Android 3.0 Acer Iconia tablet has estimated release date of May 13th


  • Big 3

    The main specs that makes the distinction between the other tablets at the same price is the battery life and adobe flash

  • Rick Whitley

    Better price than the Xoom, hopefully better screen (the Moto is too dim).

    Still waiting to see a 10″ Android with 3G though.

    • Mathieu

      The XOOM does start at 599# but it’s a 32GB model at that price.
      Tablet manufacturer need to get a 10″ tablet at 499$ … I don’t understand why Motorola is not releasing a 16 GB version of the XOOM at 499$.
      Hopefully, the Samsung Tab 8.9″ and 10″ tablets will get to Canada at a decent pricing.

  • Tom

    Does it have USB and SD (or their micro equivelents)?

    • TheCyberKnight

      According to the specifications, yes it has microUSB (2.0) and microSDHC (64GB max) support.

  • Sean

    What separates this from the Xoom and the Eee pad transformer?

    Also will this device easily be rooted and able to update the OS easily like the Xoom and the transformer ?

    • Dan

      This is $100 more than the Transformer and doesn’t have a keyboard dock… from comparisons the A500 has MUCH smoother camera vs. the Transformer – if that’s important.

  • RealDeal

    This is bound to fail

  • Donny

    This will also have a standard USB port on the side since Acer has outsourced the hardware production to a smaller team that also uses this main design.

    To me these Android tablets will shoot themselves fighting for market share; Google tries to avoid this by putting one up on a petistal (Xoom for Tablet, Samsung Nexus S for smartphone). Choice is good but these units don’t suit me just yet. I want the power of the PlayBook hardware with 7″ screen not a home magazine in a stiff hardware format.

  • Richard

    The MSRP for this tablet is $450 in the states. So much for dollar parity.

  • kimber86

    Ummmmmm 499 for 1 gig of memory ill stick with the xoom-

  • Zirian

    I wouldn’t even pay $400 for this tablet considering it has only 1GB of memory or rather “storage space”, plus its heavy.

    • RichieRich

      Hey Zieian,

      You should read the real specs on this Tab. Its got 1gb of RAM. 16g of on board memory. Thats not terrible for the price point! Sometimes I wonder about people that read this site. Are people that lazy that they cant do their own research about products they are interested in? Took me 2 seconds and 2 different sites to verify the 16g on board memory thing. Yes Future Shop actually made a mistake in the specs they posted!!

  • Dan

    Can we order this from a US supplier and have them ship to Canada – Best Buy won’t and I’m not letting Future Shop gauge me for an extra $50!