Koodo, Videotron and SaskTel all win in the J.D. Power 2011 Canadian Wireless Customer Satisfaction Study


  • Alex Perrier

    Yay Koodo!

    But where is Mobilicity?

  • SaHiL

    This is Biased!! Where is Wind and Mobilicity??

    • Mikaley

      Honestly, besides cost of service, Wind or Mobi would rank very low in anything else. This coming from a Wind customer.

    • BT

      YMMV obviously – everything has been better across the board for me (except for handset selection) with Wind compared to my previous experiences with Rogers, and mostly better than the experiences my wife has had with Telus.

    • BT


      Very likely there weren’t enough Wind or Mobi customers who responded to the survey to form a valid statistical base.

    • Len

      Yup, the very first thing I looked for was Wind and Mobilicity. being as they are clearly the best option where they are available for any high data user, not including them makes the whole study a waste.

    • Anonymous

      Because these aren’t real company’s

  • Mikaley

    I love how Bell, Virgin, Solo, Telus, Koodo all get different results for Network quality when they’re all using the same damn network.

    • BT

      Still plenty of CDMA phones floating around out there, so there can be network rating differences between the Bell family of brands and the Telus family of brands. Still a valid point for the sub-brands though.

  • GoWindGo

    I guess if you just slap the Virgin Mobile name or Koodo name on your phone then you will be happier with your network quality.

  • Harry

    great job telus and koodo Ive been saying this all a long finally a real representation of the wireless industry in canada

  • Steve

    If wind/mobilicity went in they would be very poor,alot of unhappy wind customers.

  • tbr

    It just goes to show you that having friendly customer reps answering the phone is no substitute for a reliable network. People expect performance and a good customer reltionship combined.


    Koodo is for babies.

  • Consumer

    How the hell Virgin Mobile rank #1 and Bell is ranked last??? Wtf bell owns Virgin, shouldn’t both the company be rank last?

  • Anti-robellus

    @Consumer have you ever dealt with bell customer service? You’ll know why bell should be last in customer service.

  • Richard

    I have virgin and there store staff are no pressure, there return policy was no questions asked when I returned my defective phone. There product offering is way wider than Koodo because that was who I was with before. If koodo had more phones late last year(they still don’t have a lot compared to virgin) and didn’t change or lose my expiry date on my automatic cc bill, my phone would of never got cut off. Rudeness is calling someone with an automatic dialer who has three phones with you and has paid on time every month since you opened up shop and making them wait on hold. If you couldn’t process my credit card call me and ask me why Koodo. Don’t cut my phone off cause that turned me crazy. Your fault. As for telus I will never join a network that made me pay 250 to bounce on there motorola krazer and go to there cheaper offering of koodo. When you make something cheaper you should let your own customers go there.

  • Dave

    Koodo has been awesome

  • Dave

    I’ll never use SaskTel

  • Dave

    SaskTel has the worst customer service in the province. I really don’t see how they can get an award.