Android 2.3.4 update rolling out to Canadian Nexus S users


  • Hub

    I have had 2.3.4 for a while on my Nexus One…. yes, the OTA update. What was the hold up? RoBelUs?

    • T

      ‘RoBelUs’ has nothing to do with the Nexus S update process. The model that most Canadian carriers have is different from the original Nexus S, so it takes Google some extra time to roll it out.

  • scorpionkami

    i got this update on windmobile almost 5 days back…

  • SB

    I received this update on the first week they announced it.. I think like 2 weeks ago with Mobilicity. It is great to see the Robelus customers catching up

  • Preacher

    this is why my next phone will be a nexus something

  • aarondesj

    No update yet for me – Telus 2.3.3 KB2

    • Casey

      I got mine yesterday on Telus. 9020a Nexus handsets were a little ways behind the T-Mobile/WIND/Mobilicity handsets.

      Dial the following on your phone and you will get it.


    • DumbScreenName

      For those of you with the 1920a (i.e. Fido/Rogers/Bell/Telus/Koodo) if you have not yet received the OTA upgrade and you are impatient, you can download it directly from XDA.

  • daveloft

    I bought my Nexus S I9020A on Sunday and was pushed the update Monday evening after a reboot.

  • Cyrano

    got this upgrade… 2 weeks ago on wind

  • Phil

    I am with Videotron and I have this update for a while now…But the first attempt from Google failed and then they released another revision few days after and the update installed like a charm! Thanks Google!

  • Zirian

    Usually since the Nexus One/S is a pure Google phone, isn’t the OTA done via Google itself as opposed to the carriers? Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Lito

    Did they add 720p video recording yet to the nexus S?

    • SaHiL

      720p? The hardware is not capable of 720p videos.

    • daveloft

      Of course the hardware is capable of 720P it’s basically a Galaxy S with the same GPU and CPU.

      It all comes down to the software and the codecs Samsung paid to have on the Galaxy S which allows it to record 720P.

      Since the codecs required to record good quality HD video cost money Google isn’t about to pay a license per copy of Android as it’s open source and free.

  • JC

    ill just stick with my custom rom from cyanogen

  • BC

    Note that this update is specific to the Nexus S in Canada like the article says. I have the Nexus S on Rogers and still have 2.3.3 but my wife’s Nexus One on Rogers already has 2.3.4.

    Even selecting About Phone, System Updates doesn’t update my Nexus S yet.


    I’m with Telus with the nexus s, I tried *#*#CHECKIN#*#*, I got a message that says “Checkin Succeded” but nothing happens afterwards?

    • TH

      me too, “checkin succeed” but nothing happen!

  • Peter

    I’m on Wind, I got mine almost the day after it was announced.

  • Sim

    Got this update before the Google I/O. Woah others are quite late.

  • Maurice

    did the chekin and nothing, i’m on fido

  • ed

    got this 1-2 weeks ago on Mobilicity.

  • hinds

    Nothing yet on my Rogers nexus s still 2.3.3. Been checking regularly but nothing.

  • Radar

    My Nexus S from Wind Mobile was upgraded to 2.3.4 about 2 weeks ago.

  • Terry

    Nothing happen still on 2.3.3 im with koodo

    • Jim R

      Same here – no update – Nexus S on Koodo

  • COV604

    just flashed the update for my rogers SNS, and works like a charm.

    • mark

      Did you receive the push from Rogers, or download it from xda?
      Also, did you have to checkin first?

    • COV604

      dl’d it from XDA and flashed it manually through CWM.

  • CanGuy

    Was updated with Videotron almost 2 weeks ago, never had any issues with it.

  • Jonah

    On Rogers here, no update for me either.

  • KevinC

    I bought my Nexus S (from Mobilicity) in mid April and I received my update OTA on Easter weekend.

    I hesitated to install the update because I’d heard about some problems from other users. Appearently there are 2 updates available. A 12mb update and a 94mb update. The 12mb is a patch, but 94mb is the full operating system.

    The problems were largely caused by the 12mb patch.

    My OTA update was the 94mb version, and it worked fine.

  • Mike

    Still nothing OTA on Fido. I guess I’ll wait til later and maybe do it manually if nothing happens this evening.

  • Ev

    Nothing on Fido yet. I’ve been checking 2-3 times a day since they announced it.

  • Sean

    Had this 2 weeks ago with Nexus S on Wind Mobile and my friend had it 3 days before me with Nexus One on Fido. Seems to be the Google roll out is reflective of phone type… Nexus one… Nexus S – T…. and Nexus S – A.

  • Nexus S

    Im on telus and got my phone about a week ago and still no update as of yet.. Ive been checking all day…

  • Nick

    Koodo, no update yet. Can’t wait for video calling!

    How exactly do Nexus updates work? Through the carrier, or does the phone itself know how to go get them from Google? I’m just wondering because Koodo is a budget provider and it’d be fun if I didn’t have to wait for them to take care of Telus first. I’d rather not do anything fancy (i.e. xda developers) and not risk it.

  • Mehrun

    Got this 2 weeks ago, on mobilicity

  • Kyouya

    My Nexus S automatically updated yesterday. I tested out today and I’m experiencing a bit of sluggish experience on loading applications and horizontal view. It’s loading slower than usual.

  • ReadyFireAim

    My Nexus S with WIND was updated at least 2 weeks ago with no problems. Runs like a charm.

  • Stefan

    Got this on Motorola Milestone yesterday. Long life CyanogenMod and xda.

  • Andrew

    Its been rolled out already received it

  • anela

    Already got this on Mobilicity a few weeks ago.

  • Nexus S

    On Telus here and no update as of yet? Could it take time?

  • mjschmidt

    Saw this article this morning (18th), still no 2.3.4 on my Rogers Nexus S.

    Rebooted my phone, and updated started immediately.

    • Shawn Trevellick

      Lucky Dogg!

  • Shawn Trevellick

    Still nothing for Rogers…

  • Chuck

    Got the update waiting for download on Koodo this morning when I woke up. 12mb

  • Mendeavor

    Bell Not Offert the NEXUS S !!!

  • GT

    Got my update this morning. Rogers

  • Phil

    I’m on telus and I’m still at 2.3.3 what do we have to do to update? besides system updates?

  • Not_A_Beast

    Still no update for me either. Telus.

  • Phil

    got the update this morning. but I have problems with google map app. it’s like if i was clicking everywhere

  • Jason

    On Bell and still 2.3.3.COME ON!!! What the H@#$ Bell! Any other Bell people get theirs?

  • Deuce

    Just got my OTA update this evening. I am on Rogers.

  • Jason

    Just complaining 12 hours ago and woke up 2 the update! Hmmmm. Thanks mobile syrup!