Public Mobile adds Unlimited Province wide calling to their plans


  • DP

    who’s gona try bash PM now? They done the unthinkable yet again.
    Good Job Public

    • Mike

      The unthinkable? LOL

      Wind and Mobi have done way more for $35.

      Seriously though, how long can these guys last? Non-data CDMA on the AWS band, phone completely useless outside of their network.. I don’t get it.

  • Steveorama

    I agree way to go Telus!!!!! Keep it up!

    • Pdubs

      This has nothing to do with Telus. Telus owns Koodo, not Public Mobile

    • Grover

      Seriously.. you post this everytime… it gets old.

  • Murugesan

    Nice plan for $24.

  • iBerry

    I guess the Mobi is still the cheapest! If you pay their 35, 12 months in advance you will pay $23 a month! In addition they have a better coverage!

  • blah

    unfortunately Montreal has neither Wind nor Mobilicity, we need this + data.

  • GoWindGo

    iBerry, the problem with Mobi is that they have the smallest home zone. They are still not even in Oakville/Burlington and they have been around as long as PM who have already made it out to Hamilton.

  • gmd

    What are you all talking about… Public Mobile roams on Telus’ CDMA.

    – phone can be used outside their network
    – phones work in Montréal

  • Greedy

    It’s almost a year in Mike, I think they’ll be around for a bit.

    The problem with a lot of you guys who post on here is you think everybody’s needs are the same as yours.

    I like what Public is doing. hopefully they get some new phones soon.

    • Pdubs

      Agreed! Public Mobile doesn’t have data yet, correct, but not everybody needs data. A great deal of the market is people with basic needs for basic phones and basic but beneficial plans, which is exactly what PM goes for.

  • gilly

    Hey i just want to understand this clearly, how does roaming work now? if i live in the province of quebec/ontario, shouldnt that mean its all included. well on their maps it only shows the zones and everything else is roaming..??

    • Grover

      I think it means that when you are in public mobile home zones in GTA and GMA, you can make unlimited local calls province wide. When you are out of PMI coverage you roam on TELUS and you pay the per minute rate (15 cents I think?).

  • Bis guy

    Like to see the underdog win, funny how people on MS are not bashing them anymore. I have a phone with them for voice and kept my BB with Robbers, savings = about $45/month

  • Locke

    Guys here’s the thing , yeah the plans are good , but why in the world would you go with PM when you could go with chatr? they have a reliably build network. the frequency PM uses has problems penetrating through walls ..

  • Tom

    Locke – u r just another moron i would say. why would you even consider Chatr for their garbage plans and u even know they are Rogers? u wanna be their slave again go ahead and be with them lol.. so funny how they all swear at rogers then go join chatr..

    and ya public,, plz get better phones and even 1x data, i will join u

  • Britt

    If u need any information to people who are public mobile customers, just dial *611 then call on your phone and they will explain how roaming works. Its pretty simple and the lowest price out there. To all the people who dislike us just watch what we have in store and when your shocked remember that i said this..

  • Taylor

    Public hasn’t really enticed anyone to sign-up because their plans haven’t been better than Mobi/Wind, but this might help their case.

  • George

    If they had call waiting and call fowarding in their plans as well as caller id,they would have a somewhat have a competition with wind/mobilicity.