Nokia C3 finds its way to Speak Out Wireless


  • Kirt

    This phone isn’t worth $119, Rogers sells it for like $79.99 I believe. And this phone has been in the market for a while and is an old phone now.

  • hauer

    It’s a shame they don’t just sell their sims on their own…

  • Kain

    Speakout phones sell for 20 bucks more than same ones from other companies. Most people just wait until those deals come where you buy 100 bucks airtime and get like 60 bucks off the phone. They really should offer SIM cards only options for people who already have compatible phones.

  • Mick

    Actually SpeakOut is once again selling sims on their own. $25 and you need to acquire a voucher and call customer service and you are off to the races.

  • Mick

    “Can I purchase a SIM card without a phone?”
    “Can you purchase milk without a cow? Well, same thing. Sort of. SpeakOut Wireless does indeed sell SIM separately. Contact Customer Care at 1-866-310-1023 and an agent will take all your information. A new SIM card is $25. You will need to purchase a minimum $25 voucher from your local 7-Eleven.”

  • Joel Sderr

    Can this phone work with Mobilicity?

    • howi

      @Joel: NO, it is incompatible with ANY 3G network – including Mobilicity, unless you are roaming on Rogers’ 2G network.

  • Walmart

    wal-mart sells it for $66.97 (Rogers brand) and you get $30 activation credit. I got one.

  • howi

    Just a few reminders…

    – If you need extra airtime at SpeakOut, there are 2 current promotions at SpeakOut: buy $50 of airtime to get $20 off any handset purchase; buy $100 of airtime to get 50% off any handset purchase. At this rate, the C3-00 will become $99.00 with a $50 airtime voucher and $59.50 with a $100 airtime voucher.

    – SpeakOut airtime lasts 365 days with existing balance carry-over REGARDLESS of whichever top-up airtime domination ($25/50/75/100) you are buying. This is crucial for low-usage pattern prepaid subscribers i.e. < $200 per year

    – For those who just need the handset for using on Rogers or Chatr, getting the their variants make more economical sense.

  • Breeze

    SpeakOut always provides good value for the money. Its prepaid plan is way better than any other prepaid plans in Canada. It is simple and easy to understand. I especially like its long lasting of the airtime. The only glitch is its phone line, which is a bit outdated and it still charges the $1.25/month 911-fee, which have been gradually done away with in many other companies. Wish list? I wish I can do online top-up of airtime through their website!