Bell releases the “Unlimited BC” plan for $45 month


  • nuclearbroccoli

    Meh.. Promo plans… Offer permanent plans like this and I’ll be more enthusiastic…

  • D

    At that price we have either Mobilicity or Wind with way better offers. Fail.

  • XER

    Canada has more than one province by the way!

  • XER

    Bell needs to study geography!

  • Malingerer

    Wind or Mobilicity don’t work in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Kelowna, Prince George or anywhere east of Surrey/Langley (and they barely works there or in Richmond); this is a great anyone who doesn’t just stay in the urban core or who actually wants good coverage.

    • luongo

      you still have to thank wind and mobi for starting something to actually bring down prices

    • Adam

      Wind/Mobi is nothing more than a sore pimple on the a*s of the big-3. Collectively there are over 24 million wireless subscribers in Canada. Wind has 300,000. Barely over 1%.

    • Dave

      I find excellent reception and full bars all the time in Richmond, more often than even Vancouver, with Wind. However, I agree that Wind makes no sense to be on if you are outside of their home zone. But even if you go out of the urban core once in a while, it might still make sense. I go to Abbotsford about once a month, and for the small amount of time I use it there, my bill is still much less than it was on Rogers.

  • Lucas

    Wind & Mobilicity are the only companies people should be supporting (if they are of course in your area). People flock towards Bell for a deal like this because they simply do not understand the industry.

    It’s mexicans like Adam that seem to need a bit more education.

    • ptothedubs

      And why do you presume Adam is Mexican?

  • Go Nucks GO!!

    I guess this means on Monday if not sooner we see Telus come out with an Unlimited British Columbia Plan.

    • chall2k5

      Telus (I mean Clearnet!) has unlimited BC

  • Harry

    Telus already has unlimited manitoba

  • Charles in Vancouver

    SMS is extra. Caller ID is extra. Voicemail is extra. It’s the same old Bell.

  • Kamino

    I keep comparing the canadian telecom sector to the british one… someone in britain could get like 3 plans and only be paying the same amount that we do…

  • Jeff

    Mobilicity is okay when you live in a very urban area but I have had people close to me have ton of disconnections from mobilicity. Haven’t heard any complaints about wind but sometimes it is hard to support them when you can’t make calls with the new company. Just saying.

  • Jake


  • traceamar

    Good job Wind/Mobilicity, you have partly achieved your goal for bringing true competition.
    IMHO both these companies are where Fido was 10 years ago. I used Fido then, and it was okay (dropped calls and everything). But I was a student then and did not care.
    Now with my job I need something more reliable (that is why I am with Rogers)

    @ptothedubs – Adam is mexican because he thinks its just one pimple! lol

    @Adam – Its one hell-of-a pimple (and one on each cheek).

    • Jay

      Wait, you went from Fido to Rogers because you needed more reliability? You do know they run on the same towers, right? The coverage is identical.

  • Rich

    It’s a small step in the right direction.

  • phoneguy

    support PM there cdn based and owned….the only guys to do real unlimited with no promo offers what you see is what you get….and wow unl province wide calling for $45?!! thats horrible….PM has the cheapest plan in Canada Unl ontario 24/7 $15/mth!!!! Lets see if the big 3 can ever even imagine a price point as low as this.

    • whocares

      You obviously work for them…stop advertising for free.

    • ParkaPal

      with some of the lowest end phones possible on a spectrum/tech combo nobody uses so you can’t even get a decent handset elsewhere and use it….

  • koko

    Why does it say “Trade-in your GSM phone”, do you have to give them your GSM phone and they give you a CDMA phone for this unlimited deal?

  • nuclearbroccoli

    PM’s coverage is sad. Why bother?

  • phoneguy

    wow stop listening to the competitors and try it for yourself…heres a fun fact PM actually has the biggest unl zone in canada and the best reception out of the new 3….why? lemme tell ya wind puts one radio per tower which projects a 45 degree angle so thats great if your standing in those 45 degrees….PM puts 3 radios per tower covering 80-100% of that surrounding area.

  • Big 3

    It’s only unlimited calling when you are on Bell’s network in BC, which isn’t as big as Alberta

  • Bob

    PM is on old technology (CDMA). If you only want phone and text and no data then they are fine otherwise WIND and Mobi are much better option if they are in your area.

    @Adam, WIND/Mobi/PM have over 300,000 subscribers after 1 year. That is not too bad. The big 3 had 20 years to get there subscribers.

    • asdgkljas

      considering that there was already an established market (big 3), while robellus were the first and no one had many options to choose from.

      i still like koodo the best though. they have good enough plans (and no set smartphone plan), everyday getting a better line-up of phones etc. also, i like how they’re getting ready to introduce 3yr contracts. i wouldn’t want to pay $275 for a nexus s which i’ll prob use for around 3yrs anyway. if they bring contracts to nexus, im switching asap!

      (honest to god, i dont work for koodo)

      VIRGIN $40 PLAN is the SAME as KOODO $40 PLAN…….. BUT
      virgin’s $40 plan does not allow for smartphone use, while koodo there is no smartphone plan. virgin has a $40 android plan, but it sucks.

  • whocares

    Why do I ALWAYS see crap about Wind/Mobi all over Mobilesyrup. What’s the point of unlimited plans when you don’t have reception inside buildings and calls are dropped like no tomorrow? I’ve been there, tried that…back to the Big 3!

    • skullan

      The reason why you see them all over is because:

      a) Their the underdogs.
      b) Their pricings are constantly better than the big 3.
      c) They will expand.
      d) They are growing.

  • CB_toronto

    While I don’t want to sound like ‘phoneguy’ (who also types like a child, so I doubt he works for them), I will say that I signed up with Public Mobile the other day and it has worked well. At $15/month + tax for unlimited province-wide calling, seriously, I can’t complain. Not just will it reduce any overages I’d incur on my primary cellphone, but it’s also an excellent landline replacement, except that unlike a landline, this device is untethered and city-wide.

    Now I don’t want to sound like I’m pushing just for PM — any of the new entrants are good options to get unlimited zone coverage for SIGNIFICANTLY less than the Big 3 will ever charge. I only chose PM because I don’t need Caller ID or Voicemail, so their $15 plan works for me. I pay less than that for a meal out. It’s certainly worth it for unlimited airtime.

  • Patrice

    PM sucks. s**t phones, no data service. The only upside to it, is that they have coverage (local) in montreal. But that is it. I still rather shell out $25 /month for wind then for public mobile. The phoneguy is full of s**t. If wind has a hard time putting up new towers, then so will Public mobile and mobilicity. There is only x amount of land available, and communities are not going to be easily swayed to put up more towers in their neighbourhoods.

    • CB_toronto

      They suck because they don’t have data? That’s a very stupid reason. For the huge amount of people that they could potentially appeal to, data isn’t at all necessary.

  • Brrr

    MTS already has “Unlimited Manitoba”… unlimited data and tethering

  • Michael

    Um.. PM does have data now btw check their website.
    Anywho, WIND does not set up in “45 degree angles” that makes no sense. Public does have worse coverage than WIND, but its nowhere near the atrocity of Mobilicity outside a downtown core..
    It may seem WIND has worse coverage because of the higher frequencies. But it more or less means nothing.

  • dude

    PM is OK but their phone selection sucks. I had wind and public and PM’s coverage was better than wind.

  • FranktheTank

    SMH at these plans/promo not including unlimited text/data. Unless one makes a lot of LD calls within the province these plans suck.

  • phoneguy

    haha u guys are such mobi/wind fanboys or there Bitches….get off there dick!!

  • sh33p

    Would be nice if these companies offered plans for deaf/hearing impaired people. I’m hearing impaired, and really just text with my phone. However, I have to buy voice etc. in order to get that. Is it possible to get a data/text package only (no voice) with Bell, Telus, Rogers etc?

  • cayaguy

    $50 unlimited voice and texting North america while in canada.


    Add $15.00 + for Voicemail and Call Display


    Add $15.00+ for Call Display and voicemail

  • k

    Yes, sh33p, you can but I’ve only heard of it with Rogers, however, I do imagine it would be available with Telus and Bell as well. I know that if Rogers is notified then they have a $0 voice plan they can throw on that includes no calling features.

  • starTk

    $45 is way too steep for unlimited. its $25 on chatr and you get the same unlimited province wide calling BUT with caller ID . bell isnt competing with anyone right now but their own shitty anytime 100/200 minute calling plans. enough said.

  • Tom@BBM

    Phoneguy, PM is by far the worst carrier i have ever spoken about. Whenever people come see me because they cant stand PM anymore, i can always have them leave the kiosk more satisfied than PM could even dream of making them. Crappy phones, crappy reception, crappy company, crappy spectrum, crappy technology, crappy company. PM is a joke and will be bankrupt soon.

  • Cody

    Shit “deal”

  • bozo

    @whocares Probably half of the readers/talkbackers here work in some way in the wireless industry. It’s not like you can expect a clear, impartial view from the comments posted. Reading from comments here, Wind is the best/only option out there. They only have like 300k customers (I could be wrong, but you get my drift). It’s just that their employees/supporters are just more vocal.

  • nuclearbroccoli

    I think Mobilicity and Wind customers are vocal because we want our company of choice to succeed as we appreciate not paying ridiculous rates.
    I don’t know many big 3 customers that are particularity happy with their rates, so the comments will always be unbalanced.
    Always research and go with what works best for you.

    • Jay

      All your points about Wind are valid, however… I prefer that my phone WORKS where I need it to work. A cheap plan means absolutely NOTHING if the network coverage sucks even INSIDE the zone. Not to mention the second you step away from a very small number of major cities you start paying out the arse. Good deal? I think not. What does Wind even cover, like 5% of the Canadian population? And of that small percentage, how many will always be in the “zone”? Pfft… Wind has a LOT of work to do before they become a threat to anyone.

  • Jay

    So they offer a promo plan to trade in your old GSM phone, which will have to be traded in eventually anyway since the technology is being replaced. Bet they don’t advertise that you also have to sign a 3-Year term to take advantage of the offer. This is also BELL we’re talking about.

  • johnlee

    Just to clear thing up,unlimited 50/60 rate plans already exit in manitoba many moon ago by Telus.Visit any Telus there for detail on go online.

  • k

    I actually know a lot of people who are happy with their Big 3 cell phone providers and have consistently ran into them over the years – they just aren’t as vocal about it on internet forums (most people don’t spend their time on internet forums about cell phones). People don’t actually care about the unlimited features that the new entrants pander about all the time. People are happy as long as their needs are covered. There was a huge cell phone study that was released last year that showed the national average of cell phone daytime use was under 200 minutes (184 I think) and that after 6pm and on the weekends it almost quadrupled. Most people work during the day and don’t use their personal cell phones all that much. This is also the basis for things like MY5 as peoples’ minutes usage can be drastically reduced by cutting out the top 5 numbers. The Big 3 pay people A LOT of money to find out these types of usage statistics in order to build their plans around them.

    Wind won’t be a threat to any of the big companies until at least a few years in the running – it takes a LONG time to build a cell phone company from the ground up. Having worked in the head office of one of the big carriers until a couple months ago the threat of the new entrants was laughable in terms of numbers. The customer base leaving to Wind and mobilicity was tiny and I know tons of the fanboys are going to jump down my throat but really Wind only has 1% of the national customer base. Not that much at all.