TELUS puts majority of Smartphones to $0.00 on 3-year


  • tj

    Eff you telus. I aint signing 3 years with you!!

    • g011um

      I’m sure Telus would be more than happy to take your $500 up front then. No need for a contract.


    GOOD …but still don’t understand..why these telecom companies follow contract strategy …i belive no contract…” CUSTOMER WANTS TO BE WITH THE COMPANY BEACUSE THEY WANT TO BE NOT BEACUSE THEY HAVE TO BE “

    • stew

      that is exactly what everybody who is normal feels… if telecom companies drop contracts and let us choose who we cant to be with. it then becomes a fight to see who has the best prices. but the only problem with that philosophy is that if we ditch contracts, we pay the phones full price. do you really wanna pay 800$ for an Iphone? or 600$ for an android or WM7 phone? I sure dont, and many people dont want to either. I enjoy paying 49$ and switching phones every 6-12 months.

  • stew

    they put all the smart phones at 0 dollars except Desire HD and Samsung Galaxy Apollo. whole new line coming in june? :))

  • Big3Jokesters

    $50 MINIMUM per month. That means you’re paying at least $1800 over 3 years. More like $2500 since most smartphone plans are ~$70.

    Or, with WIND, you can pay as low as $35/month for practically everything unlimited. That’s a REAL savings of at LEAST $540 to $1240! Even buying a phone outright will still save you money over the long run.

    It’s too bad that a LOT of people will get suckered into these ROBELUS promotions.

    • Chris

      Or you could call retentions. My “smartphone” plan is only $45 and it’s basically unlimited for my needs. Also, until there are penta-band phones or something, I don’t see myself switching to anyone new yet.

    • BT


      Big3Jokesters isn’t saying $50/mo is the cheapest you can get a smartphone plan from Telus for.

      $50/mo plan is the minimum required for this specific deal to be valid. You can get cheaper, but then you don’t get the extra promo (might still be worth it though).

  • Derek

    Some deep price discounts as Sasktel right now too. Competition = Good

  • Kamino

    It’s not really competition when the plans offered by the new guys are far far superior to the ones these guys are offering. Though I must admit I’d like a wider selection of phones…

  • Tom

    Unfortunately for many people we live/travel outside the city on a regular basis and thus Wind and mobilicity dont exactly work that well

  • Rookie

    Anyhow when u travel outside the city .. You pay LD..

    Still rogers is 40 Cents + air time + God knows ( surprise me fees) ..
    Wind & Mobility ( on Rogers Network) : 25 Cents ..

    • Mike

      If you frequently travel outside of the city then get a LD option or nationwide plan.

      How much is Wind/Mobi for data when you leave their network?

  • Dawn

    To me a 3 year cell phone contract looks like an arranged marriage so I’ll pass.

    Seriously, look at what competition brings: better phones and better plans. Hopefully we’ll get better terms, as well.

  • Terry

    WOW! What a great deal!

    Let me just sign up right now!
    …Actually let me just check something.
    *looks at wireless contracts in the US*
    *looks at wireless contracts in the UK*
    …Hey.. Wait a minute! Other countries only have to sign up for TWO years to get their phones free!

    …Too bad most Canadian consumers don’t know that their getting ripped off.

    • JCEE

      Telus has some phones now free on a 2year too…

      we dont live in the Us or UK no a good comparasion

    • Terry

      I think comparing our phone industry to other countries, especially similar ones like US and UK are valid.

      I didn’t know know they have SOME phones for free on two year contract, so I stand corrected on that.
      But I bet they aren’t the highest tech ones though.

    • P

      Cool, go sign up in the US or UK then.

    • JCEE

      You dont get the highest tech ones in the US or UK for free usually either still pay something..
      besides if your so against the 3 year contract then sign a 2 year one and dont get as good of a discount.. or pay 3-600$ up front and and dont be on a contract last i checked they dont carry guns to point at you making you sign contracts.

  • Caya guy

    Something hast to be said about contracts.
    Why on earth would I sign a 3 year Contract for Telus Optic TV when I can go to Shaw commitment free? Then again I might pay a bit more but not being stuck with a service that I don’t like. It’s better then paying $10 a month on my remaining TV contract if I’m not satisfied with the service I’m getting.
    But then again who is silly enough to sign a 3 year contract for home+internet+TV+mobile phone?? Buyer beware.

    I think the CRTC should impose a 2 year maximum limit on phone Contracts like the good old USA has done.

    • TNSF

      People who think contracts are silly, are themselves silly. I have leveraged contracts over and over again to get amazing deals that nobody gets without contracts.

      Contracts have a place and for many people they offer a lot of value.

    • Jimbo

      I don’t think the CRTC should impose any limits on contracts. In fact, allow the big 3 to have 10, 15 and even 20 year contracts. If people are stupid enough to still sign up to these, it’s their own fault. And to all the people saying they can’t afford a $600 phone up front, put it on a credit card and pay it off slowly, or just don’t buy something you can’t afford. You’re easily paying double for the thing over the term of the contract anyway so it’s much worse in the end. Sorry for the harsh words, but it’s the truth.

  • sookster54

    I’m done with 3 year contracts after having them for years, it should be max 2 years like everyone else around the world and the fact that most of the Telus phones require $50 V&D plans with purchase- Student plans are basically the only one worth it (most are 2 years and has a cheaper plan). Buying upfront is much cheaper than what you pay over 3 years.

  • Big 3

    They should have these phones also on a 1 year

  • Derek

    Okay, I’m on with Sasktel at $149 unlimited plan. That includes everything except taxes. Data, voicemail, unlimited airtime and long distance. Everything but taxes. I think the $55 Mobilicity plan is the same, but I work all over the province so if I can only use that plan in downtown Toronto, what good is it to me? Maybe their is something I don’t know but I would gladly pay full price for a phone to drop my bill by $95/month, but as it is I can’t find a better plan for doing what I do and as such a $50 Galaxy S with $149 everything plan seems to beat anything else I could do.

  • Caya guy

    $199 iphone4 AT&T – 2 year term max
    $99 My touch 4G T-Mobile – 2 year term max
    $49 HTC EVO 4G Sprint – 2 year term max

  • Caya guy

    Problem is now a days if you want a *sweeter deal* then advertised, Rententions MAKE you sign a 3 year term (depending on what you want) $50 unlimited voice/text north america + $30 for 6gig (no extra cost for data roaming while in usa) $149 iphone4, no $35 activation fee.$20 monthly credit. Rogers

    The little guys are offering this WITHOUT any commitment. If we keep signing 3 year contracts (myself included) to get these great deals the game will never change!

  • Mike

    ATT and Verizon have 80 million subscribers each so of course they can offer more for less. Their subscriber base are more than twice the entire population of Canada each.

    • sookster54

      Because the US has 310 million while Canada has 34 million, population differences.

    • Mike

      If a carrier buys more phones they’ll get a bigger discount that’s passed on to customers. If you have ten times the customers you’ll buy ten times the phones.

  • Bobby

    FYI – Both 4G Internet sticks are already in stores/stock, they updated the website too, this was thursday

  • Scott

    If there is someone out there that believes they are saving $500, have I got a land deal for you.