Nokia C7 now available at WIND Mobile


  • rahul

    “is the best Nokia that’s currently available in Canada”

    Wouldn’t that be the N8 on Rogers?

    • Terry

      No cause it’s on Rogers. Bahaha!

    • Pickles

      The N8 has been out for like 2 years now the C7 is much newer

    • jB

      N8 has been out for 2 years? Are you lost? It was released Oct 2010 – the same time as the C7.

  • chall2k5

    the n8 is old…

  • kyle

    another cheap wind phone at a high price. how bout some real high end androids wind

  • Rookie

    Wind is for the people who want cell phone service .. We dont care about the high end phones ..
    I talked for 2800 mins last month .. and Guess what my phone bill was 25$ + Tax ….

    For someone who wants high end phones and high end prices ( LOL) there are many options..Robelus

  • 666

    The phone is pretty cool, pretty tough. It’s not a fashion statement but it does not cost 800$ + to buy either and will do its purpose – to be a PHONE!

  • Jonesy1966

    The physical architechture of this phone is pretty impressive and Symbian^3 is pretty solid too. It’s not a phone I would opt for but it represents good value for money.

  • EraqEE

    Anyone else notice the HD Voice logo?

    • Amar

      YES! I did 😛

  • blaine50

    It’s true, the N8 carried by Rogers does have better specs than the C7. It is considered the Nokia flagship right now. By the way, Nokia announced the N8, the C7, the E7 and I believe the C6-01 all at the same time. The C7 was just not picked up by a Canadian carrier until now. I think it is a good solid addition to the Wind line-up. It has Nokia’s clear black amoled screen like the N8 and the C6-01 which can’t match Samsung’s super-amoled screens on the Galaxy S series but is a big step up for Nokia.

  • nuclearbroccoli

    Wind is supposed to be getting the Nexus S, so just be patient if you want a better Android…

    Also, update on the petition: 1345 signatures, and we will be sending it off to Tony Clement and the opposition parties on Monday, so if you haven’t signed and want to make sure that Wind stays around to continue offering the great rates, and providing the needed competition to force the other providers to lower their ridiculous rates, please sign it at:
    Sorry I can’t provide a proper link, but my post will be in moderation hell for the rest of the day if I do.
    Thanks for everyone’s support on this.

  • pakistan

    You can get a brand new nokia N8 for around $275-300 on kijiji now.. so why get a C7 for $350 (or $300 if you can manage to sell the 5230 that comes with it)?

    • Amar

      Don’t know why people thumbs him downed, he’s right, I’ve seen a few in my area locally go for 325-400. Sure even at 400 it’s FIVE dollars more than the C7 with taxes, but think about it, you’re getting a better screen, better internal hardware, better camera and twice the internal internal storage. But I’ve seen some go for 325 the cheapest, so I’m just saying it at the highest for safe measures, but if it’s 325, you’re getting something better for less. Now if you’re gonna use the tab, and don’t want to go through classified ads and want the free Nokia 5230, then it’s still a good deal. Because you get a free backup phone!

  • Plasma

    Why doesn’t it show that this phone has NFC and that the screen is made out of gorilla glass.

    • Amar

      That’s true, it is not a lie and it only shows you’re getting even more for the price.

  • Daniel AJ

    Attention! This might be a castrated version of the C7! Wind lists it as “AWS: 2100/1700 MHz”, so it could be dualband only.

    In the USA, T-Mobile sells the C7 as “Nokia astound” and there it is definitely reduced to Quadband (1900 MHz WCDMA support is missing).

    Just take care and check, before you buy.