Nokia C6 officially available at Fido


  • Brad F

    But… why?! It’s such a terrible phone.

    Working at a Bell dealer, we didn’t order any beyond the first shipment because every single one came back with problems and/or complaints.

    • Michael Kwan (@michaelkwan)

      Really? Hardware quality at Nokia has always been pretty good (even if the software side has fallen behind).

  • pasuljko

    This is Nokia C6-00 with old Symbian OS. It is decent starter phone but price is too high, contract or without one.

    Newer C6-01 model is available unlocked for less than $300 and it is running Symbian^3 and on top of that it’s pentaband phone.

    • Ger

      @pasuljko Unfortunately the C6-01 lacks a physical keyboard which is the real draw of this phone. 🙁

  • Xer


  • Hugh

    why doesn’t Nokia start making some Android’s and then they could actually be in the market of making 2011 – future phones, instead of keep releasing old 1990’s technology. and yes Nokia did say they are going to start making windows phones, but lets face it windows phones are garbage as well. Android devices are what people want. Androids are the #1 in market share, so what are the people telling you Nokia. Androids Androids Androids, if you build it, people will come (buy your phones). Iphones in the next 5 years or less will be a dying breed, windows phones are slowly dying now, even though they just started, symbian is dead years ago. Androids are what people want.

  • Fenrir767

    The Phone is already available at best buy for 29.99 on a 2 year contract with a 50$ gift card. If you looking for a solid starter phone with a high quality camera and a cheap plan for 2 years with the ability to upgrade in 1.5 years is not such a bad deal.