Bell Samsung Galaxy Tab falls to $399.95 no-contract


  • Jérémie Pettigrew

    Considering that you can get the playbook for 499…. not a big deal… and the EEE pad from asus shows up yesterday at Best Buy US for 399.99 soo….

    • zorxd

      Given that the Playbook is Wifi-only, I think this is a more than fair price for the Galaxy Tab.

    • Jérémie Pettigrew

      you need to pay for 3g mobility on the galaxy tab… nothing to pay with the playbook pair with a blackberry !

    • zorxd

      Uh? Then you need to pay for your blackberry.
      And the same goes for the Galaxy Tab. You don’t have to pay if you pair it with any other device (no need to be a specific brand by the way).
      Are you really saying that the included HSPA radio is a disadvantage of the Galaxy Tab?

  • pr0cs

    The recent Woot deal on the Viewsonic gTablet had a lot of buys, including Canadians. This probably hurt people sitting on the fence for an Android tablet (including those contemplating the galaxy tab)

    Last week they sold 10400 in the span of 1 day (one every 8 seconds).
    Helps that it’s a decent tablet (dual core tegra 2) for $285 usd including shipping.

    Samsung makes good hardware but being so closed with their software (source) really hurts the attractiveness of the Galaxy Tab. It is way too difficult to mod the GalaxyTab.

  • Mathieu

    400$ for a 7″ Android 2.2 tablet is still to much for me.

    In fact, I expect these pre-Android 3.0 tablets to disappear from the Market as most tablet optimized app won’t work on it.

    But still, it’s the best 3G enabled 7″ tablet currently available in Canada.

  • JulienCV

    I’m going with “April Fools day”.

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Haha yeah I was wondering too if this was April Fool’s. But if not, this is a pretty sweet deal. Say what you want about only having Froyo but it’s still a very slick piece of hardware. Just don’t expect Sammy to take care of your upgrades. And the dev community has only been able to make so much progress for some reason – the Gingerbread ROMs for Nook Color are more stable than for the Tab.

  • sookster54

    Zorzd, which would you do? $50 voice&data + $20 tablet plan on the G tab or $45 BB plan and pair that with the Playbook without the need of a $20 tablet plan?

    • zorxd

      Pre-paid tablet plans start at $15 for 250MB. If you only need it one month per year, you don’t need to pay for the other 11 months.

      And as I said, you don’t have to take a a plan with the Galaxy Tab either. Not having an HSPA modem is NOT an advantage, no matter how you like your blackberry. When the HSPA playbook will release, it will probably be $650.

      Also you must be careful with your $45 BB plan. A lot of BB plan don’t include any data.

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Also you could use a PC Mobile SIM with it for $0.25/day 🙂

  • Rick Whitley

    I have a Tab and I have an iPad (first version) and I really like both. On the go and for what I need the Tab wins most times. Its pocketable and has a pretty good camera. I think people get a little too caught up in what version of Android everything runs, and forgets that it just comes down to what you need personally. For many I would guess the iPad is a much better device, for others it will be a Playbook. If you already have a blackberry the Playbook definitely offers a cheaper solution for you.

    What I don’t understand is why people choose a company or operating system and pay reverance to it like a religion. Keep your mind open to all choices and you will truly end up with the best device for you and you will not feel the need to run down other choices to justify yours.

    The big feature I find lacking in iOS right now in my opinion is the lack of ability to upload to the any website you want. It is a feature that prevents our company from using them for work.

    The feature I find lacking for Android right now is the lack of ability to see adhoc networks. So I can’t use my android phone to create a hotspot that my tablet can see….very annoying.

    Overall the Tab is a solid device than more often than not is my first choice.

  • midtoad

    This “sale” comes with strings. The fine print says the following:
    “With new activation on the $20/month Tablet Flex rate plan. Allow 6-8 weeks.”.

    So, you can’t get it now, and the end price is more than $399. More lies from Bell.

    • midtoad

      Update: I take that back. I went to a Bell store and was able to buy one right away no strings attached. The tablet comes with a Bell SIM card (in the box), and you must insert the SIM card in order to get past the start-up screen, but it’s not necessary to activate the SIM card in order to use the device.

      After spending a few hours with the device, I think it makes a very good impression. All of the apps I tried look just great on the 7″ screen (with the lone exception of The Weather Network – which looks crappy on my iPhone as well). The device is heavier than I expected, but eminently portable and provides the FULL web, which is just what I wanted!

  • simlock

    Do we have any information whether or not the contract-free version is locked to the Bell network?

  • Rick Whitley

    Hi Simlock,

    Yes it is locked to Bell, I just threw my Telus sim into my Bell Tab and it is looking for an unlock code.

  • Rob

    just got one from costco, Bell has special offer, $199.99 with 2yrs $20- plan, costco cash instance rebate$150 and $35- activation fee waived, for me is good deal since I need a machine to receive email while I working outside without wifi.
    the building of the Tab is great, only need a sleeve/case cover the plastic body.

    • Rob


      typing error, it should be a 3 yrs plan!