 thing at a time.

    By “dated” i meant that it looks alot like linux…. not polished enough… eg HTC animated clock widget … That looks sleek.. Webos lacks that imho.