LG Optimus 2X now available at Videotron!


  • Sean

    Pretty good that the small guys are getting some solid devices. It’s stuff like these that will make people flock to them

  • Joe

    Any chance of this coming to Telus? or even the S II?

  • Jonathan

    Optimus 2X is AWS Band… not compatible with Telus / Bell Rogers band.

    SII is supposed to appear in our Canadian market Q3 2011. no exact date yet.

  • Jonathan

    By The Way, you can’T Buy the Phone Today. I just Call videotron to buy one, and they told me they got an Erratum to NOT Sale this phone Today.
    Erratum says they are having issue Activating the phone.
    The guy I spoke with told me the issue should be resolve tomorrow.

  • Anonymus

    It’s available today! I got mine today it’s amazing but where do I get my accessories… Thanks!